Which of the following type of network is not available firewall in Windows 10 Completely

Unavailable Types of Network in Windows Firewall in Windows 10

On where you focus mostly or which things keep you tensed while working on the computer? In one sentence, users mostly fear getting affected by spyware, malware, and so on. Luckily, Microsoft invented the latest Windows 10 released an updated version of windows firewall. This latest firewall version comes with three types of networks: domain or workplace network, private or discoverable networks, and public or non-discoverable networks. In the following article, we will let you know which of the following type of network is not available firewall in windows 10.

What is the Windows Firewall?

Microsoft Windows included windows firewall is basically an application that is used to filtering information coming to your system from the internet. This application also blocks programs that are potentially dangerous. Users have the option to mention the allowed programs list. After allowing, those programs can easily communicate through the Windows firewall. When you are using the public network, the Windows Firewall keeps the system secure by blocking all potential harmful attempts to connect to your system. 

Functions of Firewall

Most organizations are seen heavily depending on the computer to perform tasks efficiently. But the growing network security-related issue becomes a headache for the organization. To address those network security-related issues or challenges, Windows Firewall offers the following amenities. 

  • Lessen the network security related threats: Windows Defender Firewall provides an extra layer to the defense-in-depth model and lessens the possible attack surface of a device. Thus your device’s manageability will increase, simultaneously decrease the possible successful attack. 
  • Act as a safeguard of your sensitive data and intellectual property:  By integrating with IPsec, Windows Defender Firewall helps keep the end-to-end network communications protected. With the help of Windows Firewall, you can gain scalable, tiered access to trusted network resources. Moreover, it helps to preserve the confidentiality of data and enforce the integrity of the data. 
  • Elevate the existing investment’s value: Basically, a Windows Defender Firewall is a built-in function of the operating system, and no additional software or hardware doesn’t required for this. Moreover, it is designed as a complement of existing non-Microsoft network security solutions with the help of a documented API (application programming interface).

Different Types of Network in Windows

For the first time, you have to select a network location after automatically getting connected to a network. That automatic connection will set the correct firewall and security settings, depending on the network you are connected to. Interestingly, when you choose the network in different locations (such as, at home, at work, or shop), it indicates an appropriate security level will always be set on your computer. As you may know, there are four different types of network locations, and here we discuss all those. 

  • Home Network: This network will be appropriate for the home network or when the connected peoples or devices from the network are trusted. The computers from the home network can be included in a homegroup. 

Definitely, you or others from the network want to see the existing connected computers and devices on the network; that observation can easily be done through the network discovery. If you wish to get additional information on network discovery, you may navigate to “What is network discovery?”.

  • Work Network: You may find this network is appropriate for small offices or other workplace networks. If anyone from the network seems to know the existing connected devices, he/she can easily do that through network discovery. This network won’t let you create or join a homepage. For additional information, navigate to “What is network discovery?”.
  • Public Network: When you are at a public place such as coffee shops or the airport, you can use the public network there. This network location aims to make your computer visible to all nearby computers. Moreover, this network location works to keep your computer protected from all types of internet-based malicious software. 

Here lie no HomeGroup and network discovery shows turned off status. This network location option is appropriate when you aren’t using a router for the internet; instead, get connected directly. Also, it is considered appropriate when you have a mobile broadband connection.

  • Domain Network: This is another network location type appropriate for domain networks, for instance, for the computer that lies at enterprise workplaces. The network administrator will help control this type of network location and have no option to select or change it.

What type of networks lies in the Windows firewall?

After turning on the Windows Defender Firewall, you can access advanced settings to find the following network types. 

  • Domain (workplace) networks
  • Private (discoverable) networks
  • Public (non-discoverable) networks
which of the following type of network is not available in windows firewall in windows 10

The Network which isn’t present in Windows 10

Typically, Microsoft authority hasn’t changed any crucial things in the latest Windows 10. Things remain unchanged since Vista and pretty much the same. In Windows 10, the mechanism will block inbound connections to programs until getting permission. Nevertheless, the outbound connection will be blocked unless they comply with the rule. You will have the option to choose a network type from a Public and Private network profile for the firewall. 

which of the following type of network is not available in windows firewall in windows 10


Hopefully, your query on which of the following types of network is not available in windows firewall in windows 10 will clear through this article. However, if anything remains vague still, you can ask that through the comment box.

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Is Windows firewall and AntiVirus?

Microsoft provided Windows firewall is known as Windows defender which is a decent virus and malware protection. Luckily, this inbuilt Windows firewall is enough for most of the users, but it will be better to keep a paid antivirus to defend outside threats and ensure complete safety. 

Where do I find my firewall on Windows 10?

The following steps will help you to check for Windows 10 Firewall:

  1. At first, right-click the Windows icon and a menu will be visible afterward.
  2. Now, from the menu, select the Control Panel menu and then select System and Security.
  3. At the final step, select Windows Firewall.

What type of software is a firewall?

As a cybersecurity type tool, a Windows firewall is used to filter traffic on a network. Moreover, it is used to detached network nodes from external and internal traffic sources or even specific programs. 

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