What Is The Android Drparser Mode?

DRParser mode is a Samsung-built application, and DRParser mode offers multiple features like password change, ROM reformation, and deep software conditions analysis. But many Samsung android users don’t know the detail of “what is the android drparser mode.” As a result, they are deprived of its benefits.

Once you open this application, you will see vast features. That said, you have to go through a few steps in terms of entering into this sysdump as this is a hidden application. So, put on your safety jacket, and let’s dive straight into its details!

What is the Android Drparser Mode?

The DRParser mode is a hidden application that works as an agent between device and user. It helps you to create a bypass entry to your android phone from another device. Furthermore, it allows you to analyze your mobile’s condition with depth. 

How Can I Activate DRParser Mode? 

This is a hidden app, so you cannot have the benefits just through one step. You have to enter through a Samsung secret code. Follow the given steps cautiously to active the DRParser mode:

  • Open your phone’s “calculator.”
  • Type “(+30, 012,012,732+”
  • A new DRParser code screen will appear.
  • Now type the required secret code from the code list.
  • Each code carries a particular feature.
DRParser Mode Code List:
Current Hardware Version*#2222#
Present OS Version*#1234#
Current Battery Status*#0288#
USB Service Condition*#0808#
Android Service Mode*#9900#
GTM General Test Mode*#0*#
Status of GSM Network*#0011#
USB Service Mode*#9090#
IMEI Number*#06#
Current Hardware and Software Version*#12580*369#
Audio Loopback Control*#0283#
Camera Firmware*#34971539#
what is the android drparser mode

Google Account Bypass through Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Android phones software holds hard security to protect the device data from a third-party user. If someone tries to enter into the phone the device will not allow the person. The following secret DRP mode creates a bypass method to enter your phone’s google account using another device.

Let’s follow the steps given below for google account FRP bypass on a Samsung phone:

  • Boot up your phone
  • Connect with the internet
  • Now accept all the conditions
  • Wait for the merchandise update
  • Click on the Home Screen UI
  • Give an emergency call
  • Call 911
  • Fast active the Bluetooth choice
  • Now connect the device with a Bluetooth speaker or headphone
  • Now tap on the “decision” button
  • Open your phone’s “calculator”
  • Type “(+30, 012,012,732+”
  • A new DRParser code screen will appear.
  • Now type *#0808# the USB code
  • Now click on the DM/ACM/ADB
what is the android drparser mode
what is the android drparser mode

If you want to reset the device through the DRP USB method, apply the following methods mentioned below:

  • After the DRP bypass code, wait for the boot-up 
  • Connect the device with a USB data cable
  • Now go to the FRP.ZIP file and browse the folder
  • Now click on the FRP_techzai.bat for the process
  • And wait till the entire function.

What Should I Do If My DRP Mode Is Not Activating?

Suppose you can’t activate the DRP mode, even using an original Samsung phone. Follow the given steps to activate the mode:

  • Clear the calculator cache
  • Reboot your device
  • To reboot the phone, press the power button and volume up/down button together
  • Don’t apply any force stop to any application
  • Give a try to your dial pad; in most cases, the process may work.
what is the android drparser mode

The DRParser Disabling Process

DRP mode allows you to access your phone through another device, but the imposters also apply this technique to enter inside a device. So, for extra security, it’s always better to keep your phone in disabled DRP mode.

It will help you protect your data and files from unwanted illegal entry. You can use the ADB method or any third-party application to disable the mode.

Follow the actions to disable the mode. You will require two devices for this process, like the main phone and a laptop or computer:

  • First, download the ADB on your computer or any third-party application. Go to the “setting” option. Now select “system.”
  • After that, go to the “about the phone” option. Tap the Build Number option at a time for seven times in a row.
  • The developer option will appear, and it will activate the developer option. Go back to the settings menu. Now, get into the “developer” option.
  • Click on the USB debugging. Activate the ADB debugging from your computer. Now bring the Zip File into a folder.
  • Open the folder, press the shift button, and right-click on the blank space.
  • Now, click on the “Open Powershell window.” Enter “adb devices” on the bar option. Connect your computer with your phone through a USB cable.
  • Keep the mode in file transfer. The USB notification will appear, and click on “OK.”
  • Again, type the “adb devices” command. The serial number will appear on the phone
  • Type “adb shell pm uninstall – user 0 com.sec.android.app. parser” This command will uninstall the DRParser mode successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Why Am I Unable To Access the DRP Mode?

This mode is only applicable to the original Samsung android devices, and it will not work on other android gadgets. If you can’t access the process, generally it means that you are using a copy phone, or some other issues like corrupted calculation or application cache.

2. How Can I Check My Phone’s Hardware?

You can check your phone’s hardware condition through the general test code *#0*#. It will analyze from the deep and find out all kinds of hardware performance issues. The hardware functions like vibration, camera, color mode, screen touch performance, etc.

3. Can I Fix My Sim Network Error With DRParser Code?

The answer is “YES” you can fix this problem using DRP code. Apply the Service Mode Code *#9090#, and it will detect the sim network issue. If you find any network problem, you can try slot change, or you can change the sim position internally. 

4. What Is ADB?

ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a relation tool and its works as an intermediary between two devices through a USB cable.

Using this third-party mobile application, you can enter into another android device and use the internal and external data. This free tool is applicable to all kinds of android phones.

5. Why Does DRParser Mode Only Work on Samsung phones?

This is a Samsung company’s own built hidden application. They specifically made this app for their users’ safety and to enjoy unique features. This app lets you use multiple features like hardware condition, IMEI number, and the current software version by applying specific codes.

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DRParser mode is full of incredible hidden functions. If you know its basic usage, you can save your device from unauthorized entry. And note that this process works with secretly assigned codes. 

We have listed all the DRParser codes and discussed “what is the android drparser mode.

And how to activate and inactive the mode; this article has divided the function process into act-wise and displayed each possible part elaborately. 

To see deep inside the phone by maintaining one system, you can see the entire image of your phone like software version, factory reset, IMEI number, and many more.

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