which windows 10 version do i have

Which Windows 10 Version Do I Have?

Windows 10 is the most popular version of Windows. But Microsoft brings upgrades to this edition now and then. In this guide on which Windows 10 version do I have?

You may have the anniversary update version of Windows like Windows October 2020. But how do you know which specific version, build number, and edition of Windows you are using?

Don’t worry! we let you know some tricks to learn about it.

So, let’s dig into this article right here.

Which Windows 10 Version Do I Have- 2 Simple Tricks to check Windows 10 version

From this chapter, you can learn how to check the details of the Windows 10 you are using in your system.

01. Check from the Windows Settings

The easiest way to check which Windows version you are using is by seeing from the Settings.

Firstly, tap on the Start button from the screen and then click Settings.

Secondly, head over to System and scroll down to get the About option.

Click on the About and you can see the details of which Windows 10 version you are using.

which windows 10 version do i have

For example, the screenshot tells what Edition, Version, and Os build of Windows I am running on my system.

Here what’re the terms mean:

Edition: Windows has many editions like Enterprise, Education, and Pro. And this section tells you which one you are using. For instance, I am using the Pro edition.

Version: It tells you which version of Windows 10 you are using. Generally, the version number reflects the latest build release of Windows and labeled as YYMM format.

For example, I am running the 1909 version. It means the release date of the Windows was 2019 and the month of 9th (September).

Os build: It shows the specific operating system build you are running. It’s less important than the version.

02. Check from the Winver Dialogue

The shortcut method of checking which Windows 10 version you are using is by the Winver Dialogue.

To check following this method, first off, press down the Windows icon key + R.

It brings up the Run pop-up box like the below screenshot.

which windows 10 version do i have

By default, you can find the word “winver” written. Then, tap on the Ok button, which brings a dialogue box like this one.

which windows 10 version do i have

It also shows you every detail about Windows 10 like the edition, version, and Os Build number.


We hope you can find the answer to this question: which windows 10 version do I have? Following the two tricks, you can easily trace out which version of Windows 10 you are running.

Also, you can know the Edition, OS build number following the two methods.You can follow the first method if you have enough time in your hand.

On the other hand, you can check the following method 2 when you are in a hurry.

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How do I know if I have Windows 10 1909?

Simple. Head over to Windows Settings > System > About. Now, you can check whether you run Windows 10 1909 or not.

What is the shortcut to check the Windows version?

Just press down Windows Key + R to get the Run dialogue box and type winver in the box. Finally, click ok to see which version of Windows you are using.

What is the current version of Windows?

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows.

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