Where Is Clip Tray On Android Phone?

Clip tray is an application that allows androids and PCs a non-permanent memory so that the device can save texts or images to paste where needed. You may face difficulty finding it on LG devices. Now you can question what is a Clip tray on an android phone and where is clip tray on Android phone? Or How do you find the clip tray on an android phone?

Typically, you can find the Clip Tray find on the keyboard of your android phone. It helps to manage the history of the keyboard. Thus, you can recover previously copied data that is saved by it.

In LG android phones, the Clip Tray is known as Clipboard, so you may face confusion. The memory capacity of the clip tray varies from device to device. After copying images or texts, you can keep the data here and paste it wherever you want.

where is the clip tray on android phone

How To Use A Clip Tray On Android Phone?

How to access clip tray on android phone? Depending on the androids version and android skin, the working capacity of the clip tray varies. In all androids, you can access to clip tray through a keyboard except LG and Samsung androids. LG and Samsung devices contain a built-in clipboard service.

How to open clip tray on android phone? The following method works for accessing the clip tray or clipboard option on android (with a keyboard).

  1. First, you will need a keyboard application with clipboard property. In this case, Microsoft’s Swiftkey and Google’s Gboard are both highly recommended.
  2. Download and install your preferred keyboard.
  3. Now, set it up properly.
  4. When you copy for the first time, you can only copy texts. It will not support images.
  5. Next, paste the copied items in the required place.
  6. Tap on the text box to get the clipboard.
  7. Look for a clipboard option in the top toolbar.
  8. When you open the clipboard, you will find previously copied items in a list format.
  9. You need to press on any of the options to paste on the text field.

You can’t save items on your android phones forever. Here the oldest items will be deleted.

In Swiftkey and Gboard, you can “pin” items. You just need to long-press the required object and then tap on the “pin” option. This helps to prevent the copied ones from being deleted.

where is the clip tray on android phone

In general, Gboard is the most recommended keyboard. On this keyboard, you can copy multiple things at a time and can paste them freely.

The capability of copying and pasting is a fundamental and common function in android. But if you want to utilize the full benefit of the clip tray feature, stay tuned!

You may feel confused and ask yourself, where is my clip tray on LG phone? Or where is the clipboard on the LG android phone? Or where is the clip tray on my LG phone?

Where Is My Clip Tray On My LG Phone?

Clip tray is regarded as a clipboard in LG androids. This works as memory storage where you can save your copied items temporarily.

Unfortunately, you can’t get quick access to saved data. But you can regain items that are saved. To do that, you just need to press a blank area of text fiend for an extended period. After that, you need to press the paste option.

where is the clip tray on android phone

But in maximum cases, you can save only one copied item at a time. But when you copy the second item, the first one is overwritten.

How To Clear Clip Tray On Android?

Whenever you copy any items, it goes straight to the clip tray. The clip tray is a side area of RAM. It’s not used by any other application.

where is the clip tray on android phone

You can clean up the clip tray in the usual way. Copy any blank space to it to clean it. In this manner, it will overwrite the previously copied item with the empty space that is copied.

On the other hand, you can find the clip tray option in this way.

  1. Clear the clip tray by pressing any blank field with a long press.
  2. Select the three dots on the right named as “more options.”
  3. Select the clip tray option.
  4. Select copied items from the clip tray.
  5. Clear those copied items.

How To Delete Clip Tray Android?

You can save the copied items in a clip tray. Yes, of course, you can delete it afterward. If you want to delete something, you need to:

  1. Access the clipboard from the google search or directly from the keyboard in message options.
  2. Click and press the search bar on google. You can see the clipboard option appear.
  3. Tap the clipboard option.
  4. In the option, you can see a dust bin icon. Tap the option.
  5. Delete the items you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get to clip tray on android? How to find a clip tray on android?

You can find a clip tray easily on the keyboard option on your android. If you want, you can even download and install keyboards with clipboards from Play Store. Gboard is widely recommended in this case.

Where is clip tray on android phone? Where’s your clipboard on android? Where can I find the clip tray on my phone?

You can easily find the clip tray by simply pressing a key on the keyboard. Then you can see a menu appears. There, you can click on the keyboard option.

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Bottom Line

To conclude, a clip tray is an application where copied items are saved. It helps get your desired information saved as a cloned version. You can copy and paste your desired data because of this function.

So, where is the clip tray on the android phone? The whole article is maintained in a way that all the questions are correctly answered. Hope this may help you!

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