how to download ios 10.11

How To Download iOS 10.11 & Safely Run On Your Apple Device?

Most of us know that macOS EI Captain is no longer run by Apple and now what else we can do? Well, the heck is here with the new release of Apple that is Sierra 10.12 and the current one 10.13 of Sierra. That’s why apple pushes it to the bin and stop regular updates. However, it is not updating from the Apple server, you can still download the 10.11 version and it would be executable to certain devices as well. 


If you are not getting the right answer on how to download iOS 10.11 then this article will educate you. Stay with our blog and get to know the whereabouts. 


Step 1: Check out some of the compatible devices


Since this OS is an old one so you just need to sort out the old devices as well where you can put this and make it a go! Aside from that, those devices should have 2GB of memory and 8.8GB of free space, unless it won’t run. 

Here are the following devices we have listed below: 


  • 2008 MacBook Air
  • 2007 MacBook Pro
  • 2009 MacMini and later
  • iMac version 
  • Early 2008 Mac Pro
  • Xserve Models in early 2009



how to download ios 10.11



Step 2: Create a backup: 


Needless to say, before you are going to upgrade or install new apps, software, and OS on your device, you should go for a backup first. Well, this backup plan is easy and the best possible way is to keep cloud backup. 


Step 3: Make sure to have an uninterrupted connection


If you get to see, your internet speed fluctuates a bit, then make sure to plug in a reliable connection since it is mandatory to proceed. By the way, also ensure to plug into the AC power when you are using a Mac notebook. 


Step 4: Download iOS 10.11 or request for the upgrade by SCSCF Technicians


If you get to see you can easily download the OS X EI Capitan using this link then this would be great. Alternatively, you can go for the macOS Mojave installation package. There you will be getting the SCS support, through this support you can easily finish this journey. 


Step 5: Install the macOS installer


Now the time comes up to install the macOS version installer. Once you have successfully download the file then press on it twice and wait for a moment. By the way, you can also follow the onscreen instructions as well, since it will guide you every step towards the installation. 



how to download ios 10.11



Step 6: Begin installation: 


Once you will complete the installation process then you will open the application folder located on your Mac. Afterwards, simply double-click it “OS X EI Capitan. Again, continue clicking and follow the instructions. Thankfully, this would be the easiest, to begin with, the installation process. We believe you can easily accomplish it within a few moments if needed.


how to download ios 10.11

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Is OS X 10.11 free?

Well, the fifth release which we called OS X is only free to download for Mac consumers. In order to have it then you must need to configure the Mac with EI Capitan, which is version OS X compatibility. 

Is OS X 10.11 still supported?

Well, we all know the EI Capitan is not available officially as it is replaced with the new one Sierra updates. However, once you will get support from the SCSCF then only if you can have it. 

Final Words: 

The OS X is backdated one, we know that but if you still want to have it then you should go with some phases, which we have discussed. Hopefully, after reading between the lines here, you will sort out the issue. If anything comes around with confusion, then make sure to comment below then we will come back with the answer right away.

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