How To Enable VR Mode In Android [3 Easy Step]

People nowadays are giving more attention to virtual reality. New tech-add ons are coming up next to satiate more. A VR tool is a trendy one, easy to set up and easy to drown into a new world. 

Ironically, if it is about your little Android phone which you may tweak a little bit and let it go for VR mode, then it would be Wow-feeling to many of us. 

But the heck is- how to enable VR mode in android? Since it is new stuff so more or less we might face some issues or a few things we need to know to get started with it. No worries, after reading between the lines of this article, you will come to know all the processes.

The key methods explained on enabling the VR Mode

There are some steps onwards when you want to enable the VR modes. We get to see some people don’t even know which basic requirements or the kind of configuration a phone should meet to run the process. Starting from this point to the final point, we will discuss each of them from below: 

1. Know the basic requirements of an Android Phone before enabling VR Mode: 

Vr is the latest trend and technology, indeed. So you may surmise, it won’t fit every other Android handset. Turns out, you must find whether your phone is suitable to run it or not. 

Thankfully, we get to find maximum Android phones nowadays capable of running this new stuff smoothly. 

Another key point one should know, there is no specific configuration available to run VR on a phone. Pretty sure, more or less every handset may take the system to execute, however not every phone can deliver the same quality.

The Ram or Processor of your phone does not matter a lot. The only thing matters are the pixel resolution and video rendering support. Here is why the more resolution means the more augmented reality you can experience. 

Therefore, we recommend you to have a phone which will support 4k video, these are the best Android phones to enable VR mode.

How To Enable VR Mode In Android

2. Adjust the VR headset for a comfortable experience

Once you roll on the VR headset using a phone, you just need to wear it and tweak the lens distance between the headset and your eyes. So you will comfortably enjoy the view. 

To perform so, you will need to find the wheel option. By toggling it ups and down find your comfort zone. By the way, the gear which you may toggle will be located on the front of the headset. 

Here the burning question would be: How do you know the adjustment is right or not? Well, it is that easy, all you need to see the screen appear clear to you without blurriness. You may headstart with a test run for it and find it out. 

3. Download the essential Viewing VR Content

The hardware part has come to an end, you got the right VR headset and adjust it accordingly. But without the software part like essential apps, you won’t make it a run. 

No matter what VR headset you are using, you just need to download some of the following apps on your Android phone: 

Google Cardboard App: 

You may probably guess that the app would be findable into the Google PlayStore, yes it is that easy! The app name is Google Cardboard which is an app with amazing integration process allow you to directly connect to the VR world. 

How To Enable VR Mode In Android

By the way, this app will come with the following features: 

  • Demo version of VR
  • Get to watch your own movies
  • Easy to create a VR clip
  • Travel across the artificial augmented World
  • Find more amazing apps to integrate more


Aside from the Cardboard app, you will need to have the VR version of Youtube. If you love youtube a lot and want to experience the VR mode then this app would be mindboggling. Because using the VR mode of youtube, you will experience the 360 video streaming in all directions. 

VR Games: 

Watching videos of VR mode is a breeze but playing games would be more fun. So if you want to enjoy the mode of VR games then get your hands on WEARVR stores, where you will find tons of VR version games. 

By the way, don’t forget to keep the Google Play since without it, your default VR version none of these come to playable. 

Important tips while you are using VR for Android phone: 

When you are going to experience the VR on your Android phone, you must know the following things: 

Pay heed to Battery-Life: VR is another add-ons and it runs from a detachable battery. So, if the battery comes to finish then it won’t run anyway, here is why keep monitoring the battery and recharge it every now or then. 

Take a frequent break while using: VR is somewhat the most sensitive device and it is susceptible to get damaged when you overuse it. You can enjoy a half an hour video then keep it unplugged for another journey. The hours of using may cause internal damage or the device will lose it’s expected life journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is mobile VR as responsive as the tethered VR? 

We assume it no. Because mobile VR hardware is not as satisfactory as the devices come for tethered one. The technology comes for PC is more robust than the android platform. 

What is the use of VR mode? 

The elaboration of VR mode is Video Recording Mode which offers a feature to experience the augmented reality. Normally, this technology was only applicable for the computer, but now on it is available for the Phone mode as well. 

Is it possible to run a VR headset from Mobile? 

Yes, it is viable though there would be some limitation. That being said, you may not get the right resolution from a phone which an updated PC may offer to you, but still possible. 

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Wrapping Up: 

VR mode on a smartphone is easy and fast while you think to set it up but for pc, it gives you hard time. Here we show you up some of the easiest steps to do so. Keep in mind that, even though you tweak the right apps into the VR but forget about adjusting the headset to your body, then you may not get the finest experience. 

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