why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11

Why Can’t I Add Someone To A Group Text Ios 11?

Group messaging on an IOS device is an excellent feature to convey your emotions or information to multiple persons. But it can really get irritating when you fail to add someone to a group, especially for a group meeting.

So, if you are stressing over what to do, we are here to help. We will cover why can’t i add someone to a group text ios 11 & how do you add someone to a group text on iOS 11 devices without much effort!

Sometimes, you will struggle to add someone to a group likely because of the carrier or system-related limitations. For your easy understanding, we will cover when that issue arises and what to do in such cases. So let’s begin right away.

Why Can’t I Add Someone to a Group Text IOS 11 – 5 Probable Reasons:

Sometimes, you will notice that you cannot add someone to a new group chat or the existing group chat on an iOS device, even after you have followed the correct steps to add.  In such a case, do not panic, rather consider these reasons we have listed down below.

These reasons will help you understand whether there is a technical issue with the imessage app, the system, or the network carrier:

1. Group Chat Limitations

For security reasons, iOS does not let you send a text to more than 31 to 32 people at the same time.  If you want to create a green bubble or regular SMS/MMS group chat with Android or other non-ios and ios users, you have the limit to add up to ten people. So, in an already existing green bubble text with ten members, you will fail to add someone new.

Also, if you want to create a group chat only with iMessage or iOS users, you can send a group text to up to 31 people. So, for a blue bubble conversation, you cannot add someone if you have already added 31 people to a new or existing group. 

2. Mobile Network Limitations

As you know, Apple lets you add ten to 31 or 32 members to a group text. But some mobile network carriers shorten the list as well for security reasons.

For example, the AT&T network carrier will not allow you to add more than ten people to a group text. So, you probably are using this network and already have ten members in a group chat that you cannot add someone new. Some other mobile network carriers also set a limitation of a maximum of 25 people in a group chat. So, try to switch to another networker Wi-Fi. 

3. Screen Time Feature

Apple has come packed with the Screen time feature that gives the users the freedom to shut down some of the functions of their iOS devices. So, if anyone has set the screen time limits feature, they can even shut down the iMessage app and block your ability to add them in a group chat.

When users with a Screen time limit turn on the Contacts only in their Allowed communication feature, you cannot add them if they do not have your numbers saved. Also, when they use the Specific Contacts only setting, it blocks you from adding them if you are not in their specific contacts list.

So, if you fail to add someone, simply ask them if they have this limitation set on their device. 

4. Wrong Contacts

You might not notice that the contacts you are trying to add might only contain an email address instead of a phone number. It happens when you sync your contacts with your email address.

So, while adding their name to the group chat, observe whether it has a number or email. If it is an email, save the contact with their number, and then you can try to add them.  

4. App or System-Related Issue

Sometimes the iMessage app can act up due to faulty updates or incomplete updates. Or any other technical issue in the system can be the reason why you cannot add someone to a group text. 

Even if your phone or device freezes you will be unable to add someone. In such cases, you need to troubleshoot the issue. To understand whether there is an underlying system problem or not, try to follow the steps we have discussed below to add someone. If you do not succeed with the steps, only then go for the fixes.

How to Add Someone to a Group Text in IOS 11?

The built-in default texting app for iOS users is the iMessage app. And most users use the app as it is feature-rich and easy to use. Whether you are using Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you can quickly create and add people to a group text using the app.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how to add someone to a group text in iOS 11 or later versions:

