how to find number of downloads for ios app

How To Find Number Of Downloads For iOS App Easily

There are a plethora of apps online and iOS churns out a new app every day. So when you will try tons of apps and delete them a few days later, then some days later you would love to know how to find  number of downloads for ios app , don’t you? Well, this is not a big deal to find them since the App Store stored all the information for you, all you need to do is to know where. So, lets delve into our article and find that way. 

How to find App-Store history? 

To find the history of how many apps you have downloaded previously, there are two ways, the one is fastest and easier, which we will show you first, and the second one is tough to sort out, but still manageable. Thankfully, we will show you both of these ways. 

The fastest way to find the total number of downloaded apps history

Well, first come first, in order to locate it, you just need to have a compatible device of 3D touch recognition, where you can press the App Store app icon right from your home screen. After doing so, you will get to see three shortcuts. 

The first shortcut takes you to the purchased tab, so tap on there, and access the previously downloaded apps, right away!

The sure-fire way to get the download history

  1. Simply open up the app by clicking on the icon
  2. Press the tab located at the bottom
  3. Now navigate the profile photo at the top corner and tap on there
How to find number of downloads for ios app

  1. Now you can see your destination! So tap on the purchased tap

Note: This one sounds like, you only can come to see those apps which are purchased only

  1. Now to see all the downloaded apps of your apple device, you will need to toggle to the-All
How to find number of downloads for ios app


How to see my previously purchased apps? 

Well, to do so, you will find a specific tab named “purchased” by pressing on it, the previously purchased apps will appear. 

How many downloads does an app have? 

Until, May 2020, according to U.S. Publishers, the average apps download number is 1.24M. By the way, these statistics only show the US users downloads, Globally this would be many more!

How can I download all my previously purchased apps? 

It sounds tricky! Because Apple may allow you to download most of the apps but it doesn’t seem you can download every one of them. For example, if you didn’t have 64-bit devices previously then you won’t bring back those old apps right now unless it’s all okay. Another heck is with the Apple developers, if they banned an app today then you won’t download it today as well. 

Final words: 

We’ve shown you the two different ways to find your number of downloaded iOS apps. There you will not only find the numbers of them but also, find the specific apps by typing the name over the search field (the second way). Here is how, you will find it pretty handy to sort out no matter, you deleted that particular day many days ago. We believe, we have paved the way to get your solution, however, if not then let us know.

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