How To open exe File in Android Brilliantly(4 easy Step)

Are you crazy to know how to open exe file in android? Back in days, we love to play Windows old games. So what happens if we give you a way to play those games or apps right from your Android device? 

You must be in a fix how it is possible? Well, it is only viable when we can run the exe file from Windows to Android. However, the default settings of an Android never allow it to run or execute any exe file. So how to open .exe file in android and go to the old days for fun? 

Thankfully, we come to know a way so you will not only open the exe files on Android but also, find how to execute it. Throughout this article, we will explain part by part, so stay tuned!

Step By Step Process: How to open exe file in Android

As we promise you, we have found a way so let’s let you know below. Hopefully, our step by step progression will successfully guide you through the final outcome, so let’s read here: 

Step 1: Run .exe files on Android with a DOS BOX app

When it comes to running or playing any file from Windows to Android, the first thing cross our mind is the Dosbox app. It is the best way to run any simple to complex file. Moreover, it ensures to read any large files of Windows. 

Good news is you can find this app right from your Google Play Store. The app is compatible with all types of Android updates and thus easy to play on any smartphones. The app allows you to create different types of the folder where you can have access to put .exe files separately. Afterwards, when you will need to play some files based on different genre then you can find that easy!

How to open .exe file in android S

Alternative way: Download an APK file as an Extractor

How to open .exe file in android S

We get to see the first and foremost limitation with the .exe file opening up is with the conversion. Therefore, we can convert the Windows playable file to Android file. Good news is technology is getting faster and smoother so you can find some amazing app to do it for you. 

APK Extractor app is one of the popular apps which can extract the file easily and smoothly without any fuss. 

Step 3: Execute the DOSBox app 

Now the time comes up so you may execute the DOSBox accordingly. Well, using it is so easy but no matter we will explain it to you. 

The first heck- you will need to create a separate folder. For example, you can pick a name “DVDgame/foldername” then paste it into the command line with the folder name. Again, if the file location in the download folder then you will need to type it “DVDgame/Download”

Step 4: Press Enter keys putting the data value

This is the final step which you can easily get to know even though we won’t mention here. So the thing is you will click enter using your Android keyboard then enter the name of EXE file, that’s all, bingo!

Final Verdict: 

Finally, we come to the end-line of this story. Hopefully, our tips work out and you are already using the .exe file and having fun. However, if you struggle anywhere in between our explained steps, then please check the downloaded file is not corrupted, otherwise, it’s all okay to execute. 

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What is .exe file & does it open to phone?

Any .exe file relates to the Windows executable file so it is only for Windows Operating System. It designed in such a way, nobody can run it for Android or any variant platform. The only way to run it for Android platform is to get a converter type app which will replicate a new file that will wonderfully executable for it. 

Can we convert .exe to Apk? 

Yes, you may easily convert it, all you need to have a APK file which is certified from Google Playstore. Once you will open the app and put the file then the .exe file will convert into APK.

Why my .exe files are not opening? 

If you come to see one of your .exe files are not opening from your Windows OS then the fils would be corrupted. Again, if it is about a different platform like Android then follow the above tips we have shared. In short. The DOSBox apps from Google Store will help you through. 

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