What is RILnotifier & How To Fix The “Error Connection Failed“?

RILnotifier is an app for your mobile devices most commonly found as a built-in option to manage internet data connections. It comes as pre-installed software on android devices as a short form of radio interface layer notifier and acts pretty much as a system operating application.

Google and other apps, such as the play store, use RILnotifier to detect the network type. They let the user know about the current status, and the download time may vary depending on the network type.

Not much can be known about the application as the developers are very private about the source code. Revealing too much may create or instigate already the hot mess discussion that is taking place over the concerns of data privacy. In this article, we will go in-depth about what is RILnotifier, how it works, and how to solve the problems regarding this default application.

What is RILnotifier

How Does RILnotifier Work?

There is a layer between the radio component and the mobile android services. The layer works effectively to let the user get a seamless internet data connection. This layer is simply called RIL or Radio Interface Layer.

The RILnotifier is an application that lets the android system user know when there is a change like the data connection. For example, if you change or switch to the LTE network of your SIM operator while using the Wi-Fi of your home, you will be instantly notified about the change.

The application informs about the change in the network and works to let the other apps running the app know about the nature of the data connection.

What is RILnotifier

What Purpose Does RILnotifier Serve?

From a customer standpoint, it is not a necessary app. The chances are that the user will almost always know if he is using the data connection of the cellphone SIM network operator or Wi-Fi. It more serves the need of the developers and makes other apps on the phone learn about the type of network.

The functionality and the work of any app will vary depending on the type of network. Sometimes while downloading apps from the google play store, it would like to switch to Wi-Fi for better operation if the app size is too large (greater than 100 MB)

The app also sends out necessary advice regarding data connection to the operating system. It produces recommended actions depending on the size, operation, function, and work-ability of the application.

Is RILnotifier Safe & Okay To Use?

Yes, absolutely, it is safe and sound to use. You can rest assured of that.

Why – you may ask. Because it’s a built-in application of the android system. You also cannot delete it as it may create issues for the smooth operation of the mobile.

You may hear that the app is a virus and spyware.

We can assure you that it is not the case. They are all lies and falsehood to create mass panic hysteria. These are fueled by conspiracy theorists on many fringes social sites to further their agenda, gain notoriety and increase the number of followers.

Another fake theory that has gained traction is that RILnotifier collects your data and sells it online to the highest bidder in the black market or the government.

We want to assure you that this is also not possible if the mentioned app does not have access to your data. It does not request any further permission. Only the telephone services are accessed as it is closely related with the app.

It does not consume large chunks of memory nor uses up all your phone’s operational resources. Moreover, the app does not act like bloatware.

How To Fix The “Error, Connection Failed” Issue In RILnotifier?

Now we come to a common issue faced by many users. That is, the RILnotifier app sometimes shows the message – “failed to connect.” How can you solve this problem?

Method 1

Try turning the data on/off again for multiple times. Some users have found this way, the issue can be resolved. You may choose to remove the SIM card and insert it again.

Method 2

Suppose your system is not updated for a long time. You may face this issue too. Try updating your system by going to the settings menu. Choose the software update. There are reports that the underlying condition may be due to this.

Method 3

Another age-old method is restarting your device. The problem may be fixed by turning your device off and on again. Another easy way is blocking the notifications from the RILnotifier app.

Method 4

If the tactics mentioned above do not work, choose to restore the default settings. Flashing the custom ROM has been proven to be an effective method too.

What is RILnotifier

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  Does RILnotifier Consume Too Much Battery?

From our expertise and experience, we have not seen or observed and particular surge in battery consumption rate. Mathematically it is also not possible as it is a very light app and consumes minimal memory.

However, if you are so sure that the app is responsible, there are ways you can limit the apps’ function. That has been discussed in the next chapter. Samsung users may face issues because of the Knox app.

2.  How Can I Delete Or Uninstall RILnotifier?

As the RILnotifier app is built-in to your system, it cannot be deleted or uninstalled from your phone. Having said that, you can disable the app or force stop using third-party applications.

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Throughout the article, we have analyzed what is RILnotifier. It’s a built-in app that may seem to play a minimal role if you are a consumer. But for the developers, it is much needed for other applications to function.

It does not necessarily negatively affect your cellphone, its data, battery, and memory. And the minor issues it does create can be fixed easily. 

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