Where Is My Settings App On My Android? And How To Open The Settings App?

As an Android user, you need to access the Settings menu at least once a day to personalize your smartphone experience. And sometimes, without accessing the settings menu, you cannot think of any other easy way around to update the software or fix some bugs.

But if you are a new Android user or you have switched your smartphone, the unfamiliar interface will make you wonder “where is my settings app on my android and how to go to my settings”. And to get you covered, we are here!

Based on your phone model, types of settings, and Android version, the ways to access the settings app will vary. And we will cover almost every possible way to open the setting screen so that all users can have a method to go for. Are you ready?

How to Open the Android Settings App?

Opening the Android settings app is not a difficult task. You will get used to it once you have tried these methods several times. Also, knowing different ways to access different or similar types of settings is a plus. Especially if your phone is acting up and you cannot get to several menus with the same path. So, follow these methods and see what works for you best:

1. All Apps Screen

Whether you are on a new or old Android model, the first page of the home screen should contain most of the pre-installed apps and features. And accessing the settings from the all apps screen or drawer is one of the easiest ways. Here are the steps to look for:

  • From the home screen, swipe up a little, and all apps drawer will appear.
  • On the latest Android OS, there is an All Apps button icon on the home screen, you can click that as well.
  • Once you get to see the apps, you need to scroll down or swipe side by side or left to right to find the settings app.
where is my settings app on my android
  • On most smartphones, the settings app should be on the first page of the all apps screen. The settings icon looks like a cogwheel, once you see it, click on that. Then it will take you to the main Settings menu of the Android system.
  • If you struggle to browse through the apps to find the settings, you can enter the “settings” keyword on the empty search field located above the all apps screen. Then click on the result that appears underneath the search bar. However, if you are running Android 11 or 12, only then you can access this quick feature.

2. Home Screen

If you want to customize or personalize your home screen interface, you need to access the home screen settings. And to access it, you do not need to go anywhere other than your home screen. Here are the steps to follow the method:

  • Once you are on the home screen, long-press anywhere on the screen. 
  • A cogwheel icon will appear at the bottom of the screen, tap on that.
Where Is My Settings App On My Android
  • It will take you to the home screen settings. From there, you can hide or add apps to your home screen user interface and customize it.
  • If you cannot bring the settings by long-pressing, use the empty search field. The search field is on the first page of the home screen, or you may need to swipe right or left to access it.
  • Or you can swipe up from the home screen and bring the all apps screen. Above the apps, you will find the search bar. 
  • Beside the empty search bar, there is a three-dot menu, tap on that. It will open a drop-down menu. From there, click on the Settings option.
  • You will land on the home screen settings page.

3. Add Shortcut to the Home Screen

Sometimes after a boot or if you rearrange the app’s screen, the settings app will not stay in the same place you have accessed from before. It will change its position.

So, it will be time-consuming to browse through the apps to find the settings. Especially if you do not have a search bar. In that case, it is better to keep a shortcut added to your home screen. For that, follow the steps given below:

  • If you are using the latest Android 11 or 12 version, you need to bring up the app’s screen by swiping it up on the home screen.
  • Then browse through the apps to locate the cogwheel settings icon, and long-press the icon.
  • While you are holding on to the icon, move the icon by moving your finger. And you will notice that the home screen will appear with a square around it. 
  • However, if you are on a Samsung device, you do not need to move your finger. You just have to long-press the settings icon and the home screen will appear. 
  • Then drag the settings icon to that home screen and release it in an empty place by lifting your finger off. 
Where Is My Settings App On My Android
  • After placing it there, every time you are on your home screen, you will see the settings icon there, you just need to tap it to open it. 

4. Google Assistant

If you have been using Android for a long period of time, you know that it comes with the Google Assistant feature to help you with your smartphone experience. And you can use it to access your Android settings app.

