What is Android Mediaserver: Definition & How It Works?

People find amazing usability from an Android phone since it lets you access the world of entertainment. Tons of apps out there, so we can satisfy our thirst while consuming big data. 

In short, we can call it media-oriented data that generates from media servers. If we delve more into this then we should come to know what is android mediaserver and how it works? 

No worries, the article will tell you about so, in addition, we will bring some close-up, for example, the definition and the way you can configure. Without any further ado, jumpstart from below: 

Definition of What is Media Server Android?

What is Android Mediaserver

Android is nothing but a successful operating system for mobile phones just like Windows is for PC. The only reason it is getting more popular is due to its media server or you can say for its media-oriented applications. 

If we talk about it specifically, then a media server works like a filter which fetches all the media like-audio-visual files of your mobile phone. Finally, it shows up within specific apps, where you can consume them. 

Since it works as a server to bring such media files so we often say it as “Media Server” It makes our stuff easier than before so we won’t need to go to the SD card or internal storage and sort out every audio-video file. Instead of that, the server scans itself and organizes them for us. 

Some Important Hacks Of Media Server You Should Know

Media Server is never stopping applications derived directly from the Android OS. So let it be clear that it is not a third-party app which you can uninstall easily. That being said, the functions of Media Server are pretty unavoidable. Let’s figure out how it works below: 

  • Media server reads all the places of SD card and Internal memory
  • Afterwards, it represents the Android system followed by category
  • Media server constantly drain the battery to some extent no matter you keep the phone idle
What is Android Mediaserver
  • In order to see how much battery is draining you can go to the battery settings
  • You can not stream any video or audio without Media Server on Android


What is Android Mediaserver


What is Android Mediaserver

Some Benefits of Using Media Server:

We’ve taken some closer shots about what is exactly Media server. Finally, we get to know how it works and the key benefits of having a media server. But the benefits are even more overwhelming from our inceptions or thoughts. 

What they are and how we can get more benefits out of this? Well, from one media server to another and from one update to another, the features of it are developing and becoming more popular. So users are getting more spaces while using. 

If we take some key benefits of a media server, then we find them below: 

1. Organizing tool:

The first and foremost heck is with the organizing ability of it. Before using it, you will be drowning in the middle of tons of audio-visual files, but with the help of it, you can easily find  your favorite media files.

To perform so, more or less every server works as a search bar, where you can filter out the essential stuff. Furthermore, you can find your recent media files, which you have already consumed for the last few days, You can sort out the downloaded files, you can customize them (for example, merge files and kick out the junks), and many more. These are all about organizing your all data so when you need to bring and feed then you can do it at great ease. 

2. Connectivity Tool:

We can use audio or video files with or without a media server. But did we ever experience while connecting a third-party device along with the USB or OTG cable? Well, here the media server comes and wins because without it the files are neither findable or playable. Turns out, it powers up the USB device and allows us to play any sort of files. 

What is Android Mediaserver

3. Multi-tasking:

Yes, media servers offer multi-tasking, first off it fetches all types of data and then categorizes them. Afterwards, whatsoever you want to do with the listening or watching, it serves all the way. 


What is media server on my Android phone?

Media server is an application where you may share your all audio, video, photos and media content. Furthermore, it sometimes support to stream online videos and TV as well. 

How do I turn my phone into a media server?

You can easily do it after exploring the media server settings. Over there, you will need to go to the “Advertise as player and Network discovery” then turn on the Advertise as server, immediately it will turn on. 

Final Words:

The Android media server is now developing to feed it’s users more data with the extended features. In this article, we have tried to figure out what is media server Android for that you will come to know the definition and benefits. If you think we left something uncovered here, then make sure you will comment below then we will come back to you once again. 

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