How to Delete Screenshots on Windows 10 Easily

While working on the Computer, sometimes we find some important information and pictures that don’t allow us to save easily. To meet user’s demands, Microsoft continuously brings the latest update. Presently, their latest OS named Windows 10 lets you perform various tasks through their inbuilt tools.  Such a job is capturing screenshots on the PC having Windows 10 installed and later viewed those. 

Although it is seamlessly praiseworthy, sometimes some screenshots don’t want to leave the PC; instead, they occupy some valuable storage. Here we come up with a solution on how to delete screenshots on windows 10. One of the primary reasons behind not deleting screenshots on windows 10 is can’t find the saved location. You don’t need to worry, and we will come up with some most straightforward ways to move your abandoned screenshots into the trash. 

How could you find the location of your saved screenshot?

Unless knowing the exact location of your saved screenshot, you can’t delete those quickly. However, the delete process is pretty simple, like others. In the following, you can get the way to find that path.

Step 01.  As you may know, the PrtScn key will help you to capture the screenshot easily, but after catching the screenshot, you can’t find that anywhere. Here the reason is your captured screenshot will save only on your computer’s clipboard, and then you have to paste that into your Paint program. After then, your captured screenshot becomes noticeable naturally. 

Step 02. Nevertheless, another tool named Snipping Tool also helps you in screenshotting and notify you of the saving location.  However, if you have forgotten the previously saved location taken by the Snipping Tool, don’t worry, just take another one and save it. Now, you can see the location because it will keep in the previous folder. 

Another method of screenshotting is pressing the Windows + PrtScn keys. If you follow that, here is the way to find the location.

  1. Firstly, you have to open your File Explorer. Interestingly, you can open File Explorer by opening any folder from your PC. 
  1. After getting into the File Explorer, now go to the left sidebar and click on “This PC” => locate “Pictures.”
how to delete screenshots on windows 10
  1. Once you open the Picture folder, now go to the “Screenshots” folder. In this folder, you can discover all the screenshots that you have taken previously. 
how to delete screenshots on windows 10

The way to change the default location of screenshots

1. Firstly, navigate to the location of your saved screenshots using File Explorer. The location can be anywhere on your desktop, so, before saving, just create a folder named “Screenshots.

2. Now, navigate the “Pictures folder using our showing steps from the previous section.

3. After that, locate the “Screenshots” folder and right-click on that => open the folder’s “Properties.”

how to delete screenshots on windows 10

4. Once you reach the folder’s “Properties,” now click on the “Location” to see the Screenshots folder’s navigation path. To bring change herein, you need to click “Move.” 

how to delete screenshots on windows 10

5. Now, from your opened new Explorer window, choose your previously made new Screenshots folder and select it => click. 

In your opened new Explorer window, navigate to the new “Select Folder” that lies in the bottom-right.

Screenshots wipe-out process 

When you can identify your captured screenshot location, you can quickly delete it through the following process.

  • Firstly, Left-click on your desired screenshot to select and then tap the Delete key from the keyboard. 
  • Alternatively, firstly, you have to click on your desired screenshots and then drag those into the recycling bin you can find on your desktop. 

How can you delete the undeletable files?

Sometimes, some files seem won’t leave the computer storage; instead, they want to stay forever. Here we will show you the wipe-out process of those undeletable files.  

  • Firstly, press the Windows key and R simultaneously to open the Run program.
  • Once the Run program opens, you will find an input area, so type  “cmd” on there to open “Command Prompt.”
how to delete screenshots on windows 10
  • After opening the Command Prompt, lines like “C:\Users\Your NAME>” will be shown. 
  1. If your undeletable file lies on the desktop, you have to type “cd desktop,” and then your path will be “C:\Users\Your Name\desktop\.” 
  2. If your undeletable file lies in desktop/folder1, you have to type “cd    desktop\folder1″.
  3. If you find your file in local disk C or D, you have to type “cd C:\” or “cd D:\.
  • When you reach the exact folder or path, you have to type “dir /x,” and then you can see a list of all directories and files. 
  • You can see a short name with all directories and files. 
  • After that, you have to start the wipeout of your undeletable file process; for instance, type “del GOOGLE~1.INK” to delete your shortcut file.
  • After that, your undeletable files will go, so, hopefully, they will not remain undeletable.

Final Thought

The screenshot we grab needn’t use for a long time instead we need to get those out after using. If you can’t find and delete those screenshots perfectly they will occupy your valuable storage. Hopefully, the hacks we disclose above regarding the screenshot easy to get. However, if anything looks vague herein – feel free to ask in the comment section, we will try to give a quick response. 

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How do I quickly delete files in Windows 10?

To wipe out files in Windows 10 quickly, you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Firstly, open your desire files and folders that you want to wipe out.  
  2. Now you need to single click any file or folder then press CTRL+A and press SHIFT+Delete
  3. A warning will pop up and you need to click “Yes” and then put a tick in the box saying apply this to all other items.
  4. Finally, you need to wait for a while to finish the delete process.

Why are my screenshots not being saved?

When your Screenshot folder doesn’t have the write permission, your Windows 10 can’t store those captured screenshots in that folder. Here is how to check whether your Windows has such permission or not.  

  • At first, you need to right-click on your Screenshot folder and then open the Properties dialog by clicking Properties. 
  • Now, locate the Edit button in the Security tab and ensure the system account has “Full control”. 

If our giving solution can’t solve your issue, you can try resetting Windows 10 to default settings or reinstall Windows 10 without losing data in both cases.

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