Where Is Data Saver On Android? How To Find It?

If you depend on mobile data for your daily internet needs, it becomes troublesome to keep yourself controlled while using the data. Android devices have this awesome feature to restrict data usage after a certain period to save you from using excessive mobile data. Therefore it limits data usage and saves you from spending much money on mobile data. 

Now the question is, where is data saver on Android? If you cannot find it, we can assure you that today’s article will help you in this regard. Today, we will show you exactly where you can find the data saver in your Android device and how you can make the best use of it. 

Eventually, we will elaborately explain what exactly the Android data saver does along with some important pieces of information that will help you to know more about this function. Let’s hop right into it.

Where Is Data Saver On Android? 

Mobile data can turn out to be costly to some users. It is not always possible to remember to turn off the mobile data after using it when you are in a hurry. Thus, your costly mobile data might get wasted without you even noticing. This is why data saver mode is highly recommended for Android users to prevent wasting mobile data.

How to Turn on Data Saver on Android?

To turn on the data saver mode on your Android phone, the steps you need to follow are listed down below:

  • Go to the settings option in your Android phone to look for and to turn on the data saving option in your Android phone. You can find it in the “connections” options
Where Is Data Saver On Android
  • Check out the mobile network settings and in there, look for the option called “data usage”.
Where Is Data Saver On Android
  • Now in the “data usage” option, down below you will find the option named “data saver”. 
Where Is Data Saver On Android

Tip: You can also search for it in the setting’s search option if you are unable to find it. To search, simply type “data saver” in the search bar and the device will show you the data saver option. It will save you a lot of time.

Where Is Data Saver On Android
  • In the data saver option, you can turn the data saver on or off as you please. The icon of the data saver will be shown in the status bar of your Android phone when you turn the data saver mode on, where WiFi and mobile data icons are also indicated. You will get a notification on your phone if you turn on your data-saving mode. After turning it on, the device will reduce the wastage of mobile data on your phone.
Where Is Data Saver On Android

Data saver is an amazing feature in Android phones to prevent the waste of mobile data. It decreases the unwanted usage of mobile data on your Android phone and many more. We often find it hard to save up mobile data when it gets wasted on background usage. 

What Does Data Saver Do On Android?

The data saver mode allows your Android to avoid background wastage of mobile data, which allows your handset to prevent the mobile data from getting wasted. Oftentimes, unnecessary background apps use your mobile data when you don’t need those apps. Data saver restricts those apps from using mobile data even if you are connected to the internet.

Now, a question might arise in your mind: how would I get the important notifications when the data saver mode restricts the background usage of mobile data? The answer is, you can always select the apps that you would allow to use background mobile data even when the data saver mode is on. 

Simply go to the “unrestricted data access” or “allowed to use data while Data saver is on” option on the data saver mode’s settings of your Android handset and select the apps that you would allow to use background mobile data. And for the rest of the apps, you will need to open those to get the notifications and other updates. 

Where Is Data Saver On Android

You might be wondering, how would the data saver mode work if I share my mobile data with someone by using the mobile hotspot? In this case, the data saver will automatically turn off when you turn on the mobile hotspot. To use the data saver mode again, you have to turn it on again after connecting your phone to the other phone via hotspot. 

Just like that, you will need to turn the data saver on again as it will turn automatically off when you disconnect your Android phone from the hotspot. The data saver mode will still work for your Android phone if you use the mobile hotspot option and let another phone use your mobile data. 

How to Enable Data Saver Mode on your Galaxy Phone?

While you have a limited data plan on your smartphone, the data saver feature on Android will help you to save your data. This feature saves your mobile data by preventing some data-hungry applications from syncing your data in the background.

Luckily, The Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone comes with a built-in data saver that effectively helps the users to reduce data consumption. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone on your hand, follow the steps below to learn how to enable data saver mode on your phone.

  • Go to the “Settings” app.
Where Is Data Saver On Android
  • Tap on “Connections” from the options.
  • Find “Data usage,” then tap on it.
Where Is Data Saver On Android
  • Now tap on the data saver option.
Where Is Data Saver On Android
  • Then, toggle the “Turn on now” button to enable it.
Where Is Data Saver On Android

How to disable Data Saver mode on Android?

Android has introduced us to many new features that help us in our daily lives. The data saver mode is one of those features. Though it reduces the data consumption on our phone, you can disable it. If you want to disable data saver mode on your Android, follow the instructions below–

  • Launch the “Settings” app.
  • Find the “Network and Internet” option and tap on it.
Where Is Data Saver On Android
  • Now, tap on the “Data saver” option.
Where Is Data Saver On Android
  • Toggle the “Use data saver” button to disable it.
Where Is Data Saver On Android
  • Done. Now data save mode should be disabled on your phone.
Where Is Data Saver On Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I turn off data saver?

Turning the Data saver mode is very easy. Just go to the Data saver option of your android and click the turning on or off button. Just clicking it once will turn the Data saver from on to off. 

Does data saver affect WiFi?

No, it doesn’t. Data saver only restricts the apps from using mobile data. While you are on WiFi, your phone’s data saver won’t affect it.

What is data saver mode?

Data saver mode is a feature of Android that helps you save your mobile data by restricting background apps from using the data without your consent. Data saver causes unnecessary updates while you are using mobile data. Also, you get to choose which apps you would like to use via your mobile data.

How much data does data saver save?

Your mobile data saver can save up to 60% of unnecessary data usage. It’s a total win-win situation and you can save a lot of data using data saver. 

Does data saver drain battery?

As data saver limits mobile data usage, it can increase your battery life. So using the data saver won’t drain the battery, instead, it will help you to use your mobile for a little longer than usual.

Does data saver use more battery?

No, it doesn’t. Turning the data saver on will help you save the battery percentage because it restrains many apps from using background data without your consent. So you will get a better battery life if you turn the data saver on.

Wrapping Up 

Although mobile data has a lot of advantages, it becomes so costly if you need to constantly rely on it. The charges often go beyond our capability and it feels like a burden when all the costs add up. On top of that, if your Android phone’s background apps use the data unnecessarily, that would be the least appreciative fact that you would expect.

However, to save you from this misery, the data saver feature works like a blessing. As you will have the power over your hands to select which apps will have the access to your mobile data, it becomes very easy to save extra spendings. So if you have followed our discovery, by now you have the answer of where is data saver on Android. Now all you have to do this use this magic wand in times of need and make the best use out of it.

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