Why Are My Videos Blurry When I Send Them?

Sharing a video via smartphone is now easier than ever. Everyone loves to share their special moments with their family and friends. But have you ever faced this situation where you have a perfectly fine video on your phone that becomes blurry after you send it to someone? Well, it turns out you are not the only one who experienced it. It’s a common problem faced by thousands of smartphone users. 

Why does it happen? There are several reasons behind this unwanted incident. Most of the time it happens due to a lack of sync between two different OS. Also when you send a video as MMS, the cell phone carrier often compresses it to make the transfer process quicker. This eventually causes the video to lose its clarity. In this article, we will discuss how you can solve this problem without having much technical knowledge. Without further ado, let’s start it. 

Reasons Behind Videos Dropping Quality

1. Compression

Why Are My Videos Blurry When I Send Them

videos with high resolution are comparatively larger in size. Sending a large video file will take a while. Also, Some carrier providers limit the size of the media file you can send through MMS. therefore the system compresses the video whenever you submit it for sending. This compression reduces the video size so it remains within the size limit and transfers quickly. The side effect of this feature is that the video quality drops unexpectedly, thus the receiver gets a blurry and low-quality video. The same thing happens with large image files. 

2. Different OS

When you send or receive a video from an iPhone to another iPhone via iMessage, you’ll notice that the videos are almost fine and clear. It’s because when you send video from iPhone to iPhone using iMessage, it uses the internet for transport. This allows the system to keep the video as close as the original one. But when you send the video from an iPhone to another OS, i.e. Android, the video transfers through the MMS network and gets compressed. This is why videos are blurry when sent from iPhone to a different OS.

How To Send Video While Keeping The Quality Intact

The actual solution for this problem is to use another media to transfer files other than iMessage or MMS. The best way to do this is with apps that are already installed on your device. Let’s talk about this.

Social media apps

you must have some social media or Messenger apps installed on your device other than iMessage. You can send your video through those apps to save your video from losing its video quality. Here are some messenger apps that allow you to do so: 


Why Are My Videos Blurry When I Send Them

WhatsApp is among the most popular free messenger applications used worldwide. If your device has WhatsApp installed, you can send the video as a document to another person which will prevent it from being compressed. Although on WhatsApp there is a limitation on the file size you can send as documents, it’s 100MB. So, if the video you wish to send to someone is less than 100MB in size, you can use WhatsApp. 


Why Are My Videos Blurry When I Send Them

Telegram is another free open-source messenger which is now quite popular worldwide. You can send any kind of file and text via Telegram. Telegram also has a size limit for the file you can send, but it is 1.5GB- much higher than WhatsApp. Therefore it is convenient to use Telegram to send videos or any other large files that are within 1.5 GB. Telegram doesn’t downgrade any image or file you send through this. 

3.Cloud Storage

Why Are My Videos Blurry When I Send Them

Another way to send a video to a person is to upload the video on cloud storage and then send the sharing link to that person. You can use any cloud storage like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, etc. Uploading files in the cloud keeps the video quality as the original one. Also, you can send the same file to multiple people without reuploading it every time because you can share the same link with everyone. Uploading the file to the cloud also keeps the video saved forever. But if it’s not what you want, you can simply delete it once the other person downloaded the file. 


Why Are My Videos Blurry When I Send Them

If you are the person who still finds it comfortable using email, the traditional way of communication, you can now use it for this purpose too. All you have to do is write an email to this person by attaching the video file with it. When you attach the video file, make sure you are not checking the box of Compress Video (if it appears), so that the video remains at its best resolution. 

Received a Blurred Video?

Well, if you received a blurred video from someone, you can ask them to send it again using the methods we discussed above. However, if it’s not possible, you can make an attempt to fix the video. There is an online tool called RepairIt by Wondershare. You can use this app from your browser to fix the video. 

Alternatively, you can take help from an AI like AVC Video Enhancer to get your video fixed. It is available for both windows and apple devices and is a quite nice app for upscaling videos.

Final Words

It is absolutely disgusting when you share a video of your favorite moment with someone and the other person receives a video that is barely watchable. But now that you have read the article, you know the reason behind it. We have also discussed the process of how to send the video with perfect resolution and quality. We hope this little guide was helpful enough to give you an insight into it all. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below. 

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