How to Create Apple ID on Android

Whenever iPhone or iPad users switch their device to Android, they ask how to create Apple id on Android. Many users don’t even know if there is a possibility to do that. And why would they actually? We all know the extreme security measures of Apple devices.

Well, fortunately, there is still scope for that. You can integrate your iCloud account to your Android device now. Not only that, you can use your Apple id in smart tv, and streaming devices as well.

If you have access to the web, you can always create an Apple ID from your Android smartphone or tablet. This article will share all the methods to do that and some necessary insights on using Apple ID on Android phones.

How to Create iCloud Account on Android?

When using an Android phone or tablet, you have to create an iCloud or Apple ID via a web browser app. Follow the below steps:

Creating Your Apple ID on Android Phone

Open any browser application on your Android phone.

 Now, go to the sign page to create an Apple id.

 On that page, find the Create Your Apple ID button and click on that.

how to create apple id on android

Type your first and last name. Also, choose your country from the dropdown menu. In the third section, set your birthdate.

how to create apple id on android

Then type the mail you want to associate and also enter a unique password. Apple would ask you to submit the following personal data before creating your ID.

how to create apple id on android

Type the primary mail that you will use. Make sure to have complete access to this since you might get a verification mail. And the authorization passcode is essential to complete the account creation process. Note that it will be counted as your iCloud id.

While putting in the password, make sure to type something stronger so that no one can easily get access to it.

You would also need to type your phone number. Choose the country code where your sim is associated with. And then, pick the verification method from the phone call and text messaging. Make sure your phone is reachable or turned on.

how to create apple id on android

Afterward, you have to pick 3 authorization questions.   Remember, you can always find new questions without the first 3.

At last, type the captcha correctly and finalize your Apple ID. You can also select or deselect to subscribe to Apple mail.

In the next phase, a popup window will appear, asking for the verification code delivered to your provided email address. Go to your mail and copy the code, then paste it here. And click on Continue.

how to create apple id on android

Congrats! You have just created your Apple id from the Android web browser successfully. However, the task is not finished yet.

Setting Up Your Apple ID

The next phase is all about setting up your iCloud or Apple id. When the sign-up is finished, you might be redirected to the sign-in page, or you might log in automatically. If it is not logged in, just type the email and password in the preferred boxes and press enter. The next page is going to be your Apple ID home page.

Just like Google accounts, you can add the supporting services to your Apple ID.    

how to create apple id on android

Here, you should keep one thing in mind. As the account is not logged in to any Apple device, you might not be able to use the rest of the Apple services. Yes, unfortunately, it is the scene.

Thus, you can’t use those services. Instead, you can choose to change any information. Go to the Account Settings for the purpose. You can also choose to deactivate your account whenever you want from there.

Apple ID Login on Android Phone or Tablet

You have learned how to create an iCloud account. Now we will discuss how to add the ID to your Android devices.

Unlock your smartphone. Go to the phone Settings then.

Scroll down and find Accounts. Click on it.

Then click on the Add account option on the screen.

how to create apple id on android

From the list of account options, pick the Personal (IMAP) account. 

how to create apple id on android

Now, you have to type the iCloud account mail that you just have created. Hit on the Next.

You may need to enter the particular password that you created earlier. Type it and then again hit on the Next.

how to create apple id on android

That’s all, actually! So far now, your Apple account is supposed to be connected to your Android phone. To enter the Apple inbox, open the Gmail app and choose the account.


A few years ago, Apple itself didn’t allow its users to access their Apple account from other OS-operated devices. But they realized that cross-platform accessibility is always necessary for a better user experience.

We have shared the easiest method regarding creating an iCloud id in your smartphone. Hopefully, you have got the answer to your appearing question, “how to create Apple ID on Android.” The above post also described how to log in to your Apple id from your Android phone setting.

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Can You Create an Apple ID Without an Apple Device?

Yes, you can create an iCloud or Apple id without the apple devices. You won’t need a credit card number, neither will you require an iTunes account. You can do this by using the web browser on your device, going to this address.

But keep in mind that Apple only allows you to create an account. You can use the associated services of Apple, however.

Why can’t I create an Apple ID?

You might be seeing an error or alert notification that states it couldn’t create Apple ID. Well, the situation indicates that you have crossed the Apple ID limit on your device.

Apple has a tough policy regarding Apple ID creation. You can create a certain number of IDs per year in an Apple device. Either you have to change your phone or make a factory reset of the iPhone or iPad you are using. You can also contact the Apple help center to resolve the issue.

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