What Is Silent Logging Android & How it Works

Silent logging is an application for Samsung or other smartphones that can have internet access silently. Some customers claim that it can be spyware to steal the data from the users and sell them to third parties. So, what is silent logging android?

Silent logging is a built-in app that can log into the internet silently and relates to kernel management. It prevents other programs from overwriting. The app can have access to messages, call logs, data, and backups. Though it seems suspicious to some users, the app isn’t malware. You can uninstall, revoke the access, or stop the activity of the silent logging.

If you don’t like to be in such surveillance, you can quickly stop using this application and stay chill.

Silent Logging & Its Function

So, what’s the job of silent logging? You will notice an application package named com.sec.modem.setting. This built-in app remains in your phone’s network modem (VOLTE) to have all the access of your phone like mobile data, call logs, and messages.

It’s possible with the help of the kernel. What’s the kernel, then? Linux kernel is mainly a core program for android devices. So, when it settles complicity with kernel management, it can easily have all the data from your device.

Is Silent Logging A Bug Or Software?

Most customers consider this app a bug or malware because of such access. But what’s a silent logging app? Is it spyware? Maybe it’s a bug!

Well, that’s a misconception. The silent logging app isn’t malware or spyware. Just think for a second. How can Samsung or other companies risk their reputation by providing their customer data to others, right?

Even some customers report that this app uses some sensors to track their sleep or heart rate. Well, that’s not true. Samsung records the user’s data, call logs, messages so that when users change their device, they can get back their data from the previous phone.

How To Install The Silent Logging App?

Now, as you know what is a silent logging app on android, you may want to install it to your device and use it.

This process is useful when you don’t have the silent logging pre-installed.

1. First, find the APK file on your device.

2. When you try to install the app, the device needs to give permission to allow it to run on your device.

3. After that, find the application from the browser location or file manager.

4. The app will now be ready to use.

What Is Silent Logging Android

Permission Is Always A Priority

Here is the list of permissions you will be giving, to the silent logging app:


You will need to give access to record all your contacts before you run this app on your device.

Call Logs

Call logs are one of the most critical data on your device, and silent logging will record these for you.

Message Permission

When you permit messages, the app can read all the messages, edit them, and send the message for you.


The silent logging app will have camera access and store your pictures and videos.

Allow Microphone Access

It’s the most crucial one because the silent logging app will record all your device’s audio.

What Is Silent Logging Android

Consuming Too Much Battery?

Yup, the silent logging app consumes too much battery. The battery consumption through this app is in the 3rd position of the priority list in most cases. The first two are the android system and device screen.

The reason for such massive power consumption is that the app uses the phone’s modem, resources from RAM, and CPU. The logging also needs mobile data or wifi to use the internet.

Can You Uninstall The Silent Logging From Your Phone?

It’s pretty normal to think that it’s not possible to uninstall a built-in program. But that’s not true. However, you also can’t uninstall the app like the other third-party apps.

So how can you uninstall the silent logging from your phone? Well, you can do the job with the help of a system app remover app or android debug bridge (ADB). When you uninstall the application, you may have system defects such as no backup of calls and messages or issues with the modem.

How Can You Uninstall The Silent Logging?

If you decide to uninstall the silent logging application, you can do that in two ways.

Using ADB

1.       Go to the settings and then system and choose About Phone

2.       Active the developer option by tapping the build number 7 times

3.       Then go back and find the developer option

4.       Open the developer option

5.       Now enable the option of USB debugging

6.       Download the ADB if you have a PC and extract the zip files

7.       Then press and hold the right click and the shift button in the blank area

8.       Click the open PowerShell window

9.       Find the command of ADB devices and connect your phone to your PC

10.    Then enter the command and wait

11.      You will see the uninstallation within a second

What Is Silent Logging Android


Using System App Remover

1.       Download  and then install system app remover

2.       Use Checkbox to find the logging app

3.       Press the Uninstall button

How To Stop Silent Logging?

If you can’t uninstall the app or go through all the trouble to uninstall it, you can turn off the silent logging app.

You can just go to the settings and force stop any application that is running within your device. You can also go to the modem setting to turn off the system logging.

What Is Silent Logging Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can silent logging run in the background?

Yes, it can. You won’t run the app to record all the data. It can save all of them running in the background.

Does cleaning the cache help issues regarding silent logging?

It does help when you clear the caches once in a while. Even rebooting your device can fix some issues of silent logging.

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Bottom Line

If an application is pre-installed, it doesn’t refer to ominous signs to the users. The same goes for the silent logging app. Customers are panicking cluelessly.

So, if you know what is silent logging android, you shouldn’t be freaking out because it helps the customer by storing their data. Know about your phone’s internal specs and learn to utilize the features wisely. It’s always best to stay aware and safe from harmful apps!

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