how to retrieve deleted video in android

How To Retrieve Deleted Video In Android? Top 5 Ways!

Regretting because you have accidentally deleted one of the most precious videos containing a lot of memories? Or maybe, because of a wave of stupid anger, you deleted the videos and now you are craving for those to get back. This situation is familiar to almost every human, trust us, we all have done this stupidity. 

In such a hopeless situation, we know you are searching for ways for how to retrieve deleted video in Android. Therefore, we brought the light of hope for you here. We gathered the top 5 ways to get your peace back so that you can leave a sigh of relief now. 

To be honest, retrieving the videos is no rocket science. You can retrieve the deleted videos even if you don’t have a computer. A simple software or even previously syncing in Google Drive can help you to get back the precious videos. Let’s stop further silly talks and get right to the point! 

Methos Of Retrieving Deleted Video In Android? 

Sometimes files such as important videos might get deleted by mistake. Although it might seem like it is quite impossible to recover the necessary videos, don’t lose hope, just yet! 

Here we have gathered and demonstrated for you a few simple techniques, just follow any one of the given steps at your convenience and it might just do the trick! 

 Method 1:  Bring Back Videos From The Recently Deleted Folder In Android

If you have deleted the videos from the gallery of your Android phone, it is going to stay in the Recently Deleted Folder for up to 30days. Hence you can rescue those very easily during that stretch. 

To get back your videos, follow as below:

  • Step-1: Start by entering the Gallery app on your Android.
how to retrieve deleted video in android
  • Step-2:  Click on “Albums”
how to retrieve deleted video in android
  • Step-3: Find the “Recently Deleted”, “Recycle Bin” or “Trash” folder and get in. Individual Android devices may have the folder in different names. 
how to retrieve deleted video in android
  • Step-4: Touch and continue to select the videos you want to get back.
  • Step-5: Click “Restore” to bring back the erased videos.
how to retrieve deleted video in android

Now work your way to the album where the videos were deleted from in the first place, you’ll find it there like nothing ever happened! End of suffering! 

Method 2:  Restore Videos From Google Photos In Android

In case you’ve previously got all your photos and videos synced up with your Google account, you’ll have a backup of everything stored and ready to view from the Google Photos app on your Android phone. 

Getting back deleted videos from Google Photos is very simple within the timeframe of 60 days from deletion, and we’ll show you just how!

  • Step-1: Open the Google Photos app on your Android.
how to retrieve deleted video in android
  • Step-2: On the bottom right, tap on the ‘Library’ option.
how to retrieve deleted video in android
  • Step-3: Next, click on ‘Bin’ and you’ll find all your erased videos there.
how to retrieve deleted video in android
  • Step- 4: Click and hold down on the videos you want to get back.
  • Step- 5: Hit on the ‘Restore’ option given below.
how to retrieve deleted video in android

There you go! You can now view all the videos in the same place where it was deleted from. 

Method 3: Restore Videos From Google Drive In Android

Things are slightly different when it comes to Google Drive, where files are automatically deleted from the trash within 30 days. So if you feel like you need to restore the videos, do it while time lasts! Here’s how:

  • Step-1: Open the Google Drive app on your Android.
how to retrieve deleted video in android
  • Step-2: Tap the “three horizontal lines” icon on the top left corner of the screen. 
  • Step-3: Next, click on ‘Bin’ and you’ll find all your erased videos there.
how to retrieve deleted video in android
  • Step- 4: Click on the “three vertical dots” icon on the corner of the video you want to recover.
how to retrieve deleted video in android
  • Step- 5: Tap on restore. And your restoration will be done within a couple of minutes! 
how to retrieve deleted video in android

Voila! You can now take a deep breath of relief and look back into the folder where the videos got deleted from, it all should be there in their previous respective locations.

Method 3: Get It All Back Using The Android Data Recovery App

Android data recovery applications always work like magic in retrieving old videos. You can use a computer or even your Android for this method. Based on whichever seems to be suitable to you, we’ll show you ways for both.

Using A Computer

Note that to do a data recovery of your videos using a computer, your Android phone must be rooted. Taking that into account, first, you need to install the Recovery Software on your computer called EaseUS MobiSaver which is a simple and easy desktop application to get back the lost videos from your Android. Let me run you through one such way. 

  • Step-1: Connect your Android device.
  • Step-2: Plug in your Android phone with your computer. 
  • Step-3: Scan your Android phone to find all the existing and erased videos.
  • Step- 4: Study all the shown videos and shift them to your computer.
  • Step-5: Choose the videos you’d like to recover and click on those.
  • Step-6: Tap on the Restore button and save the videos on your computer.
  • Step-7: Copy the videos from your computer to your Android phone.

Without A Computer 

Unfortunately, there might be times when you have no access to a computer at the very moment when you are thinking about getting back your lost videos. Well, no need to worry, there are also various other ways which can get your job done which won’t require the use of a computer to get started with. One way is doing it with an Android Data Recovery app. Down below let us guide you more deeply into this:

  • Step-1: Download the EaseUs MobiSaver app from Google Playstore
  • Step-2: Find and open the app from your Android phone
  • Step-3: Scan for the lost files in the internal memory
  • Step- 4: You’ll see the photos and videos option at the top, tap on it.
  • Step-5: Choose the videos you want to get back and tap on the recovery option to get them back.
  • Step-6: All the erased files now appear when you click on the eye symbol on the top right.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I recover permanently deleted videos from my phone?

Losing important data such as photos/videos/files is a painful phase, everyone can go through at least once or even several times in their lifetime. But no matter what the situation is, it is quite possible to get it all back, if you just put in a bit of effort.

How do I recover permanently deleted videos from my Samsung?

If you haven’t yet crossed the 30 days mark, the videos shall still live in the Recycling Bin on the Gallery app on your Samsung phone. However, if the videos are deleted from there as well, we are afraid it is quite impossible to fetch them back from your phone.

Where do deleted files go on Android? 

Deleted files on an Android phone are usually not gone from the system forever. It’s going to exist in the background of the internal storage until new files are filled, and replaced in their place. Keep in mind though, you won’t be able to trace it until you’ve tried to retrieve it. 

Are permanently deleted photos gone forever?

The answer is mostly no; Even if you have removed the deleted photos from every accessible whereabouts, there are many 3rd party software you will come across in Google Playstore that ought to do this task with the snap of a finger. 

Bottom Line 

As we discussed above, there are multiple ways in which you can get back your lost videos on your Android, some ways include the use of a computer while others can be done even without one. We have shared some of the most effective and easiest ways for you to rely on. So hopefully, the question of how to retrieve deleted video in android won’t bother you anymore! 

However, if you have a computer nearby, the Android Data Recovery app can do the work within the shortest possible time. But consider yourself blessed if you have synched the videos in Google Drive or Google Photos beforehand. It can save you a lot of time retrieving those precious memories.

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