How To Combine Two videos on Android

How to combine two videos on android: 3 App Will Do This For You

Have you heard of twin video? Well, it sucks to hear such sort of things but don’t blame you when you won’t figure out how to combine two videos on android. 

First off, it is a popular strategy which you still don’t know. Lots of Youtuber use this heck and get more reactions. If you are an android user and take mindboggling shots from your phone, then you must also come to know it.

Turns out, from now on you may get to find how to take a glimpse of shots and add them together wonderfully. Today in our article, we will talk about some apps and processes to combine your two videos altogether and get more reactions. 

How to combine Two videos from Android? 

Android apps are awesome however, some are awful too. But when you will get a perfect video editing app that will let you combine two videos together then this will be sound interesting, right? 

Well, so why not we cover a review on apps which are wonderfully combined videos? So, let’s get started with the following Android video editing apps. 


We all know about the amazing Inshot app. Since it is a free app and gives us tremendous features so we often love to use it on our Android devices. Thankfully, it is the best app ever where you can combine two videos and get rid of your tedious journey. Not only just two videos but also, you can add three or more videos. Let not forget to tell you that the speed of saving the gallery turns out faster than ever. 

How To Combine Two videos on Android

Over there you will get to see tons of features as well. It allows you to choose a different quality. You can add more effects, crop them, add texts and even sound clip too. Overall, we found it as the best third party video making app for Android. 

The only downside of it is with the watermark seal which you will find when you are using the free version app. However, you can get rid of it by watching quick ads from it. 

Step 1: Firstly you have to launch the app and tap on the video option. As other options are not video related.

How To Combine Two videos on Android

Step 2: Then select the videos from the library you wish to combine. Try to select them in a certain order you wish them to resemble.

Step 3: To polish your video you can use the cut and trim. By clicking on video clips, trim how you like.

Step 4: You can also add transition effects by selecting the white icon on the timeline. It indicates the end and a new start point of the video clip. 

Step 5: Besides, you can add text and stickers. There is a limited number of stickers and text styles in the free version.

How To Combine Two videos on Android

Step 6: Moreover, to give your video a different vibe you can colour correct by selecting the filter option.  

Step 7: Lastly to save the video click Save on the top right corner and choose the video quality.

By successfully completing all the steps your videos will combine to one. 


FilmoraGo is a great video editing software with many helpful features. One of the best traits is no watermark on your video. You can also compose a long length video. Some of the essential aspects of this software are the facility to import videos or photos, real-time preview option, apply a number of different effects and themes.

This one is a favourite for many of us while not only combining two videos but also, it can add sound clips too. We found this app as a great convenient one while churning out video marketing or Youtubing. 

Thankfully, you can add two videos now using this Android app, here is why we cover the review of this app. While adding, you won’t get to see any interference and once the editing is done the output of the video seems good as well. 

How To Combine Two videos on Android

Finally, you may download it without paying a penny, so it is totally free for you. You will find a watermark after the rendering, however, use another app to crop it and fix it. The best thing about FILMORAGO is with direct uploading to the Youtube channel. That being said, you will combine them and instantly upload in Youtube. 

Video Merger

Video Merger application is a lucrative app while it comes to adding two videos in a moment. You would love to know this takes the least time and successfully bring the two videos altogether, making your day fruitful. 

If it comes to talking about the free version, you will have the access to create or join two videos, so this is great. Once you purchase the paid one, then you will be allowed to create more than two videos. Aside from that, this app will allow you to choose the different format of a video, for example, the rectangular, portrait and square shape of a video. 


Before you read further hold on because this app is not for amateurs. If we talk about user-interface, KineMaster is the opposite of Filmorago. Don’t be annoyed. This app is actually not beginner-friendly. This looks quite a copy of the desktop version packed with advanced features. You’ll be blown away if you can cope up with it.

Also adding your clips to the timeline is quite different from FilmoraGo. You have to use a dial option to import multiple clips. In the beginning, this feature may seem quite complicated to you but once you get familiar with it, you’ll fall in love for sure. 

How to combine two videos on android

The dial option is the center of everything. To add multiple clips, add layers, add audio, voice recording, and pretty much covers every side. Besides, if you are flexible working with a learning curve then you KineMaster is a sure go-to app for you.


This is an app for absolute basic purposes. Though this got many negative reviews for the free version you can use it for a simple edit. You can’t export more than the 5-minute limit and put an odd watermark on the video. To remove the watermark you have to pay $1.99 but at only $1.00 you can buy the pro version. 

The interface is simple, sleek and looks charming. That’s why you won’t feel disheartened during your use time. You can trigger clips by using the Edit menu before you merge them. You can also capture video without leaving the app. 

Lastly, this is not recommended for the editing flexibility but for the sleek, pleasant look.


Another wonderful video editing software from the makers of the famous InShot video editor is YouCut. It is absolutely free to use and does not apply a watermark to your edits, which you would not get with the above-mentioned applications. The software is pretty comfortable to use, and it’s just as simple to add several clips as it is on Filmora Go.

How To Combine Two videos on Android

You can apply crisp effects between clips to make the combination seamless. Again, you’ll get all the basic features to edit videos on android. You can easily add videos, trim them, add filters, emoji and texts, soundtracks and set the aspect ratio as per your need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible two combine two videos using an app? 

Yes, pretty sure about that you can easily add more than even two videos right from your Android phone and then directly publish it to any social media or Youtube. 

How do I organize videos and combine? 

You may organize your video like cropping, fixing effects and many more by dint of any good or suitable app from Android. Make sure the watermark won’t be an issue or you will purchase the real one. 

Is there any application for mobile to add videos? 

Yes, the applications are available on Android, and you must be heard about Inshot. It comes with the benefit of adding more than two videos with all other remaining features. 

What is the best App to Combine Videos on Android?

Answer: Well you can use any of the editors but for us, you can use FilmoraGo.  The software is comfortable to use and the layout is quite straightforward. It works for Android devices as a fantastic video combining app.

Is it possible to combine songs and videos together?

Answer: Yes it is. You can combine songs with videos from your phone or from the app library. It’s quite like combining two videos with each other.

Final thoughts:

With the advancement of technology and the tools and software we have in hand, you can easily develop your skills gradually and move towards complex editing. Android apps these days can do much more than we think. You can’t compare an edited video whether it’s done on a smartphone or computer. That’s why we discussed some of the essential apps we can use and precisely how to combine two videos on android.

Do let us know in the comment section which app you find comfortable and if you can suggest some apps on your own. We’d love to know more. 

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