how to text an android from a mac

How To Text An Android From A Mac? 3 Best Ways

When you own a Mac, sometimes you might feel the need to text an Android device. But texting an Android from Mac, is that possible? Well, that might sound quite a tough job to proceed with, but trust us, it is as easy as a piece of cake. 

So with a view to letting you know how to text an Android from a Mac, we have gathered the easiest techniques. You can easily text an Android device from your Mac if you already own an iPhone. But don’t be hopeless, not just yet! Even if you don’t own an iPhone, you can still text an Android by following some other methods that we will reveal elaborately. 

So let’s get in and know the ways of texting an Android from your Mac. Alongside, we will also share some solutions to the case when you can’t send messages from Mac to Android because of a few presumable issues. We hate to keep you awaited, let’s start! 

How To Text An Android From A Mac?

To get started with texting an Android device while you are using a Mac is very simple if you know the right tricks! It depends on which platform of messaging you’re willing to send the text from. 

Now we are going to elaborate on the ways you can text an Android from a Mac. You can use any solutions from the following to suit your desire. 

Method 1: Using Imessage To Text

You can make it happen directly from the default messaging app (iMessage). This is a method that will let you send the text even if you’re offline, but carrier charges might apply.

You’ll need to grab your iPhone first. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can skip this method. If you have an iPhone, just follow these actions:

  • Step- 1: Go to the settings of your iPhone. You might need to log into your Apple ID if you haven’t logged into it yet. 
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 2: Click on iMessages.
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 3: Find “Text message forwarding” and make sure your Mac is selected.
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 4: Next, open the Default Messaging app on your Mac device.
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 5: On the top middle portion, enter the recipient’s name or number.
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 6: On the lower blank field type in the text and press send.
how to text an android from a mac

Method 2: With The Help Of Android Messages For Web

Keep in mind, you’ll have to be connected to the internet and the Android you’re texting should have access to its network service. Let us now show you how to set it up.

  • Step- 1: Grab your Mac and go to the Messages for Web option. You will find a QR code there. This QR code will help you connect your Mac with your Android. 
  • Step- 2: Now it’s time to take your Android. And go to the default messaging option. 
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 3: Here you will find the “Messages for web” option. 
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 4: Now you will see the scan QR code option that you had on your Mac as well. 
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 5: Now all you have to do is to scan the QR code of your Mac from the Messages for Web option. Once you scan the QR code correctly, the two devices will be connected. Therefore you will be able to send texts from your Mac to Android. If you want, you can remove the device from your Android anytime you want. 

Method 3: Using Social Media Or Whatsapp 

You can do it using a social messaging app present in the App Store on your Mac device that you’ll need to download and make sure the person receiving your message is also using the same app. 

In this case, we will show you how it’s done via Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Here it won’t actually matter if the other person is using an Android or a Mac device, they would receive the text nonetheless.

While in this regard, from your end, having a Mac device all alone will be enough. Just follow this:

  • Step- 1: Go to the app store of your Mac device.
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 2: On the search field on the top left, search for “Facebook messenger”, if you want to use Whatsapp, search for Whatsapp.
  • Step- 3: Download the app that you searched for.
  • Step- 4: If you have installed Facebook messenger, log in using your phone number/email/username or create an account if you don’t happen to have an existing one. In the case of WhatsApp, you will find a QR code that you will need to scan using your Android WhatsApp’s “WhatsApp Web” option. 
how to text an android from a mac
  • Step- 5: In Facebook messenger, search for and add the person you want to text using their name. And if you use WhatsApp, just scan the QR code that is shown on your Mac using your Android.
  • Step- 6: Your work is done! Now type in and send the text you want them to receive using whichever medium seems to be convenient to you. 

Tip: we prefer using WhatsApp more because all you need to do is to scan the QR and the devices will be connected. Yet, you can pick Facebook messenger if that seems more useful to you. 

Why Can’t I Send Messages From Mac To Android? 

Sometimes sending messages from a Mac to an Android device can get frustrating very quickly because of the contrasting operating system held from both ends. Errors such as failures while sending a text message might occur, and there can be endless reasons for it.

Even if the problem seems to be on your Mac, the main culprit just might be the device on the other end (your iPhone).

Here we have gathered for you a few usual problems users tend to face and provided with the solutions alongside to get it all right for you, in one place. But to solve the problems, you will require an iPhone to proceed with.  

  • Probable problem 1:

You’re operating a Mac device but don’t use an iPhone.


