what is demo mode on android

What is Demo Mode on Android

What is demo mode on Android? In brief, SUT or System UI Tuner is the source of your query. Google launched the System UI Tuner, a revolutionary adjustable system feature, with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. If you turn the System Tuner on, you can adjust the status bar, alerts, or other system-related functions. The Demo Mode […]

how accurate is gps on android

How Accurate is GPS on Android?

There are actually many rumors and assumptions on how accurate is GPS on Android. Many smartphones and GPS-enabled device manufacturers are trying to improve the current stats, including giants like Google. It’s easy to let others know where you’re going. Unfortunately, recognizing someone’s exact position isn’t often precise in metropolitan environments, crowded situations. Google is […]

how to uninstall updates on apps android

How to Uninstall Updates on Apps Android?

Can you uninstall Android application updates on your smartphone or tablet? Yes, you can, fortunately. The article will give you a complete understanding of how to uninstall updates on apps Android. You can only uninstall an application’s updates on some smartphones and devices; many smartphones and apps do not have this choice. If you don’t […]