What is .hnc file ?

What is .hnc file? – is one of the common questions among android users who have found it but don’t know how to open or view it. The HNC is an extension and known as a program file.

If you are one of them and want to know which software is required to open the HNC file, then you are at the right place. This article will discuss everything you need to know about HNC files and their necessity. So, stay tuned.

What are the .hnc files on Android?

HNC files are known as Hancom Office Files. It keeps some texts and pushes every time whenever you open the app. Unfortunately, it comes built-in with android, and you can’t remove it from your phone normally. But from the galaxy tab, you can easily disable the app.

What is a .hnc file

This file type is related to the CNC file Heidenhain Dialog. You will need special software to see the text that the HNC file contains. Also, this file type is associated with the NoteCenter project, which is now discontinued.

What are the possible issues with HNC extension files?

What is a .hnc file

If you have installed an appropriate application on your device but are still unable to open the file, that means there’s a problem with the HNC file. We have listed some of the common problems that can cause issues while opening the HNC file. Check these out below-

  • Corrupted HNC files
  • Wrong link to the HNC file
  • Incomplete installation of the application that allows HNC file
  • Malware affected the HNC file

If you don’t have these issues above, you should open the HNC file without any issues. But still, if you failed to open the app, then the HNC file must be facing some other rare issues. In this case, we recommend contacting a professional.

How to open and solve issues with the .hnc file?

What is a .hnc file

Usually, you can use Notepad to edit or view the .hnc files. You can export this file to another file format also. But what if you failed to open the app on your device? Well, follow the instructions below to associate the HNC file with the suitable software.

1.  How to open HNC files on windows?

  • Find the HNC file that you want to open
  • Right-click on the selected file
  • Click on “Open With” from the options
  • Click on “Choose another app.”
  • Now choose the application that supports the HNC file
  • And check “Always use this app to open .hnc files.

2.  How to open HNC files on Mac?

  • Press Ctrl and click or write click on the HNC file
  • Click on “Open With”
  • Then click on “Other” and check the “Always open with”
  • Now choose the application that supports  HNC files

3.  How to open an HNC file on Linux?

  • Right-click on the file
  • Click on “Open with”
  • Now choose the program that supports HNC files.

4.  How to open an HNC file on an iPhone?

  • Tap on the file
  • If you can’t open then tap on the share option
  • And choose an app that supports HNC file
  • Now you can see the app on your iPhone

5.  How to open an HNC file on Android?

  • Go to the settings app.
  • Find and tap on the Apps option
  • Tap on the options icon
  • Here you can change the default apps
  • Change the default app for the HNC file and save


1.What does HNC mean in file extensions?

HNC is a file extension connected with NoteCenter.  It keeps some texts and pushes whenever you open the app.

2.I have accidentally deleted the HNC file. Is that a problem?

No, You should not have any problem deleting them as it is a Hancom office app.

3.Can I uninstall the HDC app?

Normally, you can’t uninstall this app because it is a system app. But there are several ways to remove the system app. But you need to root your Android if you want to uninstall the system app.

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Thank you so much for reading this article with patience. We hope you got all the information that you need to know about the HNC file.

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