How To Get The Porsche In Pixel Car Racer iOS [2 Min Easy Guide]

Many of us want to enjoy the old days of racing games. In iOS devices, you are not going to find the Porsche car without jailbreak. Because, in the new update, due to the copyright issue the car is no longer available in the game. However, many people want to get back this car.

Therefore, here in this article, we will tell you about how to get the porsche in pixel car racer ios. If you will follow our tutorial then you will find a way to do this, so lets get started.

Step By Step Process Of How To Get The Porsche In Pixel Car Racer Ios

Follow all the step by step guidelines below, hopefully, in the end, you will get the car.

Step 1: Use a third-party app Cydia

Since there is a copyright issue with the old Porsche car in the game as they want to see it here, so you can not run it to a verified phone. Hence customization is a must and due to this reason, we opt for using Cydia.

If you find any better platform then feel free to choose yours. But we find it performs great for jailbreaking system and allows you to process the apps fast and smooth as it takes a few minutes to complete the process.

How To Get The Porsche In Pixel Car Racer iOS

Step 2: Respring your device

Now you need to respring your device that being said, you are going to terminate the springBoard. So the SpringBoard will immediately relaunch to your phone after a while. Turns out, you will be done on the way to jailbreaking system. 

How To Get The Porsche In Pixel Car Racer iOS

Step 3: Look for the car

As you have already finished the jailbreaking, so now you will look for the car from the app store. To do so, simply navigate the search bar and there write down “Pixel Car Racer” When you find it then press the long-press key until it appears to you.

Step 4: Choose the downgrade

Immediately after the previous step, you will see a pop up will come to the screen thereby, choose the downgrade. This downgrade process will allow your iOS system to run the car.

Step 5: End of the task

Now, you come up to the finish line, here you will need the old version of Porsche and then let the game download. As it required purchasing so go to the dealership and buy it then run it.

Final Words:

Jailbreaking is the only way out in order to fix such an issue. If you are so much desperate to play with this car, then there is no way to escape without jailbreaking the device. If you ever come to know any other process, then let us know. So we will tell others not to jailbreak their device as it is the only choice but not a good one.

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