  • The first thing you need to do is to create a group chat if you have not created one already. For that, from your iOS device or iPhone, open the messaging app. Or you can ask Siri to open the text app for you.
  • If you are already in a conversation thread or inbox, exit it and go back to the message screen by pressing the Arrow symbol located at the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • From the imessage home screen, click on the Pen symbol located at the upper-right corner of the screen, it will let you send group texts to the people you want.
why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11
  • Then click on the “To area” and manually type the name of the contacts you want to add to the group.
why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11
  • There is no need to type the whole name or number of the contacts in the “To area.” Because when you type half of their name or number, the iOS system will autocomplete them, if you have the contacts saved.
  • If you have two or multiple contacts saved in by the same name, be careful to add the one you want. 
why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11
  • You can click on the Plus icon or Add option located beside the “To area” to browse and scroll through the numbers you want to add to the group.
  • In case you do not have the contacts saved on your device, copy-paste or type in their complete numbers in the “To area.” You can type in the Apple ID of an iPad user as well to add that specific user.
  • As long as you have not added all the people you want, repeat the steps. 
  • Then in the Message, compose the bar or the empty field at the bottom of the screen, enter or type in your message. You do not need to type it multiple times.
  • Press the Send icon that looks like an arrow to send the message to everyone you have added.
why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11
  • Do not be confused by the color of the send button while creating different groups. If you can see that the Send button is in Blue, it means that all the users in the group chat are iOS or iPhone users.
  • However, when the Send button is in the Green arrow, it means that not everyone in the group chat is using an iMessage app or iOS device.
  • Everyone in the group, including the ios and non-ios users will receive the text you have sent, but the non-iOS or iPhone users will receive it as a normal text instead of an iMessage. So, some detailing, especially the emoji or reaction information might not be conveyed properly. But the text will not change for sure.
  • After creating the group chat, if you remember that you have forgotten to add someone you can add them easily. For that, go to the imessage app.
  • Open the group conversation you want to add an individual or a few other contacts to
  • Then press the Info icon that looks like an “I” or Details icon located at the upper-right corner of the group chat.
why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11
  • Click on the Add Contact option that is at the bottom of the screen.
why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11
  • If you have the numbers saved in your contact book, type in the name in the Add field, or you can enter their whole numbers or the Apple ID of the iPad users.
  • Once you have added who you have missed in the first place, click on the “Done” button from the upper-right corner of the screen. And you are done adding people.

Everyone you have added in the chat can see who is typing or what the other members have sent. They can reply to each other as well. If you are unable to add people to the group chat, you are more likely facing an app or system-related bug, which you need to troubleshoot to be able to add someone to a chat without any issue. So, for that, go through our next section.

How to Fix the Cannot Add Someone to a Group Text Issue?

Sometimes your system software, settings, or the imessage needs a quick fix to help you add someone to a group chat. Whether you have not exceeded the group chat members limitation or you are unable to add someone without a screen time communication limit, it is likely that there is an issue with the app or device system.

So, follow these quick methods and then try to add someone:

1. Restart the Phone

The iOS devices are no exception to the operating system bug or freezing issues. Sometimes your iOS 11 device can act up due to misbehaving codes or temporary bugs in the system. And it eventually leads the apps to behave abruptly.

And this is probably the reason you cannot add someone. To fix it, you need to restart the device with the following steps:

why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11
  • You need to long-press the side button or the power button and hold the Volume Up key at the same time
  • Now swipe the Power Off slider to the right and long-press the physical power button until the phone restarts with the Apple logo.

2. Relaunch the iMessage app

Once you relaunch any app or the iMessage, it loads fresh without any misbehaving code. So, to follow this method, here are the steps given below:

  • Bring the app’s preview cards by swiping from the bottom of the screen. You do not need to swipe to the top, just pause at the center of the screen.
  • From the Apps preview, swipe the iMessage card to the top to exit or close it.
why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11
  • Then open the app again, and this time, you shall be able to add a contact to the group.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Do Your iPhone Need Enough Space for Group Text?

Yes, your iOs device needs proper space to receive or send the group texts. Without enough space, you might not be able to use the group features such as adding someone or loading gifs. 

2. What happens if the Group Message is disabled on your iPhone?

If you have not enabled the Group message feature from the iMessage settings, you will not be able to create a group chat. So, before adding someone to a new group, make sure to enable it.

3. What is the maximum Group Members Limit in Verizon Network?

If you are using the Verizon network, you will not be able to add more than 20 people to a group chat. It is mentioned on their website as well.

4. Why Do the Carriers Let You Add Only a Certain Numbers of Group Members on iPhone?

Many mobile carriers do not allow to add more than ten to 25 people. Because they claim that it is to protect you from spam messages.

5. Can You Add a Large Number of People in Third-Party Apps on iPhone?

Yes, you can. If you do not like the limitations set on the imessage app, switch to Hangouts, Slack, or any other messaging app. They let you add as many contacts as possible to a group chat.

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For a new iOS user, it is usual to wonder why can’t i add someone to a group text ios 11 and how do you add someone to a group text, especially when you exceed the add limit. With the iMessage app, you will for sure have some limitations over how many people you can add. Yet, it is the most feature-rich and user-friendly app. So, we recommend you not switch to any other apps for mass messaging.

Also, before adding anyone, make sure you have typed the correct number or name. Sometimes, such a common mistake prevents you from adding someone to a group chat. 

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