how to find trash file on android

How To Find Trash File On Android

It’s not the first-time smartphone users are asking how to find trash file on Android. Unlike typical Windows computers, there is no visible recycle bin in Android phones.

Whenever you delete files, images, or videos from your Android smartphones, the operating system does not remove those permanently or immediately. Those files with folders are just marked as empty. Does that mean you are going to lose all your data after erasing them?

Fortunately, in some cases, you can still locate those deleted files. And there are always ways to recover the erased files and folders.

There are multiple ways to find the trash in your Android phones. You can also restore them using a data recovery tool for Android. In this post, we will share the necessary insights that will help you regarding file recovery.

Where Is The Trash Can On My Android

As maximum Android phones have a limited capacity of 16GB to 256GB, having a recycle bin in your phone will soon eat up your space. Still, there can be a situation when a user might need to restore the erased files.

Thus, Android keeps those files unless they are written by new data.

On the other hand, Android apps have their separate trash bin on their online domain.

For example, any email app with an online recycling bin stores the deleted file for a certain period or unless you decide to permanently delete them.

You can locate the deleted photos if you have synced to your cloud accounts previously. And the same access is available for online cloud-based file explorers such as Dropbox.

You can also use 3rd party trash or recycle bin apps for your smartphone. It’s better to use this sort of apps so that you can easily access them later if need.

There won’t be a necessity to use any paid data recovery tool for Android. Try this Dumpster application. The app stores whenever you delete any file on your Android phone. It supports the restoration of files such as apk, image, video, doc, web pages, etc.

How To Find Trash File On Android

How to Access Recycle Bin on Android

There are actually tons of apps and desktop software to solve your problems. But as a deep tech enthusiastic team, we know here, privacy matters a lot. So, we FonePaw among them all.

FonePaw data recovery tool for Android is a master solution to recover your deleted data. The app is highly functional and built with some integrated features. It allows you to relocate and restore text messages, call history, and even WhatsApp messages. And the basic restoration features such as image, video, and documents are also covered by the app.

And the good thing is even if your android phone is older, like having a 2.0 version, this app supports that OS. Here we are going to help you to download and install the software.


  1. A USB cable
  2. FonePaw data recovery tool for Android

Step 1: Downloading the Recovery Tool

The tool is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. For Windows, it supports XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10. It is compatible with all the MAC OS from 10.7 to 10.14. Pick the operating system you need.

Step 2: Open the Tool

After the download, follow the basic guidelines to install the tool on your computer. Launch the tool then. Connect your phone via USB to your laptop or desktop.

how to find trash file on android

Step 3: Grant Your Phone Permissions

In the next step, you have to allow the phone access permission to the tool. It is supposed to ask permission automatically and turn on USB debugging.

But if it doesn’t, you have to turn it on manually on your phone.

For that, first, switch your phone to Developer Mode and then go to USB debugging. Just toggle the button to keep it on.

how to find trash file on android

Step 4: Choose Your File Type to Start Recovering

Whenever your phone is detected by the tool, it will drive you to the next screen. There you can select the type of file you want to restore. You can choose manually or check Select All to restore everything. Then click on Next.

how to find trash file on android

Step 5: Start Scanning

Now you have chosen the file format. The software will need to have some more permission. It will require installing the FonePaw app on your smartphone via USB. So, again go to the USB settings and all Install via USB.

how to find trash file on android

When the installation is done, the app will ask for storage access permission on your phone. Hit the Allow button.

how to find trash file on android

The program will begin the scanning process to show you the files you can restore. Keep patience. It will take little or more time, depending on the task size.

Step 6: Select the File and Recover

When the scanning is completed, you will see all the deleted files and folders you can restore. Mark them as you need.

how to find trash file on android

If you find the program has missed something, you can hit the Deep Scan to explore more. Or else, you can choose to Recover.

how to find trash file on android

After the recovery process is completed, you can manually choose to move the files to your needed folder.


How Do I Find My Deleted Apps?

If you were using an Android phone and installed the deleted app from Google Play Store, you can simply find them there. Just open the Play Store app. Click on your Profile icon. From the navigations, click on My Apps and Games and go to the Library section.

How To Delete App Data On Android Phone?

There are actually multiple ways to delete surplus data files from your phone. If you want to clear cache data of a particular app, then jump onto the Settings, then go to Apps. Click on the app you want. Go to the storage and select Clear Cache. If you want to delete all the data, images, videos related to the app, click on Clear Data.

how to find trash file on android

Why Can’t I Find the Deleted Files on Google Photos?

After the latest terms and conditions update of Google, you can access your deleted photos and videos if –

  • It is less than 60-day that you have deleted.
  • You have not deleted the files from the Trash folder.


In today’s post, we have shared all the insight into finding trash files on Android. As many users were asking how to recover deleted files on Android, we have also shared the solution.

Indeed, the FonoPaw tool is a real hero to eliminate this significant issue that many Android users face. There is no longer a need to pay a data recovery analyst anymore to restore your phone data. Keep sharing your queries with your favorite tech expert team so that we can bring them back with the solution you need. Take care.

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