What is Demo Mode on Android

What is demo mode on Android? In brief, SUT or System UI Tuner is the source of your query.

Google launched the System UI Tuner, a revolutionary adjustable system feature, with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. If you turn the System Tuner on, you can adjust the status bar, alerts, or other system-related functions.

The Demo Mode is another function that came with the System UI Tuner. Android fills the status bar with falsified information if you enable demo mode, providing it a clear and uncorrupted appearance.

Taking Clean screenshots and video clips (for blog posts, slideshow slides, and your app’s Google Play Store page) is now possible with this feature. It’s also perfect for making live demos without dealing with a cluttered notification panel, low battery indications, or a clock that signals yet another late-night programming sprint.

What is Demo Mode in Developer Option?

The status bar can be forced into a single simulation in demo mode, which helps get screenshots of a fixed status bar or check status icon variations. In the latest versions of Android, the “demo mode” is accessible.

When you launch the System UI Tuner, you’ll notice this new alternative entitled “Demo mode.” If you authorize this and then switch it on, your notification bar will disable all alerts, including new ones. However, they can still display as heads-up alerts periodically. It will also set the battery indicator to 100% and demonstrate full Wi-Fi and cellular network bars.

How to Enable Demo Mode Setting in Android?

Once you’ve unlocked Developer Options in device settings on Android 7.0 and above, you’ll see the Demo mode feature. There are two modes available: Enable Demo mode and Show Demo mode. Then what’s their difference? Let’s find out and learn how to enable the features.

Unlock your android smartphone first. Now open your system Settings app.

Scroll down and find the About Phone section. Click on it.

what is demo mode on android

Now, discover the Software Information and tap on that.

Inside the software info, you will find a section called Build Number. Tap on that multiple times. As a result, the developer option will be activated.

what is demo mode on android

Jump into the Developer Option.

what is demo mode on android

Inside that, look for the Demo Mode. Click on that. You will see two options there: Enable or Show Demo Mode. Toggle right the Enable Demo Mode. It will turn on the feature.

what is demo mode on android

You turn on the Show Demo Mode to display it on the notification or status bar.

If you want to disable the demo mode option, just reverse back to the location and turn the demo mode off.

How to Disable Demo Mode in Android TV?

Retailers use the DEMO mode environment to demonstrate the capabilities and features of televisions. These options appear at the top and bottom of the page, respectively. The DEMO mode is not recommended since it restricts a few of the widely used functionality at home.

In Android TVs, you have to follow the below steps to turn the feature off.

First, hit the Home with your TV remote. And jump to the Settings menu.

From the list of functions, find the “Device Preferences”. Click on that and then select “Retail Mode Settings”.

Under there, locate the “Demo Mode” and turn it off. You would also need to switch to the “Picture Reset Mode”. The process would be applicable if your TV operating system is Android 8.0 or later.

what is demo mode on android


What are the differences between a real and a demo smartphone?

A demo smartphone is used to display its functionality. It is designed to return itself to how you see it and miss certain specialized elements that are allowed in an original handset.

A demo phone has a lot of drawbacks. Generally, the OEM’s administrator demo application and the Store’s demo app are one of these.

It’ll normally be locked to a deck and fitted with a special warning that will sound if you want to break or cut the power cord.

If you manage to mute the detector on a prototype unit, certain shops can turn it into a brick. It will STOP Functioning Entirely, and no repair program will restore it until it is returned to the shop from which it was stolen.

Why My Android TV Is Stuck in Retail Demo Mode?

If you are stuck in a commercial video ad or your TV configurations keep returning to the defaults, then it is likely that your TV is in Retail or Demo mode. That setting is most often used to display TVs at retail outlets. The only way to ensure your TV can run without this issue is to have it in the Home mode.

To turn the Home mode on, go to the Settings and there click on the General option.

From there, find out the System Manager. Afterward, hit on the Usage Mode.

The system will then ask for the pin code the pass the security. By default, it is supposed to be 0000 if you have not changed it yet. Type the passcode, and then the Home mode will appear. Turn it on simply.

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For customizing your notification and status bar, fix the battery indicators, or maybe Wi-Fi or cellular network, Android demo mode is really helpful. It is particularly a great feature for smartphone and TV retailers to showcase the device to their customers.

But sometimes, you might witness the mode is activated even after getting it back home. Or maybe you just one to turn it on one for your purpose. That’s why you need to know what is demo mode on Android. You should also need to know how to switch it on or off.

This article has shared how to enable or disable the demo mode on Android devices, including the TVs. If you found it helpful, let us know why you need demo mode on your Android device.

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