What Is Clipboardsaveservice Android? Is it Safe? How To Disable?

The Clipboardsaveservice is preloaded in Samsung devices known as Clipboard UI service or Clipboard User Interference service. It varies from device to device, but its objective is the same. Now you can ask What is a clipboard service? What is clipboardsaveservice com.samsung.clipboardsaveservice android?

The Clipboardsaveservice is an application that accommodates the system by saving information such as – text, images, or links on the clipboard. The unique package identifier of ClipboardSaveService.apk file is com.samsung.clipboardsaveservice. It can also function on laptops and computers. This many-sided tool makes the task of copy-paste a lot easier. In laptops and computers, it can be activated with Ctrl+C and Cmd+C.

In maximum androids, the clipboard service is found pre-loaded so that the device can perform the task efficiently without the need for another application.

How do you save something to your clipboard and use Clipboardsaveservice?

Only through a long press on the desired word or image can you find the option named copy. Then tap on the word “Copy.”

Then you need to paste it using the “paste” option immediately on the app or desired place because the copied part won’t stay on your clipboard for an extended period. The copied portion will be deleted instantly when you copy another thing.

What Is Clipboardsaveservice

Differently, after long-pressing the image or text, you can tap on the “share” option instead of pressing “copy.”You need to find the Copy to Clipboard option (swipe left).

What Is Clipboardsaveservice

Nowadays, many androids can copy multiple items at a time. You can check that!

Another option named “Clip Tray” illustrates everything saved at your clipboard, but it varies from version to version.

What Is Clipboardsaveservice

What Permissions Are Required To Run Clipboardsaveservice?

Usually, the Clipboardsaveservice doesn’t require any type of permission. But you can locate the permission options from the app settings.

In the case of Samsung, the ClipboardUIService app needs only phone permission. This helps the app modify data and phone states.

You can also check permissions through the following steps:

  1. First, go to the Setting option
  2. From the settings, find Apps
  3. Then press Show System App
  4. After that, tap ClipboardUIservice
  5. Lastly, press Permissions
What Is Clipboardsaveservice

Is Clipboardsaveservice A Safe Application Or A Bug?

Many of you can easily get confused by thinking, What is a clipboard service? Is it a bug or virus?

Undoubtedly, it is a safe application. It is not any malware, virus, or bug that slows downs your device and hampers the regular activity. If you have any doubt related to it, you can check by yourself using any malware scanner.

But you can face problems like some pop-ups now and then, which is pretty standard. It has no relation to viruses or bugs.

If you remove the files from your clipboard from time to time, you can easily handle the problems caused by it. It doesn’t take extra space. So it is not bloatware either.

Does Clipboardsaveservice Consume Too Much Battery?

Clipboardsaveservice app doesn’t consume much charge from the battery. So it doesn’t cause any battery draining issues. Even this application uses a minimal charge when working with it though the amount is negligible.

Clipboardsaveservice is usually preinstalled on your devices. So it’s normal for it not to drain the battery too much.

If you face this problem, you can quickly delete the previously copied items from the clipboard lists.

What Is Clipboardsaveservice

You can find the clipboard option beside the paste option usually. You just need to delete the selected files found from this clipboard option.

How To Disable Clipboardsaveservice?

To disable Clipboardsaveservice, you need to use a Package Disabler Application. There is no other option to disable it.

To disable the application using package disabling application, you need to follow the steps:

  1. Download the Disabler application
  2. Install it
  3. Search for Clipboardsaveservice in the search bar of the disabler application
  4. Choose the Clipboardsaveservice app carefully
  5. Tap on the disable button afterward
  6. Verify your final decision of disabling the app by pressing the “Yes” or “No” button

The steps are applied to Samsung androids. This application (Package Disabler) is used to forcefully disable applications that can’t be disabled by simply pressing a button.

Using the Service Disabler app is highly recommended, but you can also use the BK Disabler app to disable Clipboardsaveservice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Clipboardsaveservice be uninstalled?

Yes, you can uninstall this application. However, it is not recommended because uninstalling preinstalled applications can lead the device to severe issues.

If you want to uninstall the app, there won’t be any link between the copied and pasted item. Apps like Clipboard manager are a must to download to avoid this scenario. You have to use the System App Remover or the Android Debug Bridge software to uninstall this application. Before uninstalling Clipboardsaveservice, you need to download a third-party clipboard app to avoid problems related to copy-paste.

Is the Clipboard Accessible via Settings?

Unfortunately, you can not easily access Clipboardsaveservice through the settings of the phone. It differs at a significant scale depending on the device model and configuration.

What is the actual location of Clipboardsaveservice?

After you tap on the “Copy” option, the saved text or image on the clipboard is directly stored in the device’s RAM. In androids or any other devices, the saved data is not directly accessible. That’s how to save clipboard.

Samsung provides the best type of Clipboardsaveservice among androids. In Samsung devices (androids), the saved data of the clipboard history can be found in a file format in the Clipboard or data directory. But, this file is also not accessible without using any manager application. To get access to the saved data, rooting is a must for any android.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, it can be said that Clipboardsaveservice is a safe application with helpful features. It has become easy to transfer the exact information you need to transfer accurately just for this app.

Sometimes this application can stop working. But this is not a permanent problem. It can be solved easily by clearing the app cache. You can disable even uninstall this app using proper applications. But the uninstall and disabling process are not easy like other applications.

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