What Is ClipboardSaveService

What Is Clipboardsaveservice Android? Is it Safe? How To Disable?

The Clipboardsaveservice is preloaded in Samsung devices known as Clipboard UI service or Clipboard User Interference service. It varies from device to device, but its objective is the same. Now you can ask What is a clipboard service? What is clipboardsaveservice com.samsung.clipboardsaveservice android? The Clipboardsaveservice is an application that accommodates the system by saving information […]

how to find trash file on android

How To Find Trash File On Android

It’s not the first-time smartphone users are asking how to find trash file on Android. Unlike typical Windows computers, there is no visible recycle bin in Android phones. Whenever you delete files, images, or videos from your Android smartphones, the operating system does not remove those permanently or immediately. Those files with folders are just […]

What Is the Knox App on Android

What is Samsung Knox

Samsung is still one of the tycoon smartphone manufacturers in the tech industry. Yes, there are some criticisms against their design and performance measures, but still, they are doing good. As part of their goods, Knox is one. You might be wondering what is the Knox app on Android. Samsung Knox is a popular smartphone […]