How to Install iOS in Android Easily

Do you want to know how to install iOS in Android? Then reading this article can deliver you the solution you are looking for.

As Android smartphone or tablet users, we miss many powerful features of iOS devices. Well, indeed, it is not possible to get Apple’s extremely premium device to experience that. But there are some ways you can turn your Android device into iOS.

More specifically, you can give your Android phone’s interface an iOS outlook. Let’s read until the last line to learn more about the process.

How to Install iOS in Android

How to Install iOS In Android without Root?

Downloading an iOS launcher is the most uncomplicated strategy to obtain an iOS interface on your Android devices. We’ve installed a few and checked them out. Some iOS launchers actually failed, and others crop the icons inappropriately to match.

Below is a compilation of the best iOS launchers that most realistically simulate the iOS interface. We believe you’ll find these helpful in getting an accurate iOS impression on your Android smartphone. Let’s get moving and hop straight in!

1.  Phone 12 Launcher

If you want to get the latest iPhone X user interface on your smartphone, then the Phone launcher can be a good solution. The good thing is that you don’t have to. Simply install the Phone Launcher on any Android smartphone. It will be turned into an iPhone X and iPhone XS-like interfaces in seconds. Your Android operating system will be updated to iOS.

Phone launcher has numerous exclusive functionalities, such as Smart Search. There will be an iOS-style control center and even a similar related performance. However, you’ll need less storage and resource capacity, improving battery life.

How to Install iOS in Android

On top of that, you’ll have access to a spoof Control Center and a range of iOS applications on your Android smartphone. Really, on your Android smartphone, it’s like getting the latest iPhone!

2.  Launcher iOS 14

The iOS 14 launcher creates a new benchmark for the Android smartphone operating system. It improves the performance of your phone. And now, it lets you a world of countless opportunities for your handset launcher. With Launcher iOS 14, your mobile becomes the most efficient, personalized, and sophisticated smartphone it has ever been.

Notification Center displays a summary of your messages, enabling you to scroll through and explore what you’ve ignored. You can view the updates from the Notification Center.

How to Install iOS in Android

Also, you can look for almost anything in your handset or internet from the Spotlight Search option. There is a powerful lock screen showing time, calendar, or any object you can see in the original iOS 14.

3.  OS14 Launcher

To stay in touch with the latest iOS 14, download this launcher app. Unlike the earlier iOS 13, this version has a built-in app library. The widget style is also similar to the base 14 OS. You can also customize the app icon, list it as your comfort.

How to Install iOS in Android

How to Install iOS ROM on Android?

If you want to install a build custom iOS ROM on your Android smartphone, it will require you to root your device. Follow the below steps –

Step 1: Installing TWRP on Android without PC

The iOS ROM installation process requires a TWRP recovery module. You need to download and the Flashify application from Google Play Store first.

Then launch the app. From the available options, click on the Recovery Image.

How to Install iOS in Android

It will open a popup window on your screen. Click on the Download TWRP. As a result, the TWRP will start to download on your phone.

How to Install iOS in Android

Step 2: Downloading The iOS ROM

Download the iOS ROM from here and save it in the internal storage of your phone.

Download Link

Step 3: Installing iOS ROM

To install the iOS ROM, we will need to boot our smartphone in TWRP recovery mode. First, turn off your smartphone.

Then press and hold power and the volume key. It will drive the phone into the boot menu. You will see the TWRP screen there.

From there, select the Wipe. Swap the slider button to delete all the installed apps. Now go to the main screen again.

How to Install iOS in Android

From the home screen, go to the Backup option. It is required to back up the existing Android operating system. Check all the options there and slide again to start the operation. Depending on your phone and the storage size, it might take up to 15 minutes to complete the backup.

Now, it is time to go directly for the iOS ROM installation. So, go to the home screen again. Select the Install option from there. Find the iOS ROM zip file that we have stored earlier.

Click on it and move the slider to start the installation process. It might take up 20-minute max to complete the entire installation process.

When the operation is finished, you will find a section called Wipe Cache/Dalvik. Just like before, select it and toggle the slider to erase the cache.

How to Install iOS in Android

Whenever the cleaning process is completed, hit on the Reboot System. As this is the first time of iOS integration, it might take a while to complete the booting system. However, when done, set your new iOS account just like any iPhone or the iPad setup.


Can You Run Apple OS on Android?

Using iOS on Android devices is not officially approved. If you just want to taste an Apple smartphone’s user interface, it is better to install some sorts of iOS launchers. Check out the above to find the best iOS launchers for Android.

Or else, you can install the apple operating system on your Android device. Still, you need to root your device, which might end up with a void warranty. We, though, don’t encourage you to do that. Still, if you want to check out the above section to learn how to install iOS with the Android system’s TWRP tool.

How Do I Transfer from Android to iPhone?

Several apps support transferring files or contents from Android to iPhone devices. You can use the Move To iOS app as an example.

You can also use desktop software to achieve a faster file transfer experience. Try PanFone for this purpose.


The instruction shared above on how to install iOS in Android is actually a bit complicated but effective. You just need to be patient and carefully follow the whole process, especially the root process.

Most of our readers didn’t find any issue regarding the rooting. You can try just the mentioned iOS launcher apps to experience a genuine iOS glance in your Android on the flip side.

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