About Us


Life as a tech-savvy means we will come to know all the latest gadgets and tools. We started our journey as a team of tech-lovers and now we want to share our knowledge through fixwill.

The journey of fixwill has just begun but the sweat we have already shed that was since many years before. We believe our contineous helpful tech-related posts will help you onwards.

Before you read the whole page about us, let us be clear what is our goal. Our only goal is to educate people about Windows & Android related tips and tricks. Besides, we shall cover reviews on gadgets, tools and applications. Therefore, staying on our page will give you so many tech-insightes, indeed.

What coming up next with Fixwill?

Every tech page comes with certain goal, so what is ours? We have given just bird’s eyes view in the introductory part. But if we delve in more then we must point out a few of them. Based on these bullet points we will work and share many more hacks:

  • Our main prospect would be understand the current tech-trend and cover helpful articles.
  • Secondly, we will try to resolve many problems, which you surmise as tutorial based posts
  • We will review apss, latest tools and gadgets so you will find recommendation from us.

Why You Should Visit Our Page When You Are a Tech-Lover?

Previously, we shared our plans that we will constantly cover the trendy topic. Apart from that, we are so much responsive to our readers. That being said, we hear your pain and will try to resolve accordingly.

Our only aim is to connect the dots between us and our readers. Here is why, we will come with news-letter where you will get every updates of us. Moreover, you may follow our tweets and get back to our page.

Throughout our journey we will accumulate more bloggers who will feel in the same way like we do. Keeping our platform more roboust as we can bring more updates, posts, and new hacks.

Are We Responsive?

Yes we’re because we try not to just post our articles haphazardly, we try to feed you with the perfect content. Here is why, we are open to you with all of your quarries, no matter you will ask us via e-mail or comment on every posts. When we find your  valuable question that will also help many people out there, then we will definitely come with a feedback ASAP.

Why Should You Visit Us!

In simple words, you will visit our page due to find Windows and Android related solution.

Obviously, we work with a broad platform that is Windows and Android. Even though so many bloggers are working on these both platform, we believe there are so many scope we have to explore. Because, in every day a new update, tool or apps arrivals are pretty obvious here is why, we need to know every whereabouts related to them. Keeping this in mind, our team always keep our eyes on them and bring new solutions when there remains an issue.

We know the job is tiresome and somewhat not possible to bring all the solution in a few months, so we will work on it for the long term basis. Hopefully, someday you will ask something on Google and find our helpful tricks-sharing posts, this is our milestone.