How to Cast to VIZIO TV from Android Easily

If you want to cast your TV from your smartphone, a screen mirroring app is a must. VIZIO is undoubtedly one of that best kind. But many of you might not know the setup process and wondering how to cast to VIZIO TV from Android.

Screen mirroring has been around for a few ages on Samsung smartphones and Android in general if you have the required tools attached to your TV.

Display mirroring or screencasting is something just as it looks like; it translates the TV into a secondary display of your Android smartphone.

how to cast to vizio tv from android

And that kind of functionality helps people see what’s on the display of their Android phones on a far larger screen. Well, if you’d like to check out The YouTube video, some Netflix episode, or a Hulu movie on the VIZIO TV on your Android phone, that’s the road to go.

So, here we’re going to share with you the process of screencasting through VIZIO. Welcome you to a new era widescreen entertainment experience.

What’s the VIZIO?

Through the VIZIO SmartCast app, you can navigate your whole viewing experience on your smartphone. Browse and find films, Tv programs, songs, live streaming, and more through several applications at once.

There are tons of options like power on/off, play/pause video, change display settings, and perhaps more.

VIZIO SmartCast App puts everything together with the latest content from different platforms in one convenient interface.

how to cast to vizio tv from android

You can create a new list of the best applications. Also, you can use a full keyboard to insert text on your Televisions screen from your mobile. There is also space for changing the screen resolution, choosing input, calibrating the image, and more.

Why Can’t I Cast to My VIZIO Smart TV?

There is a fair possibility that your VIZIO TV doesn’t even have widescreen mirroring if it is not labelled as a “Smart TV.” With streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, specific VIZIO versions have selective screencasting, so you might not get the display mirroring opportunity in that case.

how to cast to vizio tv from android

If you know your TV allows monitor mirroring, but it isn’t running, you’ll need to diagnose the issue. The next step is to see if mirroring is feasible with the Television, after which you’ll need to see if it’s viable with the smartphone. Try the following steps to resolve the issue.

  • Make doubly sure your SmartCast Gadget is paired to a single channel.
  • Ensure the app from which you’re casting is updated.
  • Consider rebooting all devices unless the app still can’t mirror. To perform that, switch off the SmartCast Screen or Sound System, and then turn on the control unit.
  • Disconnect the router’s cord for 10 seconds, and plug it back in. Pause 1-2 minutes for your router to pop back. When this is all completed, begin cast the app once more.
  • The SmartCast Monitor, wireless connectivity, and control system are all functional if another program is mirroring. It’s most likely a problem with the application at this stage. For more assistance, email the application’s developer regarding the issue.
  • Attempt to cast from a separate unit. It could be a concern with the control system if other devices will cast to the SmartCast Monitor. For more details, contact your device’s manufacturer.

How to Connect Android Phone to VIZIO TV?

If you have a smart TV and the VIZIO app, you can easily connect both devices to start screen mirroring. Follow the given guidelines.

Be sure that your Television and smartphone/tablet or mobile will be on the one Wi-Fi connection.

  • Install the VIZIO SmartCast Smartphone Application from the Google Play Store, or install it from the iOS App Store if you have an Apple phone.
how to cast to vizio tv from android
  • If you have installed the app on your smartphone, you can sign up or skip the step if you have an account already.
  • Then hit the toolbar on the upper left of the phone and pick the new device you want to configure.
  • Afterward, you are supposed to see the Greeting window with a set of available devices. Click on your TV name and click the Start button.
  • After choosing your TV that you would like to connect with, you may need to validate the contact. When you pair it with a TV, it will show a four-digit code on the screen. Please type the code in.
how to cast to vizio tv from android
  • If your system does not support Bluetooth, the application will let you communicate through the Home network.
  • Once you access the Wi-Fi, the program asks you to type your Display Name and lock it.

That’s all. Well, you can now explore the app and enjoy your favorite videos on your TV.

How to Cast to VIZIO TV from Laptop?

The quickest way of connecting your laptop wirelessly to VIZIO TV is Chromecast:

  • Connect Chromecast to your Television
how to cast to vizio tv from android
  • Ensure that your VIZIO Smart TV and laptop get on the identical Wi-Fi connection.
how to cast to vizio tv from android
  • Launch the Chrome web browser on the computer.
  • And on the upper right side, choose the 3 dots icon.
  • Turn Casting on
  • Choose Cast to your Cast Desktop name.
  • Tap on your VIZIO TV


Screencasting enables you to watch everything you’re seeing on the smartphone. The watching experience becomes magnified and improved on your TV. Fortunately, it fits almost every smart TV model and most Android devices, even with the inclusion of a Chromecast or some other unit.

This post has tried to share solutions on how to cast to VIZIO Tv from Android smartphones. We believe you are now able to cast your videos on your VIZIO TV with ease. If you have any issues using the techniques outlined above, please let us know in the comments down to try to help you again.

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What VIZIO Models Have Smartcast?

All the VIZIO Smart TVs manufactured after the year 2018 have casting features. You can also find the experience on Tunerless Home Theaters that has been launched after 2016.

Why Is My VIZIO TV Stuck on Smartcast Is Starting Up?

If your VIZIO TV is stuck while starting up, there is a possible chance that you have an unstable internet connection. There could be some other reasons behind the problem: your TV, the memory is insufficient.

How Do I Know If My VIZIO TV Has Smartcast?

On your TV screen, a popup flag should appear. If you have the SmartCast Television, the label “SmartCast” will display in the banner beside the Google Cast icon.

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