How do I Fix my camera quality on my Android

How do I fix my camera quality on my Android?

The camera quality is one of the necessary features we look for when buying an Android phone. Aren’t we? But after using the phone for some years, the camera function loses good picture quality.

Replacing your phone can be a permanent solution. If you can’t afford to replace it, then you must fix it. Now you can think, how do I fix my camera quality on my Android.

Why is my camera quality bad on Android?

To fix the camera quality, you have to know the reasons first. There are several reasons your camera quality gets bad. We have researched for the reasons.

Lens problem

First of all, you should check the lens. Because sometimes, it happens due to wet or dirty lenses. Alongside, the camera lens can be broken.

Remember one thing, lenses are the central part of the camera. If you improve the lenses, your camera will work better.

Poor camera sensor

The second thing you need to check is the camera sensor. Suppose you are clicking pictures. And you notice multi-colored spots on the images.

A poor camera sensor produces pictures with gray, black, and red spots. Besides, it can happen for the dirt on the camera sensor.

Grain means the shadow on the images. However, it is also known as digital noise. It can be the reason for degrading your camera sensor.

Camera settings

 Look into your camera settings. Sometimes, the camera quality can decrease due to improper camera settings. To diagnose your problem, you have to check the size, filter, and resolution.

App update issues

If you don’t update your default camera app, it can be the reason for degrading camera quality. You don’t need to update it unless the system isn’t updating.

How to improve camera quality of Android phones?

Here we have listed some solutions you can follow to fix the camera quality on Android.

Solution 1: Clean the lens

To solve the lens issues, you have to clean the lenses.

  • Take a soft microfibre towel or wipes to clean the lens.
  • If the camera lens is broken, you have to replace it as soon as possible to solve the problem.

 Solution 2: Clean up the caches

You can try cleaning the mobile storage to fix the camera quality.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Furthermore, scroll down to find the ‘Apps’ tab.
How do I Fix my camera quality on my Android
  • You have to click on the ‘Apps.’
  • Locate the ‘Camera’ option and tap on it.
How do I Fix my camera quality on my Android
  • Click on the ‘clear cache .’It will clean up the caches.

Solution 3: Update the camera app

Updating the default app can be the solution for upgrading your camera quality.

  • First of all, open the ‘Google Play Store.’
  • Find your ‘camera’ app.
  • Click on it if the camera needs to be updated.

Solution 4: Download the camera app

If your default camera isn’t working correctly, you can download the camera app. In that case, the Google camera app is the best one.

How do I Fix my camera quality on my Android
  • Then you have to type ‘Google Camera’ on the search bar.
  • Tap on it and download the app.
  • Now install the Google Camera on your phone.

Solution 5: Change the camera settings

For setting up the camera, you need to follow the steps to fix your camera quality.

  • Open the camera shooting mode.
  • Nevertheless, tap on the ‘ Settings’ option.
How do I Fix my camera quality on my Android
  • Click on the ‘resolution and quality screen.’
  • You will find the settings of the rear and front cameras.
  • Select the camera mode and resolution.
  • Thus, you can set up the photo size as well.

 Final thoughts

After all, you have the answer to how do I fix my camera quality on my Android. At first, you have to check the problems.

Moreover, you can try all of the solutions to fix the camera quality on your Android phone. Keep your camera sensor clean. And set up the proper camera resolution and size. That’s all for today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix it if my phone camera is blurry?

Keeping your camera sensor clean will fix blurry image issues. Also, you can work on the camera system.

Why does mobile camera quality decrease over time?

Mobile camera quality can decrease over time. Because it will damage with scratches and dust.

How do I change camera settings on Android?

Go to the camera app. You have to open the settings icon. Adjust the image size and resolution according to your requirement.

How can I improve my Android camera quality?

You can try different camera modes. Fix the exposure and color balance. These steps will improve your Android camera quality.

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