How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files on Android? Learn the Best Methods!

In our day-to-day life, it’s a common task for us to download files, pdf, images, software, etc., from the internet. But one of the most common disturbing facts is while downloading is online surveying. So you may want to know how to bypass surveys to download files on android to save your time.

You can easily surpass online surveys by following methods like using fake information, installing a bookmarklet, disabling JavaScript, or getting specific browser extensions. There are also some third-party survey-removing software available online.

Online surveys take up most of your valuable time and can hamper your daily work on the internet. Even some of the surveys are mandatory to fill, or else you can’t download files. 

What Are The Online Surveys?

Online surveys are basic questions having a specific structure. It targets the internet audience’s points of view or perspective over a matter through some questions in a form. There are both positive and negative sides to these surveys. 

The positive side of online surveys is it gathers information or opinions from the mass audience almost free of any cost. Especially information collection of any Government initiative is conducted in this process.

On the contrary to the positive side, it wastes a lot of time for the users. Because in most cases, this is none of the user’s business. More specifically, it hampers the user’s flow of work.

How To Bypass Surveys To Download Files On Android?

Unnecessary survey pop-ups during your work are a common scenario. You may face it while downloading a movie or downloading any other files and end up wasting your time in these surveys.

There are many solutions to this problem. The most effective ones are mentioned below:

Bypass Surveys By Using Fake Information To Unlock Content

This is a very effective technique to reach your desired content without surveying. In this method, You can pass through the survey no without giving detailed information.

how to bypass surveys to download files on android

It helps you to go through the compulsory online surveys. Here’s all you need to do:

Step 01: Find a fake information generator. The generator must be able to generate a phony name, gender, phone number, address, occupation, and all other details that an online survey must fill. You can easily find these types of generators online.

Step 02: Gather all the info that is needed for surveying.

Step 03: Now fill in the needed pieces of information in the survey.

how to bypass surveys to download files on android

You can even create Fake emails using this application. It may be needed in some surveys.

Bypass the Survey By using a Bookmarklet

One of the most effective surveys is to use a bookmarklet. All you need to do is as follows:

Step 01: Install a survey removal bookmarklet. It links with your bookmark bar. You can find it on the developer’s website for free.

Step 02: Open the developer’s web, press on the star sign located on the right side of the address bar to save your bookmark bar.

Step 03: Finally, when you face a survey, you just need to click on the bookmark you saved previously. It will solve your problem immediately.

how to bypass surveys to download files on android

This method is only applicable if the website has the option to skip it. It won’t help you if the survey is a must to complete. Even if the survey tends to waste your time with no purpose, this method will not solve your problem in that case.

Bypass Surveys By Disabling JavaScript

The most trusted and effective way to unlock surveys is to disable JavaScript.To proceed in this method, here’s what you need to do:

Step 01: First, you need to go to the browser settings.

Step 02: Type about the configuration and click enter in the address bar.

Step 03: Click on the confirmation message to ensure you will be careful.

Step 04: Search for the preference named JavaScript.

Step 05: Enable the option. To quickly find the option, you can directly type JavaScript in the search bar.

Step 06: Select JavaScript by pressing the right-click.

Step 07: Close the configuration tab.

Step 06: Finally, reactivate JavaScript for better performance.

how to bypass surveys to download files on android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are online surveys honest?

In expert research, it is found that more than 60% of people are not truthful in the surveys. You should never believe a survey blindly and work accordingly. Also, you should never depend on survey reports in management ratings and other issues like compensations.

Is it ok to remove a survey response?

Yes, it is absolutely ok to remove a survey response if it is wrong or inappropriate. To conduct any type of survey, it is essential to get authentic data.

You can eradicate

  • Individual responses.
  • All the responses in a collective form
  • All answers gathered from a single collector

This deletion is permanent, and you can’t undo your actions. So, you need to be extremely careful while removing responses!

How do I know that a survey is biased? 

A survey answer is considered biased if it automatically drives the audience toward a specific response. It occurs mainly if the question is hard to understand. But you can identify this problem easily. 

You just need to notice if the question is a leading question or not. If the question is a leading question, it can be considered biased. If you are the one making the questionnaire, then you can fix it by improving the question patterns.

Are survey results accurate enough?

This actually depends on the survey type. Good surveys ensure accurate results, where else bad surveys present your data with multiple types of flaws.

You can trust a few official or government surveys but not entirely. In most cases, the survey results are inaccurate because the people responding to the study are not fully aware of providing accurate data.

Are surveys useful? 

Of course, surveys are helpful. It can give you overall ideas about the opinion and decision of the mass people. 

The data helps to illustrate the general points of view over a specific matter. This plays a vital role in making a decision, building a project, to conduct something good for the mass populace.

Are there any limitations of a survey?

Like any other method, a survey has its own limitations. Among those, the riskiest is the dishonesty of people in response. 

Not only that, but unanswered questions, peoples’ understanding ability, change of expression, etc., are considered the limitation of surveys.

How long does a good survey exist?

The total cost of a survey largely depends on the survey length. That’s because payments are made based on designing, testing, programming, and adequately analyzing the data of a study. 

A decent survey must not take more than 25 minutes to fill up. You can easily make this type of survey by creating questions to the point. You can also distribute the topics properly.

Is there any disadvantage of online survey tools?

There are many disadvantages of online surveys. Lack of invigilation leads to problems like frauds during surveys, inability to reach mass people, less effective results, etc.

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Bottom Line

So, how to bypass surveys to download files on android? To sum up, bypassing a survey is not a difficult task to perform. You can skip any type of survey by following the steps mentioned earlier. 

Thus you can be able to save valuable time and can perform critical day-to-day tasks without hustling. However, you should always remember that bypassing unnecessary surveying is ok but ignoring important surveys like the official ones can be derogatory!

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