how to remove surveys on android phone

How to Remove Surveys on Android Phone Securely?

One of the most common ways to gather your data is via surveys. It’s an efficient way but an extremely annoying one. Since the dawn of surveys, the annoyance didn’t diminish a bit. In fact, it got more annoying. For this, many want to know how to remove surveys on android phones.

To remove a survey, you first need to know its type. If the survey is a Call type, you can remove it using Call Blockers or third-party apps. In the case of Browser type surveys, just enable the ad blocker in your browser. And if they are the Human Verification type, then use the unorthodox method of using Lucky Patcher APK.

No matter how simple it may seem, getting rid of the annoying survey pop-ups and calls is never easy. However, taking some calculated steps can diminish their intensity a lot. There is no way to get rid of them, but there are tons to restrict them!

What is a Survey?

A survey means to look or examine carefully, collect the data with a  predetermined goal. Seeing this definition, many of you might be thinking, how come Android phones do the survey. You might think that they are just gathering data without letting you know.

Well, you are half correct. They are collecting data, but that is not the only form of survey that Android phones have. They do call surveys, verification surveys, and many more. But the most common form of survey that annoys everyone is the “Verify that you are not a Robot” type survey.

Can I Stop The Surveys?

Surveys have been annoying since the dawn of digitalization. And they got more annoying since their appearance on the online platform. It’s a given that everyone wants to stop them or at least prevent them from appearing in every search you make.

Completely getting rid of them is a challenging task. They will be there even if you prove that you are human thousands of times. But there are tons of ways to prevent and lessen their intensity. 

The way to stop them varies depending on the type of survey. So if you want to remove them, you first need to identify the type of survey you wish to remove.

Removing Call Type Surveys

One of the surveys that are most common on Android phones is the call type one. They are spam calls, and they have been annoying since the dawn of surveys. 

Unlike other types of surveys, it is possible to remove them altogether. There are multiple ways to do so. Here are some of the effective ones.

Block the Numbers Individually

This is the most tedious and also the most effective of all the possible ways. Blocking each of the survey numbers will stop the current ones and the ones in the future. The steps for using this method are as follows.

Step-01: Go to your Phone’s call log.

how to remove surveys on android phone

Step-02: Long press the number that you want to block, and a menu will pop up.

how to remove surveys on android phone

Step-03: Tap on “Block” and confirm it to block the number forever.

how to remove surveys on android phone

Take Help from Third-Party Apps

The easiest way to stop the survey calls is to use an app to do it. There are tons of third-party apps in Google Play Store that will let you do the task. You simply download them and follow their instructions. 

Here is a list of  some of the best apps:

  • Nuumara
how to remove surveys on android phone
  • Eyecon
how to remove surveys on android phone
  • Hiya
how to remove surveys on android phone
  • 180 – Caller ID & Block
how to remove surveys on android phone

Removing Browser Type Surveys

The second most Annoying type of survey is the verification survey. They mainly appear in android browsers. The way to remove them depends on the browser you are using. Here are the steps that you need to follow for some of the most commonly used browsers.

Google Chrome

Step-01: Open Chrome on the phone.

how to remove surveys on android phone

Step-02: Tap on the three dots on the top left and go to “Settings”

how to remove surveys on android phone

Step-03: Then scroll to “Site Settings.”

how to remove surveys on android phone

Step-04: Once in, there should be two options, “Pop-ups and redirects” and “Ads.” Tap on them and disable them if they were already enabled. This will block all the annoying surveys.

how to remove surveys on android phone
how to remove surveys on android phone
how to remove surveys on android phone

UC Browser

Step-01: Open the browser.

how to remove surveys on android phone

Step-02: Tap on the menu option and then the cog-like icon.

how to remove surveys on android phone
how to remove surveys on android phone

Step-03: Next, tap on “Add-ons” and then on “Ad Block.”

how to remove surveys on android phone
how to remove surveys on android phone

Step-04: Once in, you will see that the ad blocker is already enabled. You can also enable the “Powerful Ad Blocker” option.

how to remove surveys on android phone

Opera GX

Step-01: You can do this for Opera GX only after downloading the browser for the first time. So once you download the app, open it.

how to remove surveys on android phone

Step-02: The browser will ask you to do a Quick Setup. There will be an Ad Blocking option in this menu. Enable the option, and you are good to go.

how to remove surveys on android phone

Removing Download Surveys

When downloading something, there are some websites have you complete surveys before the download starts. We know they are the most annoying type of all, but they are easy to get rid of.

As these surveys are similar to the pop-up and verification types, they can be easily blocked by the browser. You just need to follow the steps that we already mentioned, and you will be all good.

Removing Human Verification Surveys

Human verification surveys are the type that no ad blockers can block. They can be bypassed easily if you are using a PC, but the task is tricky in the case of Android phones. 

To altogether bypass the verification survey in android, you will need to download unlicensed APKs. It’s recommended not to use this method. But if you are really in a bind, here are the APKs that will help you out:

  • Lucky Patcher APK
  • Human Verification App

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Surveys spam?

Surveys are there to collect data on the users. Some of them are important as they are to help make our lives better. So not all surveys are spam. But most of them are. 

To not be annoyed by them, it’s best to block them. The spam-type surveys are also harmful as they take your data and might use it for unethical work.

Is it possible to get rid of all types of Surveys?

Not all types of surveys are blockable. For instance, getting rid of or blocking browser, pop-up, and caller-type surveys is simple. 

But if the survey in question is a human verification type, then the task is tricky. The only way to remove them is to follow unorthodox and unsafe methods.

How to Skip Human Verification?

Human verification is a type of survey that is the most annoying. To remove them in android, you would have to take the help of unlicensed APKs. 

One such APK is the Lucky Patcher APK. All human verifications in your browsers and games will be blocked by it. But using such a method is highly unrecommended as it is unlicensed.

Are online Surveys legal?

Most of the surveys that are found online are legal. They are authorized and are done to help us. 

But there are some which are not approved. These types of illegal surveys are found on pirated websites. It’s better to avoid them as they are bound to steal your data and sell it to a third party.

Can Ad Blockers block online Surveys?

No matter what AdBlocker you are using, if it is even a bit decent, the ad blockers filter out the surveys that are harmful to you. But if the survey is a legal one, then it will not be blocked. In that case, you will have to change the ad blocker settings to block legal surveys.

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Final Words

Surveys are like a curse that haunts you no matter where you go. But this curse is removable. You just need to know how to remove surveys on Android phones. Once you know the way, you are free of condemnation!

But not all surveys are bad. Some of them are there to help you. Then again, some are there to steal your data. Be careful of what you do online and browse safely.

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