how to publish ios app for testing

How To Publish iOS App For Testing [Quick & Easy Guide]

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We find so many obstacles while testing our apps and then successfully release or publish them on AppStore. Well, it is all about the hacks of the testing sessions. There are a number of phases we will come around and then we can successfully overcome the testing hurdle, 

So what they are? 

By the way, before you will run the test drive, you also make sure to accomplish a couple of steps as well. Thankfully, in this blog, we will cover the whole scenario especially on how to publish ios app for testing. Let us share the gist out of it, the first thing is to thoroughly test your app via Xcode (we will explain below). 

Afterwards, distribute in the form of beta testing then only if you can publish it for the users. In most cases, you should need to run or use it for your device only. So, let’s not wait anymore and delve into the article about iOS app testing. 

Ensure the platform where you will publish your project

The AppStore has its own tool where you can trial the test. Also, you can run it on different platforms. But whatever it would be, the very first thing soon after it, you will need to combine them via the Xcode project. By the way, there are universal app bundle available as well where you can fix it alternatively. 

The most crucial thing is to get access into and Once you are done, then you will need the following things as well: 

  1. A safe web browser
  2. Xcode
  3. Stick to the developing goal

Sign up your app bundle ID: 

This is a simple step, here you will need to bring an official entity. The heck is with it is to use a reverse domain in the name of your app, for example: yourcompanyname.yourappname. Afterwards, you will need to fill out the following blanks. 

how to publish ios app for testing

Archive your app: 

You have already created a bundle ID but to store all the whereabouts in the Xcode form, you just need to archive it. Thereby, you can include all the debugging information. To perform so, make sure you will rename the real device name on the schema toolbar menu. By the way, while using a simulator then you won’t archive it in this way. Then you will need to choose a product then create a target and then the archiving will appear on the archive manager bar (shown below)

how to publish ios app for testing

Preparation before publishing to the App Store

There are a few certain things that you can never avoid before publishing on the app store. To do so, make sure to sign in to the then once it will crawl to your account then click on the profiles. Afterwards, again click on App IDs (you will sign in under identifiers). Just in a few moments, you will need to press the top right button with a new app ID. Now finally fill out the App ID boxes. Don’t forget to fill out the information of your bundle ID as well. 

Upload Your File: 

Now the time comes up to upload your file and to do so you will need to find the organiser. Well, you can find it through Window setup and then organiser from the top bar menu alongside the XCode. Afterwards, you will need to upload the whole file on the app store by clicking on Next and wait for a moment.

how to publish ios app for testing

Publish it: 

Now we come to the final part where we need to log in to the iTunes-connect page using your app. Over there hover the TestFlight located in the top menu. Over there you will get to see the uploaded build file and now by default you can easily test your app by yourself. To do so, you will need to add the beta group build number. 

By the way, if you don’t have such one then now you will need to click on the New Group where you will a new sidebar where you can create a new beta testing group. Here you can easily invite new friends of yours by just adding their email addresses. To perform so, you will just need to click on the builds tab in the centre menu the again press the plus(+) icon to select the members. 

Now at this moment, you can start testing but to do so make sure you will put all the information accordingly. Here you are going to fill out what you can explain and those will be the explanation about how you are going to use your app. Well, so here you get to know apple wants your review and they have the right to reject your TestFlight here. 

Finally, you are going to receive an email which may take a day. In the email, you will come to know whether they have accepted the publication or reject it. 

how to publish ios app for testing


How upload iOS build to TestFlight?

In order to do so, first off you will need to log in to the official from your app and then press on the TestFligh from the menu bar. Now you will get to see the build is almost uploaded. Make sure you are going to mark the number of it and then add it to a beta group. 

How do I deploy an app on TestFlight?

Step 1: First off, glide through the testFlight tab from your application then go to the app store connect

Step 2: Choose the internal testing located in the sidebar.

Step 3: Choose the option from build to publish afterwards, press on save button

Step 4: Now you will need to add the email addresses. 

How do I distribute an IPA for testing?

First off, you will need to open up the Firebase console where you choose a few apps to distribute. Finally, you will need to drag and drop the IPA file of your app to the console and publish it. 

Is it free to publish the app on App Store?

While becoming a full-fledged developer of apple, it’s completely free. But when you will publish something on the store, then it’s not free so it will cost almost $99 before publishing an app. 2


Hopefully, you have come to know how do we let you know to publish the app from scratch. To execute it efficiently, we have narrow down every step and now the time comes up for you to glide through every step. However, if you get to know you have a leg behind understanding something which you can’t consume, then let us know as well. We will come to the comment box and disclose it rightaway.

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