What is enye letter

What is the Enye Letter? Why is it use? How to Type

The Enye (ñ) letter is used in just a few languages. But there are a lot of countries who don’t even know about it, let alone use it. That’s why it is not included in the standard keyboard and you can not see it on the keyboard on any of your devices. But what if you need to type this letter digitally? Your keyboard doesn’t have any dedicated key for it, what would you do now? 

Of course, there are some very simple ways to type this letter on any device. And that’s what we are going to talk about in this short guide. We will show you how to type the Enye letter on any OS platform. If you wish to know more about typing letters of different languages, you can check our other article at FixGuider. Let’s begin. 

What is the Enye letter? 

The Enye(ñ) is a transformed modern Latin alphabet. It looks like the English alphabet “N” wearing a tilde over its head. It was primarily used in the Spanish language back in the 18th century. But later the Filipino language included it into their language during the time of Spanish colonization there. This letter is pronounced “nyah”. 

Typing Enye letter by copy-paste trick:

This is the easiest way to type the Enye letter without installing anything on your system. Just go to google and search by typing “Enye letter”. You will find the letter written somewhere in the search result. Select it and copy it and then paste it to the text where you needed to type it. Easy, right? Although it is useful only if you just need to type this once or twice. But if you have to type it regularly, then you need to follow the other steps we are sharing. 

Type Enye letter on an android phone

Typing The Enye letter on an android phone is easy. If you are using the default keyboard of your system, follow these steps: 

  • Long press the N/n key.
  • A small popup on the keyboard will appear. Slide your finger to the Ñ letter and release. That should type the letter. 
  • If Ñ/ñ doesn’t appear when you long-press the N/n key, check your keyboard settings. If the language of our keyboard is set to English, enable Filipino or Spanish too. This should make Ñ/ñ available as an option when you hold the N/n key.

I hope you got the solution of how to type Enye letter on an android phone Easily.

Typing Enye letter on iPhone :

You can type the Enye (Ñ) letter on iPhone in the same way you did on android. Make sure you are using the system default keyboard on iPhone and follow: 

1.    Hold the N key for a while. A small popup containing different accent marks with the letter N will show up. 

2.    Slide your finger and hover to the Ñ letter and you are done. 

Typing Enye(Ñ/ñ) letter on MS word:

Microsoft’s products are really playing a vital role in the printing and publishing game for a very long time. Almost every publishing is done by using these products. So, it’s necessary to know about it all. Thus, you should also know how to insert this character on MS word. You never know when it might come in use.

There are many options you’re going to have if you want to type an Enye letter(Ñ/ñ) on MS Word on a Windows PC. Here are some common ones and how to do it :

1. If your keyboard has a numeric keypad. Press the Num Lock key on your keyboard to enable the number pad. If it doesn’t work, then press and hold down the Fn key or the Shift key while pressing the Num Lock key.

2. After you’ve enabled the numeric keypad. Hold down the Alt key and type 164 or 0241 for a lowercase ñ letter. For an uppercase Ñ letter, Hold down the Alt key and type 165 or 0209.

3. If you want an uppercase Ñ, then simply type “N0303” and then press “Alt + X”. Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t press the space button while doing so. And if you want a lowercase ñ letter. Then type “n0303” and press “Alt” and “X” together.

4. Another option would be pressing “Ctrl + Shift + Tilde ( ~ ) and then type N for an uppercase Ñ letter. To create a lowercase one. You simply just follow the same step and replace the uppercase N with a lowercase n and you’ll have your lowercase ñ letter.

Typing Enye letter on a Macbook:

Inserting an Enye letter ( Ñ/ñ ) on a Mac is a lot less complicated than on a Windows PC.

This is what you need to do to insert an Enye(Ñ/ñ) letter on MS Word on MAC. Let’s get onto it.

1. First, hold the Option key and press N. After you do this, you should see a Tilde sign ( ~ ) appear on your screen.

2. After the Tilde sign appears, release the Option key and type a lowercase n for a lowercase ñ letter. Or type Shift + N for an uppercase Ñ letter. 

There’s a shortcut you can apply on MAC Keyboard and it’s Option + N + N.

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Conclusion : 

The Enye letter is one of the many influences Spain has left after colonizing for centuries. This might be the least used alphabet but every often, you might find yourself facing trouble with typing this letter. Maybe you have a friend or someone in the family whose name has this Enye letter in it. Or maybe you want to use this letter for an article for your business purpose. Well, regardless of the purpose of your learning how to learn typing this letter, we hope we could help you with this. Have a good day.

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