why is my phone running slow android

Why is my phone running slow android and how to get rid of it?(5minitues)

If you have a slow phone and do not operate the multi-tasking then let’s face off. Having a slow phone is not a new condition as so many of us have tried and now they are tired. Since none of the processes of yours are not working so you must be thinking why is my phone running slow android?

Great news is-there are a number of surefire methods available and while applying one of them will solve your issue. So don’t keep your slow-running phone as we are going to explain all the actionable guidelines for you. 

Why do we have slow Android phones? 

Even though we have a good phone in our pocket with all good features, we sometimes fail to speed it up to its optimum level. Definitely, it is an issue which many of us have faced in life. 

Aside from it, a phone itself is a mini-computer and it travels in many places switching over many settings options. Also, it could violate the default system and then there are many more reasons. 

why is my phone running slow android

However, we have listed a number of top reasons so you may have a slow Android phones

1. The first one is a common one and it is because you are operating lots of apps at a time

2. Your system storage is running low therefore, it can not execute the apps correctly so you face off it. 

3. The third reason is with the out of date Android Operating System. 

4. Your battery is old and tired so had better to change it now

5. The phone becomes too hot after using it

After reading between the whole article, we will come to know the following guidelines: 

1. First and foremost tips on speeding up any slow phone

2. Process on how to clear out the cache of phone

3. Update guideline of any Android OS based phone

4. Learn the hacks on closing the apps from Background running apps

5. Android boost-up tricks

1. Update the systems of your Android: 

There would be so many ways, you must always keep your phone updated from time to time. Thankfully, this is available on your phone’s settings so you can do it easily. It is an immediate take-off which you should ensure, so we bring it on the first tip. 

The new system is always welcoming so once you will update it then all the performance will get a boost-up. Moreover, it will ensure to enjoy you some new features on Android

How to check current update status: 

step 1: Go to the settings menu and scroll down a bit and select the Software Update

Step 2: Now you find the life-saving button “Download and install”

Step 3: When you will see the dialog box which asks you to download a new software then do it

Step 4: After a while later, a pop up box will come up and you will be notified that the System Software is now up to date

2. Find a Micro SD card pretty handy to use

Since you must be running low with your internal memory on your phone so you would better use a Micro Sd card to your phone. The big device means big memory and the big memory is helpful to process tons of apps or giant apps. 

How it works: 

Thankfully, a Micro SD card comes with so many capacities in terms of memory and it starts from 32GB  and extends up to 1TB. Buying such precious accessories won’t go in vain. 

First off, it works to transfer your apps, files and any media file from the internal space to the external space or memory slot. 

As you will find another location to transfer those files, so the main memory finds more space to outweigh the processing. Until today, it is the most appropriate way to solve such issues. 

What you can do when you don’t have an SD card? 

Many people are now using CCleaner, if you go to the play store then you will find lots of good reviews on it. This app works great to kick out the junk files from your phone and ensure the immediate speed up. 

3. Using widgets may make your phone slow:

why is my phone running slow android

Some Android phones may have the 102.0 UI Core of Android version. Besides, some other Android versions also do have the same widgets to run. No matter, you have this widget and you run it often then the phone will be getting slow. So better you would proceed with the installments for those widgets. By the way, you may use only the weather widgets only as it is pretty light to use. 

4. Google Photos backup may solve the issue: 

why is my phone running slow android

We sometimes save tons of pictures and some of them remain idle in the memory for a long time. So why not you will save it on the cloud storage and when you find it important then only download from there. Google photos work in the same way, it will not mind to save your pictures with so many useful features. You will find a big space for the backup of your images. 

Thankfully, the backup will resolve the slow phone performance, since the memory space is limiting you to save more images. Google Photos is an image organizer tool as well, however it only works with internet connection. 

5. Reset Your Android Phone & Make The System Super-Fast

why is my phone running slow android

Finally, we come to the last tips on our guideline. Here we recommend you with the resetting process and get a fresh new look of your Android phone. This system will help you to get back the old performance by wiping out all the bugs from the phone. If you want to reset and start a new phone then follow the below steps: 

1. As you are resetting, the first job is to get back up of your contacts, images and so on. 

2. The second step is to go to the settings of your phone

3. In the settings menu, you will find General Management

4. Here in this option, the reset button would be there and hit on it. 


What is the best app to speed up Android? 

Among many apps, the best app for slow Android phones is CCleaner. It automatically frees up the junk files when necessary, so you would never find any issue with that. Turns out, it is the best app on Google Play Store ever. 

How do I clear Ram on my Android phone?

There are either two ways to do so, the first one is to remove the all bloatware apps, junk files, cache memories, or the second way is to find the Ram tab in the task manager and clear the memory. 

How do I free up space without deleting apps? 

If you won’t delete or uninstall any app then better you should clear all the clutters from cache memory. To perform so, go to the Settings first, there you find the Storage, finally, clear all the cached data of your applications. 

How can I clean Android viruses to speed up phones? 

Removing viruses or malware is a way to increase the overall phone’s performance. To do so, first you need to reboot the phone in safe mode then press on the power button and switch off it then on. Now, you will need to delete any suspicious app which is infected. You may install a good security app to sort them out.

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