If you’re texting from a Mac device, you have to make sure you happen to use an iPhone alongside. After that, list your mac device and enable it on your iPhone to get started with.

  • Probable problem 2:

The texting app you’re using requires internet access and you’re not connected.


Step- 1: Go to your device settings 

Step- 2: Turn ON your cellular data/wifi. 

  • Probable problem 3:

Messaging is disabled from your iPhone settings.


Step- 1: Go inside the messages options in your iPhone and 

Step- 2: Enable the options “SMS” and “MMS”

  • Probable problem 4:

Check if the receiver’s number is typed correctly. Furthermore, investigate for a potential block. It might happen that once at some point in life, you’ve blocked the person you’re texting and just forgot about it. Unblock the number and try again.


Step- 1: Go to the settings in your iPhone
Step- 2: Check the “Blocked” section and remove the number.

  • Probable problem 5:

Technology these days is a very fragile thing to deal with. The problem here might be as simple as a software glitch on your iPhone. Try restarting your iPhone every once in a while to give things a fresh start. 


For iPhones with a home button: Thumb down on the power button until the slider on the screen appears then slide it and the phone will shut off. After a few seconds, hold down the power button again for about 5 seconds and the phone will turn back on.

For iPhones without a home button: Hold down the power button and volume up/down button simultaneously for a while for the slider to pop and give it a slide to turn it off. Then press on the power button again and hold it for about 5seconds to power the phone back on.

  • Probable problem 6:

    This could be a possible network-related issue. In this case, reset your network settings to the factory settings and it might do the magic!


Step- 1: Go to the settings in your iPhone

Step- 2: Click on General
Step- 3: Look for “Reset” and tap it
Step- 4: Press “Reset Network Settings” 

  • Probable problem 7: 

Update your iPhone. Due to several technical difficulties, bloatware in the software might appear to be the reason for you to face mysterious problems. A software update to the latest version might be necessary to fix this.


Step- 1: Go to the settings in your iPhone
Step- 2: Click on General
Step- 3: Next click on “Software update”
Step- 4: Download and install it 

  • Probable problem 8:

If you’ve got everything from the above right, it might be an issue with the sim card/carrier you’re using,


Contact your carrier, explain to them what your issue is or have a visit with them in person for a better explanation.

How To Text An Iphone From A Mac?

Unlike the Android operating system, you will notice a lot of restrictions locking you out from doing things as simple as texting, in the Mac and iOS world. Well, while a lot of that is partially true, it is not the end of the world.  

For instance, you have to text someone, e.g, a friend of yours, your mom, a co-worker, or even could be a close person to you who might not happen to possess a Mac device. But that shouldn’t be a reason to be not able to text them. Here is a walkaround of how you should text from your Mac to a person carrying only an iPhone.

  • Step- 1:  Sign in to your Mac using your Apple id.
  • Step- 2:  Open the pre-installed messaging app on your Mac (iMessage).
  • Step- 3:  On the top middle part, choose the contact you want to send the text to.
  • Step- 4:  Next, On the lower blank field, type the text and press send.

While all these steps are necessary to be taken care of on your part, you have to make sure the person you are texting is also signed up on their iPhone using their Apple ID to receive your texts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I text non-Apple users from Mac?

If you are intending to send a text from a Mac device to a user from a different operating system, we are afraid it won’t be possible to do so by the default messaging app. But you will come across apps in the app store that will serve you the purpose.

Can I send MMS to android from my Mac? 

In the way the Apple ecosystem works, you won’t be able to send an MMS from a Mac device to a non-apple user on the go. However, it is possible the very way you’ll be required to install secondary software from the App Store to send a regular text (SMS). 

Why won’t my texts come through on my Mac?

If you can’t seem to find the reason why your texts aren’t appearing on your mac, don’t panic. Make sure your Mac and iPhone are signed in iCloud using one Apple id and on the settings of your iPhone, enable text forwarding. This will allow your texts to sync up throughout your Mac devices.

Bottom Line 

A Mac cannot send messages to non-iPhones or Androids on its own. You need to take the help of messages for web settings or other methods like we mentioned earlier. Yet we shared a couple of ways on how to text an Android from a Mac. Probably, by following our given solutions, you have been able to connect your devices to text from Mac. 

If you still find problems in texting, we have also shared some ways to solve the interruption. Maybe your system needs some fixation that you can easily do if you follow our given solutions. However, we assume that your problem has been solved by now. So enjoy texting from your Mac to Android whenever you want from now on!

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