Nothing happens when I insert the CD on Windows 10 [how to run cd on windows 10]

Disc drives are now called retro hardware, which can make you bothered sometimes. Perhaps you came up with this problem recently “Nothing happens when I insert the CD on Windows 10.”

Assistance for outdated hardware technologies such as disk drives has become extremely slow as Windows 10 begins to restructure the operating system. It is unfortunate because many people do use CDs and DVDs. In reality, installing Windows 10 on your machine often includes the use of a Disk drive.

It’s possible that either your Microsoft windows lacks proper DVD decoding software or that anything is incompatible with the CD/DVD drive, causing this issue.

A DVD or CD driver’s failure after an upgrade is one of the most frequent grievances we hear from users.

Don’t give up. Before you go out and buy a new Disc drive, take a peek at today’s solutions pack by Fixwill and see how you can get it running again.

DVD Drive Not Detected In Windows 10 – What’s The Solution?

Try it on a different computer to see what’s the actual problem is. It will warn you if the disk is corrupted or if the drive is having trouble reading it. If the disk doesn’t fit on another device, it’s likely faulty. In that situation, return it to the store for a refund.

It’s possible that your DVD drive needs a software upgrade if the disk runs in the other computers and not in yours. You can follow any of the solutions given below.

Update Windows to Fix Problems of DVD Drive

It’s rare for the drive to run flawlessly in an old edition of Windows, even Windows 10. So, it might stop operating the moment you update to the latest version.

The first thing you should do is run Windows Update and afterward install the new drivers available. Microsoft, for instance, published patches for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update recently.

And version 1511 fixed floppy drive issues. The root of the dilemma was also the cure in this situation.

Suppose you find a CD/DVD drive functions on your computer. In that case, you may need to disable Windows 10’s automatic driver updates for future security.

Reinstall Or Update The Driver To Fix Your DVD Drive

“I put a DVD in the computer and nothing happens,” if still you are facing the issue, read the next solution. Don’t overlook any part.

To open Device Manager, press Windows key + X and then hit Device Manager from your desktop screen. Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives, right-click the DVD drive you want to uninstall, and afterward click OK.

Reboot your machine after exiting Device Manager. Windows will find and reconfigure the drive. Inside Device Manager, you can even choose to Update Driver Software.

Nothing happens when I insert the CD on Windows 10

Removing Virtual Drive To Fix DVD Drive Problem

A virtual drive program designed to mount disk images or ISOs may often interfere with mechanical disk drives. Disable any applications you had installed, including ISO Recorder, PowerISO, Daemon Tools, or similar applications.

Find Programs and Features by pressing Windows key + X. Remove the software by selecting it and clicking the Uninstall button.

Nothing happens when I insert the CD on Windows 10

Updating Chipset Firmware To Fix Disk Drive Issue

If Windows still can’t detect your CD/DVD drive, ensure it’s running and supported in your device’s firmware. For guidance on how to launch your BIOS or UEFI firmware software, read this section.

It’s a hopeful thing if your disk drive is identified in the BIOS. Anything is certainly off if your CD/DVD drive isn’t visible in the BIOS/UEFI.

Nothing happens when I insert the CD on Windows 10

Your motherboard’s chipset driver could be out of date, regardless of how old your computer is. Look up the computer’s model number on the company’s website and look into the downloads/update section. Deploying the most recent chipset drivers can fix the problem with your disk drive missing issue.

Nothing happens when I insert the CD on Windows 10

Installing A 3rd Party DVD Player To Fix The Problem

If the CD or DVD you want to access just consists of video contents, you can try using an additional DVD player to get access to it.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has disabled the integrated feature for playing video DVDs. As a result, DVD loading on Windows 10 seems to be more difficult than on earlier versions.

To bridge that gap, Microsoft has released a new DVD player. However, owing to some critical mistakes, it got a low ranking.

Consequently, we suggest that you choose the VLC player, a powerful third-party player that includes DVD support.

Launch VLC media player, then go to Media > Open Disc. You will now watch the video on your DVD player.

Nothing happens when I insert the CD on Windows 10


We have shared our expertise on your issue. Hopefully, now you got the answer to the question you have come up with – “When I put a CD in my computer nothing happens Windows 10”.

If none of the above solutions succeeds, there is a chance you have a faulty drive or a broken cable link. Check the connection or run any experiments with different movements. If required, you may also approach the computer’s manufacturer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Won’t My Computer Recognize Blank CDs?

Burning files into a blank CD is done using an optical drive on a system. If your computer does not really accept blank CDs, it’s either that the CD drive’s driver is old or that an incorrect driver was already installed. You can solve the problem by reinstalling or updating the drivers.

Do You Have To Format A CD-R Before Burning?

If you wish to burn or transfer data to a CD or DVD, you should first format the disc. If the CD or DVD still has data on it, you have to delete it once and then format it for reuse.

Can You Burn A CD Twice?

A CD-R is also known as CD Write-Once, can only be burned once. If you need to burn a Disc, then delete it and re-burn it, you should do so. We recommend purchasing a CD-RW (CD Re-Writable Disk), which can be found in every computer store.

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