How to Import Contacts Into Windows 10 Mail

Are you wondering how to import contacts into Windows 10 mail? A substantial number of users are turning to cloud-based technology. You might want to transfer your Outlook Contacts over to the Windows Live Mail profile if you are shifting from Microsoft Outlook.

We will guide you by importing your Outlook contacts to your Microsoft Windows Mail account in this article.

The People software for Microsoft Windows is used by the Mail app to retain contact details. Begin typing a user’s name or email account in a new message in Mail for Windows. Mail for Windows 10 will check the People app and show a list of options for you to select from. If the software is unable to locate the appropriate individual, you can use the Search Directory option.

Your connections are immediately saved in the People app when you connect an account to Mail for Windows 10.

Windows Mail Contact Import – Things Your Need to Now Before!

Indeed, the People app says, “Import Contacts.” Still, it actually suggests “add an account,” which allows you to load contacts from Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, and iCloud. So, the first move is to type your contact details into one of these programs. We’ll presume you want to use as your email service.

Many of the contacts from your, Gmail, or Exchange Server profile will be transferred into People when you set up Mail. If you have several Hotmail/ accounts, for example, all of your addresses will be combined and stored in People.

Adding accounts to Universal Windows is a simple process for Windows 10 users.

But before you continue transferring your data from Hotmail/, Gmail’s Contacts, Exchange Server, Office 365, and everything else, keep in mind that there are consequences as well.

These are creating Microsoft-controlled connections with external apps and within the main Win10 Universal productivity tools, Mail, People, and Calendar.

Remember, before you link a mail id to People, its effects on your other tiled applications. The following accounts, when related to Universal People, have an impact on other tiled apps:

Google ID: When using your Google account, your Gmail contacts will be imported, but not the Google+ connections.

Outlook ID: The synced connections will be imported, and your email addresses will be connected to your computer’s Windows Mail program

Other sources: While you can connect other accounts to the Windows People app (POP3 and IMAP email addresses), this does not add anything to Universal Windows People. Instead, the linked email address is simply added to the Windows Mail app.

How to Import Contacts into People’s Windows 10

Hopefully, you will be able to integrate accounts now that you have recognized the consequences. Here’s how to link all of your contacts to the Windows People app (you can also pick how many contacts to import):

Step 1

If you have a People icon on your Start page, select it to open the app. Alternatively, go to Start, scroll down to the P section, and select People.

You will notice a dialog to add an email if you have already added one email id to Mail. If so, ditch to Step 3 and hit on the Add an Account.

Step 2

Hit the Settings button located at the bottom of the first People window. The Configuration panel will appear on the desktop then.

how to import contacts into windows 10 mail

Step 3

Don’t try to add the same account If you already added an email list of accounts. It takes a long time to change current contacts. In People: You would need to mark every contact one after another to check the Contact’s details and make any necessary changes.

Universal Windows People attempts to recognize duplicate records. It will show the same people in two locations and combine the info. And that might be a conflicting situation for you.

Step 4

Now, click on the Add an Account if you wish to continue. Then the Choose an Account window will popup. Based on the types of email service you have; the list below shows which choice you can pick.

how to import contacts into windows 10 mail

Step 5

Select the sort of address you have and follow the following instructions to connect the contacts from that profile to Universal People.

Note: If you have applied so many ids to the Windows People list, there might be an issue. It will stop the Universal People app from displaying all contact lists from a particular source. Also, it will conflict while removing individual entries.

Here’s how to solve this:

Go to the People tile again and open it. From there, hit the Settings button.

Now, in the next window, select Filter Contact List. Now, you will see the options to customize your contact storage.

Check or uncheck the boxes according to your need.

how to import contacts into windows 10 mail

In this way, you can tackle the mass duplication of the contact list. As a result, when browsing your contact later, the list won’t seem confusing.


After reading this article on how to import contacts into Windows 10 mail, now you get a complete understanding of the manual account adding. We have also shared the precautions when you are adding your email address in Windows. If you want to know how to export contacts, let us know. We will share another instructional post regarding that.

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How Do I Find My Gmail Contacts?

Google’s contact location is easy to find. Open your Firebox or Chrome browser and sign in to your Gmail account. Now on the upper right corner, click on the 9-dot square icon to find Google other related services.

From the drop-down menu list, click on the Contact, and it will load a new page with your set of a contact list that has been synced previously.

Where is My Contacts List in Windows 10 Mail?

The Mail application will simultaneously scan all of your saved contact email accounts in the People app. And then, it gives you a recommended list of connections when you type your Contact’s name or email id. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Comms\Unistore\data is the location where you can locate your stored contacts.

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