What is UAC windows 10? (3min Easy guide)

User Account Control (UAC) was the most disliked and confused feature since Windows Vista was released. Although it is necessary for security, many people have opted to uninstall it and open their systems to security issues. As time passes, this feature has developed and come up with a more adjusted version. Still, many people want to disable it because they don’t know UAC windows 10?

In this article, we are going to clarify what is UAC windows 10? What are its features? How can it help and advantage of keeping it active? Without moving further, let’s delve into the article,

What is UAC or User Account Control in Windows 10?

Generally, UAC is a Windows security trait that helps prevent malware and unauthorized installation of operating systems; it can be any viruses, user’s applications, or other types of malware. UAC makes sure that such adjustments are only made with the administrator’s consent. If the user doesn’t give permission, then the changes won’t be applied. UAC was first featured in Windows Vista; after that, it was updated to date.

How does the UAC function?

Usually, applications run by default without any administrative permission in windows; they work like any standard user account without changing the operating system. Moreover, they can’t make any changes to the user account. An application can make changes only in files, registry settings, or user settings.

When installing an application, the changes that may occur like change in other user account information, modification in files or folders, new software installation, and UAC prompt asking for permission, if you opt for NO, then the change won’t occur.

Nevertheless, if the user opts for YES, the application will carry the process onward and make the system’s necessary change. This application will continue running until stopped running or shut down by the user. For your clear understanding, the UAC algorithm is illustrated in the diagram below,

what is uac windows 10

Configuring different levels of (UAC) User Account Control:

To find the slider, first, navigate to the Control Panel and click on the User Accounts.

You’ll then find a handful of options, but you have to go to “Change User Account Control Settings” and click on Lunch.

In Windows Vista, there were only two options, UAC turned On and Off. But with the updates and changes in Windows 10, you’ll get four different levels to control the effectiveness.

After you choose Control, you’ll get the four options slider in Windows 10; they are the followings,

what is uac windows 10

1. Always notify (High):

This level of security asks permission whenever you try to install any software. The screen will turn dim, and you have to decide YES or NO, permitting the system.

Credibility: When you consistently install new programs and go to possibly dangerous websites, Microsoft recommends this option. This is the most secure and annoying setting.

2. Default Medium High:

This is the default setting of windows 10, where UAC notifies you when any administrative change is made. But, if you change the setting manually, then it won’t show again. This step is comparatively less annoying as it doesn’t prevent the user from changing the system. You’ll have to select the same YES o NO to permit to make a change in the system at the high level.

Credibility: This level is less secure than the first one but still protects from malicious programs.

3. Medium Low:

This level performs the same as the previous one except that in this case, when the UAC prompt displays, the screen doesn’t turn dim, and other apps can run simultaneously.

Credibility: This level is less reliable, as it simulates keystrokes or mouse movements that interact with the UAC prompt even simpler for malicious programs.

4. Never Notify (Low) Disable UAC:

This level disables the security as it turns off the UAC from protecting malicious virus and changes.

Credibility: If you don’t have any security installed in your windows 10, you are more likely to face problems and security issues. By turning OFF the UAC program, you make it easier for the malicious virus to take on your system.

Now that you know the importance and use of different levels, you can also disable UAC if you want to. Through Control Panel,  Registry Editor, applying a Command-Line or Group Policy. We are discussing only one for your convenience.

Disable UAC using Control Panel:

Step 1: First of all, you have to go to Control Panel and click on User Accounts.

what is uac windows 10

Step 2: Then click on User Account again

Step 3: After that, tap on Change User Account Control settings.

what is uac windows 10

Step 4: Lastly, for turning Off UAC, drag the slider to ‘Never notify‘ and click on OK.

what is uac windows 10

By this process, you can disable UAC using Control Panel.


Windows 10 certainly is far more protective and safe when it comes to security. With every update, it becomes more reliable for the user. The development of UAC from Windows Vista to Windows 10 is revolutionary. The UAC made your system even more secure and easy to use as you can select your preferred levels. Indeed, the UAC is protecting your device, but Microsoft also acknowledged, it reduces productivity and workflow.

Now that you know everything about what is UAC windows 10? all its features and importance, whether you choose to turn it ON or Off, let us know in the comment box. 


Should I disable UAC Windows 10?

Although the UAC in Windows 10 seems a confusing feature, the Windows 10 authority doesn’t recommend disabling it. Here the hack behind is this practice will put your computer at significant risk. Moreover, the developer from Microsoft designed this UAC feature to fend off unauthorized changes. That’s why when you turning off this feature, it will disregards Microsoft security best practices.

How do I get Windows to stop asking for Administrator permission?

While working on the computer, facing administrator permission frequently definitely a tiresome task. Here we will show you the way to disable it. Note that here we will show you this process by disabling UAC notifications.

  1. Firstly, you need to open the start menu and the type UAC on there. 
  2. Once you get into that page, now drag the slider to the bottom to disable it. 

How check UAC is disabled?

If you want to check whether your UAC is disabled or not, you can follow the following steps:

  1. At first, you need to search for Registry Editor and then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => Software => Microsoft => Windows => Current Version => Policies => System.
  2. Now, you need to click twice on EnableLUA, verify if the value is 0; if not, change it to 0 and then restart the computer.

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