How To Fix Blurry Videos Sent From Iphone To Android

How To Fix Blurry Videos Sent From Iphone To Android

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It is common in a friends group that not all will have Android or iPhone. For this reason, whenever an image or video is shared from iPhone to Android, the quality deteriorates. In such cases, knowing how to fix blurry videos sent from iPhone to android can come in handy.

Android doesn’t have the iMessage feature. Therefore, whenever a video or image is sent from iPhone to Android, it goes via SMS. To skip this and fix the quality, you can use other mediums or send the iCloud link to your friends. Some 3rd mediums can also help. Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Twitter can save your content quality.

Sending any content from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone reduces the quality. But with some tips and tricks, you can fix the blurriness. Sometimes you will need to change the medium of sharing, and sometimes with some apps, you can improve the quality. Choose the one that will be most convenient for you.

How To Fix Blurry Videos Sent From Iphone To Android

Why Do Videos Send From iPhone To Android Blurry?

Whenever videos go from one phone to another through the internet or MMS, they get compressed. Whenever any iPhone user sends videos from one iPhone to another, it gets packed as well. But the level of compression is not that high.

The iPhone users choose iMessage as a medium of communication. iMessage runs on an internet connection. Therefore when a video is sent from iMessage to iMessage, the compression is of ignorant amount too.

Therefore the iPhone user doesn’t find the received video blurry. But when the receiving platform is different, like Windows Phone or Android, the data compression is heavy. Thus, the quality of the video gets degraded. The same video from the same sender looks great on an iPhone but gets blurry on Android.

iPhone and Android have two different types of software. Android is configured to be used by all sectors of people. For this reason, Android compresses video more than iPhone does.

Sending High-Quality Videos From iPhone To Android

To send high-quality videos from iPhone to Android, you might need to change the communication medium. iPhone users are comfortable in using iMessage to share videos and images. But Android doesn’t have access to iMessage.

Here are some other ways you can use to share high-quality videos from iPhone to Android.

Using Email

Most email services have a maximum of 25 MB capacity of attachment. It is pretty higher than MMS. Therefore when you send a video through Gmail, there is a higher probability of having better quality than MMS. This statement applies to all kinds of attachments.

In Gmail, oversized videos are automatically uploaded to your drive before sharing. This is to make sure that when an Android user receives the video, it has the quality they want.

How To Fix Blurry Videos Sent From Iphone To Android

Cloud-Based Services

There are different cloud-based services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Along with medium-sized files, they are capable of holding large files. You get around 15 GB in your Google Drive without any cost if you have a Gmail account. It has an option for paid extensions too.

Through Google Drive, an iPhone user will upload the video. By changing the settings, you will be able to share the link. Or, with your email address, you can add anyone as an editor.

By this, the video will not be compressed at all. You will get the same quality of the video that your sender has sent. And there will be no blurry videos!

In Dropbox, you can do the same. But it will be a bit more complicated than using Google Drive.

How To Fix Blurry Videos Sent From Iphone To Android

Messaging Apps

As Android users do not have access to iMessage, it is better to use some common platform. Several internet-based messaging apps are available like Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. All these platforms are common in iPhone and Android.

Therefore if you are sending videos through these apps, there is a lesser chance that your video will be compressed. Most of these messaging platforms allow you to send videos of the same quality.

But some of these apps also have some data restrictions. In that case, make sure which platform to use depending on the type of video you’re sending. These apps have data restrictions that can be enabled and disabled. Make sure to disable it before downloading anything that your contact sent to you.

How To Fix Blurry Videos Sent From Iphone To Android

Removing Data Restrictions

Android devices have a data saver option. In most cases, the data saver option is enabled by default in your phone. This can also cause compression of the media file size when received.

You can easily remove the restriction by following some simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Setting on your Android phone.

Step 2: Click on the setting of “ Network and connectivity.”

Step 3: Go for “Data usage.”

Step 4: Remove any kind of data restriction.

In Android mobile, there can be two types of data restrictions.

  1. Restriction for all apps.
  2. Restrictions on specific apps.

Make sure all of these restrictions are disabled before starting sharing videos from iPhone to Android.

How To Fix Blurry Videos Sent From Iphone To Android

Using Wi-Fi

While using Internet-based apps to send videos from iPhone to Android, it is wise to use Wi-Fi or any unlimited data. In this case, if your device has any restriction for data in cellular networks, it will be disabled automatically. This way, you can receive the highest resolution possible.

Some Androids have the settings to download the best configuration change while under Wi-Fi.

How To Fix Received Blurry Videos On Android

When a video is already received in a blurry resolution, you must fix it through editing. To watch it with a good resolution, you will need to use some external apps. You can find different paid and free apps available on app stores.

If the video you are working with is just for entertainment purposes, you can always use free apps like Fotor, Glim, Paint, Photoshop express, Pixel, etc. In these editing apps, you will need to upload the videos and then edit them. You will also have to change the resolution frame by frame. After editing the video, you can get a good resolution.

However, in some cases, the video condition is so bad that editing can’t recover it. So, it is always better to take precautions before sending videos from iPhone to Android.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are my videos blurry when I send them?

Different phones have different standards for sending and receiving videos. Depending on the configuration of your Android Android phone, the video quality can be compressed.

Your videos are probably getting blurry after sending them because of your device configuration. To resolve the issue, look if you have any data restriction enabled in your phone or not.

How to fix blurry videos sent to me?

While fixing the videos sent to you, you can always take the help of video editing apps. There are several online and offline base editing apps.

The quality of the edited video will depend on your editing skills. If the editing is online-based, it is wise to do it under Wi-Fi. This allows you to use various tools.

How to send a high-quality video?

To send a high-quality video, make sure the video itself has a good resolution. If you want to send a self-recorded video, ensure a stable camera with a good megapixel rating and sound pitch.

When you are sending videos, adjust the data preferences of your Android device. That will maintain the video resolution.

Why are my videos blurry?

There can be various reasons that your videos are blurry. It might be because while sending videos from iOS to Android, you choose iMessage.

Even if the primary source of the video is good, iMessage has a setting that can further compress it. This will definitely manipulate the quality and result in a blurry resolution.

Why do videos look blurry on iMessage?

While sending messages on iMessage, you will sometimes find that your videos are still getting blurry after you send them. This happens in the case of group messages.

If any of the recipients in the group is an Android user, the video will be sent as an SMS to all of them. As a result, the video quality will deteriorate, and you will find a blurry video on your iMessage.

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Final Words

While sending videos from iPhone to Android, remember that Android uses MMS and iPhone uses iMessage via the Internet. This ultimately leads to the deterioration of video quality and configuration. It is always better to use a third-party app or cloud storage to ensure better quality in sharing.

With a few extra steps, both the video receiver and sender will have relief. If these videos are for any professional purposes, these precautions regarding how to fix video quality from iPhone to Android will be worth it.

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