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what does optimize mean on android

What Does Optimize Mean On Android?

While updating your software or restarting your phone, you will notice that the Android says – “It is optimizing apps.” Now, unless you are tech-savvy, you might think, What does optimize mean on android? And it can trigger your stress even more if you notice that your phone starts optimizing apps every once in a […]

how to root micromax canvas a1

How to Root Micromax Canvas A1 without PC

In the fewest possible words, rooting is the process of giving Android users privileged authority over various Android subsystems. Through rooting, you can take control of your device from another device. Furthermore, it allows for the total removal and replacement of the Linux kernel on some devices, usually with a newer version of the present […] keeps stopping

How To Fix The Problem Com.Android.Settings Keeps Stopping? is a new name for many android users. It is available in the system app list. But unfortunately, there is no app icon for it on the home screen. Most of us have known about this strange app because of an error message. The keeps stopping and the error messages pop up instantly […]

how to play mov files on android

How To Play Mov Files On Android Phone And Tablet?

Upgrading to your new android is always exciting. But the fun only lasts until you realize you have to transfer data from the old device. It is more dreadful if that device happened to be an iPhone. Since you are here asking how to play mov files on android? we assume that’s the case with […]

how do i use airpods pro noise cancelling on android

How Do I Use Airpods Pro Noise Cancelling On Android?

You do not always have to use your iPhone to enjoy the noise cancellation mode while listening to your favorite music. You can use that feature on your Android device as well once you connect the AirPods Pro to your Android device. But as a first-timer, you will definitely get puzzled over how do i […]

how do i setup my android phone,

How Do I Setup My Android Phone?

How do I setup my android phone? After, unboxing your newly-purchased android phone, you become eager to use it. But immediately, after the unboxing, it’s not ready to use. Yes, you have to go through several setup processes. Although the procedures are many, they aren’t time-consuming. So, looking for a few steps like language selection, […]

how to turn off flashlight on android

How To Turn Off Flashlight On Android?

How to turn off flashlight on Android. Nowadays, we rely on our phones too much, which is why we don’t feel the necessity of buying a separate torch for emergencies. Guess why? Because the stock flashlight app will always come in handy during load-shedding or at night to help you find your way out of […]