mac and ios what is the actual difference

Mac And Ios What Is The Actual Difference?

Many people wonder when both MacOs and iOS are Operating Systems developed by Apple Inc. then mac and ios what is the actual difference? Today the confusion shall be no more ! So, stay tuned without skipping any part. You may not be a tech freak and get confused with all those technical terms to […]

how do i use airpods pro noise cancelling on android

How Do I Use Airpods Pro Noise Cancelling On Android?

You do not always have to use your iPhone to enjoy the noise cancellation mode while listening to your favorite music. You can use that feature on your Android device as well once you connect the AirPods Pro to your Android device. But as a first-timer, you will definitely get puzzled over how do i […]

how do i setup my android phone,

How Do I Setup My Android Phone?

How do I setup my android phone? After, unboxing your newly-purchased android phone, you become eager to use it. But immediately, after the unboxing, it’s not ready to use. Yes, you have to go through several setup processes. Although the procedures are many, they aren’t time-consuming. So, looking for a few steps like language selection, […]

how to turn off flashlight on android

How To Turn Off Flashlight On Android?

How to turn off flashlight on Android. Nowadays, we rely on our phones too much, which is why we don’t feel the necessity of buying a separate torch for emergencies. Guess why? Because the stock flashlight app will always come in handy during load-shedding or at night to help you find your way out of […]

where do i find my saved items on my android phone

Where Do I Find My Saved Items On My Android Phone?

Let us tell you a fact – almost all the saved files in the phone directly get stored in the internal storage and the application. That said, it is pretty much annoying at times to find a file immediately after the download. Why? Because all kinds of data get stored in different formation-wise. So, after […]

is there a widgetsmith for android

Is There A Widgetsmith For Android?

Customizing your smartphone is on-trend right now. And it looks like this trend is not going away anywhere soon! So, it’s pretty normal that you don’t like how your phone looks anymore. The phone is our way of social communication, and it only makes sense that it embodies our style. Is there a widgetsmith for […]

why can't i add someone to a group text ios 11

Why Can’t I Add Someone To A Group Text Ios 11?

Group messaging on an IOS device is an excellent feature to convey your emotions or information to multiple persons. But it can really get irritating when you fail to add someone to a group, especially for a group meeting. So, if you are stressing over what to do, we are here to help. We will […]

where are deleted files in windows 10

Where Are Deleted Files In Windows 10?

To err is human but as a human, we are all likely to make some silly mistakes such as, accidentally deleting our important files from the computer. Suppose, you are rushing to work, and trying to take some important files. Also, you worked so much last night to get these files ready. Suddenly, you pressed […]

how to adjust brightness on extended monitor windows 10

How To Adjust Brightness On Extended Monitor Windows 10?

Windows 10 allows users to use multiple monitors at once. Accessing to the functions of such monitors seems tricky. That being said, to adjust the extended monitor’s brightness, users have to use the physical buttons placed on the monitor. Third-party software like Dimmer, Monitorian, Windows 10 Brightness Slider would also do the work. This article […]