But, if you are a new user or you are on a new phone, you might not have enabled the feature yet. So, enable it and use it to access the settings app with these steps as follows:

  • If you have the Google assistant feature activated, click on the Microphone icon located at the search bar on your home screen and say “Ok Google.” Then say open settings or settings to open the settings app in an instant. 
Where Is My Settings App On My Android
  • Nonetheless, in case you do not have the assistant feature enabled, follow the steps below.
  • If you are signed in to the official Google app, open the app or google chrome. Or you can download the app from the Google play store and sign in with your Gmail and password.
  • Once you are in the chrome or google browser, click on the circle profile with your profile picture (if you have set a picture) located at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Then from the list of options, you can see, tap on the “Settings” option right away. It should be at the bottom of the drop-down menu or list you have opened.
Where Is My Settings App On My Android
  • Then scroll down a bit and proceed to open the Voice option followed by the Voice match option.
  • Once you tap the voice match option, it will open a new window or page called Hey Google and Voice Match.
Where Is My Settings App On My Android
  • On that page, you will see two sections: This Phone and Other Devices, from the This Phone section, enable the Hey Google slider. 
  • Then the Google Assistant prompts might ask you to follow some commands to record your voice for future use.  Follow the instructions, and then the Google Assistant will activate. 
  • Now every time you want to open the Settings app, say 

“Ok Google”.

  • Or if the Ok google command does not bring the assistant for some reason, long-press the home icon, and the Google Assistant will appear.
  • Then ask it to open the settings.

5. Quick Access Panel

The quick access panel or the quick settings feature is a fast way to access the Android settings app.  On most Android, the settings app is in the panel/above/below the panel. So, here is what you have to do –

  • No matter if you are within an app or on your home screen, swipe down from the top of your screen to access the Quick Settings panel
  • However, on some phones like Xiaomi, you have to swipe down from the right corner of the screen.
  • If you are on a Samsung device, you do not even need to swipe down the whole panel. Because in the compact view, you will see the cogwheel icon located in the upper-right corner above the quick settings.  Just click the icon and you are done. 
Where Is My Settings App On My Android
  • Once you bring the panel, swipe right or left to locate and open the Settings app icon.
  • On some phones, you will need to swipe down the panel one more time. Because they place the Settings app icon in the expanded menu at the bottom of the panel.
Where Is My Settings App On My Android

Why Do You Need the Settings App?

You might think that there is no use in adding the Settings app shortcut on the home screen. But the more you want your phone to be customized the more you will need the app. The app helps you to make your apps and features more user-friendly. Here are some of the features you get to access from the settings app:

  • You will be able to change the look of your home screen and lock screen with colorful themes and wallpapers from the settings app.
  • It gives you the freedom to customize notifications. If you do not want to see the notifications from specific apps, you can turn them off easily from the Settings notification option.
  • You get to browse all your apps and their settings from the Android Settings.
  • In order to upgrade your software, you will also need to access the Settings app.

So, you should definitely consider adding the app icon to your favorites bar or home screen. It makes things easier to access. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Why Can’t I Find the Settings App on My Android?

You might think that the Settings app is hidden if you cannot find it. But it might have been rearranged its position in the apps list after a recent Android optimization. So, you need to browse through the list pretty carefully.

2. Are There Third-Party Settings App?

Yes; there are some third-party apps available in the play store for Android settings. Most of them come free and customize your phone’s settings from there. 

3. How Many Types of Settings Are There?

There are several kinds of settings available on your phone. For each app, feature, or network you have different settings. But they all are under the Android Settings app. 

4. Is It Safe to Use Third-Party Settings App?

It should not affect your phone if you run a third-party app to access the Settings app quickly. But if they become outdated, they can interfere with the stock applications.

5. Can the Settings App Cause Error?

Yes, it can. Just because it comes from the manufacturer does not mean that it will not act up. It sometimes crashes or stops working because of outdated software or system bugs. 

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No one likes to use the pre-installed settings feature for different apps or programs on Android. And in such scenarios, the Settings app comes in handy in order to customize your Android apps or features according to your preferences.

No matter for what reason you are wondering where is my settings app on my android? and how to go to my settings, we hope our reviewed methods have helped you out.  Once you start exploring the Settings app, it makes your Android journey easier and more feature-rich. It turns you into an expert Android user as well.

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