How to Increase Download Speed in Android?

Are you looking answer to how to increase download speed in Android? Find out the solution on this page.

Download and install speed refer to precisely how many megabits (Mbps) every second consume your server to obtain data to your phone. Data, videos, photos, and text are almost all types of downloads. Any apps you work with on your phones, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, all need you to get data.

It is essential to keep in mind that the number of machines and net users you have in the home can bear on your download performances.

Many factors can cause a slow download pace. Figuring out the underlying issue to your sluggish connectivity can often be challenging. Even though it might be an easy repair like checking out your net speed or rebooting your device, a couple of remedies are more complicated.

how to increase download speed in android

How to Increase Net Speed on Android?

Assuming that your family consumption is medium to high, implying you have more than three or four devices operating now. So, you might require to boost your speeds to rise above 25 Mbps.

Depending on the Internet Connection Speed Report by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the download rates of at minimum 25 Mbps are taken into consideration excellent transfer speeds.

So, it is not always a problem with your phone or other devices. It can be your broadband connection is not sufficient. Find out if it has a speed issue or not. If there everything is fine, follow the below steps.

1.  Restart Your Android Smartphone

Most issues can be resolved with a simple restart than you would expect. Give it a try before heading any further.

Press and hold your smartphone power button for a second and choose to restart from the options.

how to increase download speed in android

2.  Enabling And Disabling Airplane Mode

Switching Airplane Mode on or off will even refresh your smartphone’s internet access, similar to rebooting your device. Airplane mode disconnects cellular data and Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Switch it on and off and afterward turn it back on again and see if the network turns out better.

Swipe down the notification bar and, from the settings list, find out the Airplane Mode. Tap on it twice after a quick break.

how to increase download speed in android

3.  Reset the Network Settings

When you reset your network preferences, your device’s connection setups are wiped, enabling your device to begin with a clean slate. Then, depending on your needs, you need to choose between 4G and 3G. However, be expected to re-enter the previous Wi-Fi password and other stored stuff. The reset would delete everything.

Depending on the Android device you got, you might need to factory reset the network settings. These will be the steps for setting up a Google Pixel 2.

Go to your phone Settings list and pick System.

how to increase download speed in android

Just go to the “Advanced” panel.

how to increase download speed in android

Choose the Reset suggestions. (It could be referred to as Reset network settings.)

how to increase download speed in android

Click on the “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.”

how to increase download speed in android

At the edge of the panel, click Reset settings, and after that, touch to Confirm.

4.  Inactivate Apps Consuming Most Data

To significantly accelerate your connection, you can avoid applications from running and draining your mobile internet, battery, or other energy.

Choose Apps & Notifications from your Settings menu.

how to increase download speed in android

Discover all of the apps you have on your phone. Then click on any app you want to control background activities. Click on the Force Stop to stop these to catch an internet connection. But now tap on the Background Restriction.

how to increase download speed in android

Now you will need to confirm the restriction. Do this process in case of any unnecessary apps that run in the background.

how to increase download speed in android

5.  Shift Between Browsers

Try out a few multiple browsers to see how good they fit on your phone. Chrome, Opera Mini, and Safari are just a small portion of the internet explorer world. Many are also significantly lighter and quicker than most.

6.  Update Your Android System

To get the best speeds, upgrade your handset OS to the latest version, either you’re using Android or iOS. Since developers often release patches to fix bugs in previous releases, an upgraded OS is often safer.

7.  Create A Backup of Your Data and Factory Reset It

Since nothing else in the post has succeeded, try it as the last move. Back up your device to the cloud — iOS and android provide cloud-based storage options. Then go back to the factory settings on your phone. You’ll be free to recover all of your files from your backups after that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is Android Data So Slow?

There are many explanations why the device’s internet is poor, which is why it’s such a popular concern. These are some possible explanations.

Unnecessary Apps: If you have so many applications or tabs open, your connectivity will significantly slow down. Even the quickest cell data may 4G could be weak because of this.

Inefficient Internet: on weak cell coverage, it would be difficult to connect to the mobile network. There are also others on the same network who may be using the bandwidth.

Cache Storage: Any of the pages you regularly visit are now cached by your browser. When you have this full cache, your device can encounter lowered connection speed.

Network Settings: The internet configuration on your mobile may be the culprit. If the parameters on your smartphone are messed up, your connection can be completely cut off.

How Can I Increase My WIFI Speed?

If you face low WIFI speed while using a proper speedy connection, you can do the below tricks to enhance the performance.

  • Place your router in the ideal location.
  • It should be kept far from electronic items.
  • Keep away the router from wireless signals.
  • Place your device in a can of beer.
  • Secure the access by using a password.
  • Boot up the router daily.
  • Adjust the channel.
  • Purchase a signal booster.

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It could be really irritating when your internet connection gets leggy while watching your favorite shows or movie. Or maybe you are playing PUBG on your Android phone. For gamers, it is a real nightmare. The low pace of net connection can ruin your exciting competitive match where a single frame drop can make a huge impact. That is why you need to know how to increase download speed in Android. We have shared all the primary solutions that you might need to boost up the speed.

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