how to chromecast from chrome android

How to Chromecast from Chrome Android

By casting Chrome to TV, you can replicate your Android smartphone screen onto the large screen of your residential TV. Below are two ways described on how to Chromecast from Chrome Android.

Chromecast is based on the Google Casting algorithm, which allows you to display content straight from your Browser app to your TV or any Chromecast device. Even when a portal or video service is not compatible with Chromecast, you can cast a single tab or your entire screen from within Chrome.

Once you Cast Google Chrome to television, you will see a visual representation of your Android Smartphone screen on your Home TV’s large monitor.

It effectively ensures that everything you watch on your mobile (movies, videos, and websites) will be shown on your personal television screen.

We have described two separate ways to cast Chrome to TV from an Android smartphone or tablet below.

How to Cast from Chrome Mobile?

You would also have a Chromecast connected to an HDMI port on their TV. If you wish to play videos on it, you need to have the Chromecast setup on your Android phones to view them.

Using Cast Feature Stream Android Phone To TV

The stock Cast feature in most Android devices is the best way to send your Android Chrome web browser to a TV or a Chromecast.

Step 1: Go to the Display in the Android device’s Settings.

how to chromecast from chrome android

Step 2: Click the Cast button.

how to chromecast from chrome android

Step 3: For the next step, hit the Chromecast, and your Android smartphone will start displaying the same content on your TV.

how to chromecast from chrome android

Step 4: The next step is to open the browser on your smartphone to see any webpage or watch a video clip. your Android device will replicate them and view them in their full-screen format

Note: If the Cast feature is not presented on your Samsung Galaxy and perhaps other Android phones, try the next way outlined below.

Using Google Home to Cast Android Chrome to TV

Fortunately, you can still use the Google Home application to project your Android browser to your television screen. Even if your device does not support the functionality.

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store app. Now, in the search box, type Google Home. Go to the search result and install the app.

how to chromecast from chrome android

Step 2: After the installation, open the app. Allow the necessary permission. Now, from the results of available Chromecast devices, select yours.

how to chromecast from chrome android

Step 3: In the next phase, select Cast My Screen. A confirmation window will appear then. To confirm, select Cast Screen.

how to chromecast from chrome android

Wait for a few seconds. Your smart TV will start casting the Android screen. Now, open the Chrome app on your phone and browse whatever you want, and at the same time, it will be visible on your TV.

If you want to stop the casting process, go to the Google Home app again and hit Stop mirroring.

You should also note that the Chromecast will only work on your Android phone if it has version 4.4.2 or higher.


We have shared how to Chromecast from Chrome Android. Undoubtedly, you can cast almost every webpage from your mobile phone browser to your TV.

The only thing you have to maintain is the supportive Android OS version and connecting both devices to the same network. So, grab some pizzas, and enjoy watching Netflix from your phone to TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is My Google Chrome Cast Not Working?

Indeed, in some cases, your android chrome casting might not work. The reason can be either you have a backdated version of the OS, or maybe you have not granted the necessary permission. If it is an issue regarding permission, follow the steps to solve it.

  • Go to the Settings of your smartphone. From there, find and select Applications.
  • Discover the Google Play Service and open it.
  • Afterward, click on the Permissions (“Permission Manager” if you have an old Android version.)
  • Check if any of the permission is disabled. If yes, toggle the permission to on.

Depending on the situation, you might need to check the same for the Google Home app. You would be able to cast video from Chrome Android.

Can I Chromecast From Chrome iOS Web Browser?

In the latest iOS, you can cast your iPhone or iPad screen or chrome browser to your TV via Chromecast. Instead, you can cast media or videos from the iOS device to your TV. Also, there might be some plugins that won’t support the feature, such as QuickTime Player, VLC, and Silverlight.

How Do I Get the Google Cast Extension?

Follow the below guide to enable the Google Chrome cast extension.

Open the Chrome browser on your PC. Now, hit on the Settings option. Under there, you will find the Cast button. Click on it to appear.

Remember, in this way, you can enable the feature for the moment in your Chrome toolbar. Make a right-click on the Cast section. There, hit the Always show icon.

Why Is My Chromecast Not Connecting?

Often casting problems can be fixed by restarting the Chromecast, smartphone, and modem simultaneously. Switch off your Chromecast by disconnecting it, then turn off your smartphone and home Wi-Fi. For around a minute, keep these off.

  • Restart your router or wireless modem, and wait two minutes for the connectivity to entirely reestablish.
  • Activate the Chromecast.
  • Switch on your cell phone.
  • Check to see whether the casting symbol has displayed after all systems have completely turned on.

Can You Cast to TV Without WIFI?

Guest Mode is the fastest and most safe way to use Chromecast without internet connectivity. The feature was designed to encourage visitors to stream even if their phone is not connected to the Wi-Fi system. Here’s what to do to search the Guest Mode and how to allow it:

  • Launch the Google Home application on your smartphone. Click the shown username of your system.
  • In the upper right corner, press the “Settings” to enter.
  • Search for a feature named “Guest Mode” in the “Device settings” section. If you can’t find Guest mode, your system is not compatible with the functionality.
  • On the flip side, if you found the Guest Mode mentioned and a PIN appears under it, it indicates that the Guest Mode has already been turned on.
  • Simply connect the casting and start the screening without Wi-Fi.

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