How To Install Carbridge iOS 13?

Being an Apple user, you must’ve always wanted an integrated environment while driving your car. Carbridge is an application for you to have the best experience on your dashboard screen with no limitations. But how to install Carbridge iOS 13?

Jailbreaking is no longer required for the latest iOS versions. But in some older cases, you might need to jailbreak your Apple device. Otherwise, just search for Carbridge from the appropriate website and download it. Run it for installation, and there you are. You can also have Carbridge on Cydia or Sileo.

To know how to install Carbridge first, you need some basic info. The methods are easily broken down for you in the form of step-by-step. Follow them and find the most exciting experience on your dashboard screen that’s even better than CarPlay!

What Is Carbridge App?

how to install carbridge ios 13

When you are using an Apple device, the limitation of the CarPlay app selection might bother you a bit. There you are, Carbridge is the savior of yours!

Carbridge is an application that allows you to connect with your CarPlay device. With this app, you will be able to have any app on your Apple device load onto the touchscreen head unit which is Apple CarPlay supported.

Carbridge offers you to open two apps at the same time – one on your iOS device and other on your car. This app actually works like a bridge between your iOS device and your car.

how to install carbridge ios 13

It lets you have any app on your car dashboard that you wish you could have on your iOS. Actually, you can feel like using your car like you are using an iOS device. And with the latest updates, you don’t even need to jailbreak your Apple device anymore to have Carbridge onboard.

Things To Consider Before Installing Carbridge

Before you proceed with the installation of Carbridge, first, you need to check the compatibility of your device. And for this, you have to go to your settings.

Now scroll down. Select about. And eventually, you will be able to see the iOS details about your iPhone. If you have anything under iOS 11, it might need jailbreaking.

You also have to consider a few things before starting the installation process. Some settings need to be checked.

Firstly, ensure that you don’t have your device on the power-saving mode. Again you need to change the settings so that the Safari browser allows you to download and install this kind of custom app. You can get that done by disabling the option “block all cookies” in the safari app.

Another one is to open Settings on your iPhone. Now go to general. And then, in the general setting options, scroll down a bit. Click on “Background App Refresh” and ensure that its’ on.

The last thing you can check on is the Automatic Downloads option available in App Settings. It’s a default one that still needs to be checked.

How To Install Carbridge Ios 13 Without Jailbreak

Since you can’t find Carbridge on App Store, you need to know the solution for this. You need the knowledge of where you can find the app safely.

Some websites might ask you to jailbreak. But – is suggested for you as this website will let you install Carbridge on your Apple device without any jailbreaking.

Go through the following steps to know how to install Carbridge without jailbreak:

Step 1: Open any browser.

Step 2: Type in

how to install carbridge ios 13

Step 3: Tap on the download icon.

Step 4: Proceed with the installation process on your Apple device.

And there you are. You got Carbridge onboard!

The last thing that Carbridge may require you to do is install another one or two apps. Basically, that’s for promotional purposes from Carbridge to get support for the project. But be assured that you won’t be asked to buy anything. You might have to sign up in the apps which Carbridge has asked for.

And that’s it! Now connect your device with your car either through a cable or Bluetooth. You are all set to use your iOS device on your car dashboard.

How To Download Carbridge With Cydia

As previously discussed, Carbridge is not available on the App Store. Hence some older versions of iOS might require you to jailbreak before installing Carbridge. However, another option is available for Apple users to have Carbridge onboard through Cydia.

You may download and install Carbridge through TweakMo software. TweakMo is basically a non-jailbreak feature. This provides operations for such applications which require your iPhone as jailbroken. Even TweakMo also allows you to run Cydia without jailbreaking.

Read the below-mentioned steps to get Carbridge through Cydia:

Step 1: Firstly, start Cydia.

Step 2: Now, you need to install some apps in Cydia, namely Applist, Fliza, and Rocketbootstrap.

Step 3: Then, you will find a source tab. Select “Preferenceloader” for proceeding.

Step 4: Lastly, you need to install the file naming leftyfl1p.deb through Filza.

That’s all for how to install Carbridge on Cydia. Now you have Carbridge installed. This app will certainly give you a better experience along with CarPlay.

how to install carbridge ios 13

Install Carbridge With Sileo

There is another option available for you to have Carbridge on your iPhone. You can get Carbridge through Sileo as well. The steps are:

Step 1: LaunchSileo first.

Step 2: Click on Sources.

Step 3: Select “+”

how to install carbridge ios 13

Step 4: Now input “https//”

Step 5: Now select “I accept the risks” and “Continue” respectively.

Step 6: It’s search time. Click on Search in Sileo.

Step 7: Type in CarBridge and hit the search button.

Step 8: Now click on Install/Get.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install carbridge on iOS 13.5?

Installing Carbridge is no longer a big deal. With the updated versions, you don’t need to jailbreak your Apple Device to get your desired app – Carbridge.

There are a couple of options for you to get Carbridge on your iOS. You need to know the proper website to download and install Carbridge on your iOS 13.5.

How to install carbridge on iOS 14?

Getting Carbridge on iOS 14 has been easier with the recent updates. Now you no longer need your iPhone jailbroken to get Carbridge on it.

Download the app from an appropriate website since it’s unavailable in the App Store and install it accordingly. Hence you can use Cydia or Sileo to get Carbridge onboard.

Can I install carbridge without jailbreak?

With the advancement of updates, jailbreaking is unnecessary for most iOS versions anymore. So the answer is: Yes, you can! You don’t need to jailbreak your Apple device and lose your device guarantees any further.

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Final Words

CarPlay limits your applications options, but Carbridge doesn’t have any limitations. Fortunately, jailbreaking is no longer needed for this. So, to enjoy your car drive to some more extent and get a better experience with the CarPlay feature, Carbridge is best for you as an Apple user. And for that, you need to know how to install Carbridge iOS 13.

Hopefully, the options mentioned above are sufficient for you to know how to download the Carbridge app. That’s all the information you need to learn how to use Carbridge without jailbreak and the installation process. Follow them accordingly and enjoy your dashboard as your Apple device with no limitations!

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