How to Mute One App on iPhone: 6 Must-try Steps!

Constant push notifications not only drain your iPhone battery faster but reduces your work productivity as well. Here is where muting the apps come into play! But, if you silence all alerts, you may miss out on important notifications. So, it is better to silence one app. But how to mute one app on iPhone?

From the app’s desktop or mobile version, it is possible to customize the notifications and mute them for a preferred time slot. Also, it is possible to snooze the alerts from the notification center.

Now you may ask, “Which app to mute and why?” To know that, dive into the next segments. For your convenience, I will include both PC and phone methods of snoozing alerts. 

How to Mute One App on iPhone: Step-by-Step Process

Before you go on muting any random app, note down which app sends continuous notifications. Also, review which app lets you mute through several settings. Considering these factors, I’d recommend muting the Slack OSX app. And here are the steps to do so:  

Step 1: Open Desktop 

You can mute Slack channels and chat on your iPhone from Windows and MacOS computers. All you need to do is go to the macOS web browser and log in to Slack OSX with the account linked to the iPhone. 

If you are on Windows, go to Chrome and log in to Slack web. Or open the Slack app right away.

Step 2: Select Drop–the Down Menu

Now, select a channel or search for the channel name from the top of the Slack screen. If you want to silence a chat, look for the name of the chat. 

Then, click on the bell icon at the top of the window. This way, it will bring a drop-down menu. And a popup might appear that says, “Get Notifications for All Messages.”

Step 3: Customize Notifications 

The drop-down menu will allow you to silence Slack notifications in different forms. For example, if you want the app to notify for mentions only and not chats, select the @mention option. 

How to Mute One App on iPhone
How to Mute One App on iPhone

However, for no notifications from Slack, click on Off. And once you select the Mute option for the channel or chat, it will block all notifications.

But note that the Mute option does show a red badge icon for channels that mention you. After customizing the notifications, select the X from the popup to exit. 

Step 4: Use Mobile to Mute Chat and Channel 

From your iPhone, go to Slack and open a channel or chat. Then, select a specific channel or chat name you want to mute from the top of the app screen. 

Tap the Notifications menu followed by the Mute option. If you want to receive mentions notifications only, tap the Just @mentions option.  In case you want no notification and badge icon to pop up, select “Nothing.” 

Step 5: Mute Slack only on iPhone

This step will silence Slack on your iPhone, but you will get notifications on your computer. So, open Slack on your phone and choose the “You” option located at the bottom of the home screen of the app.

Tap the Notifications menu followed by the On Mobile section. Select the “Notify Me About” section and checkmark “Nothing” to mute all messages. To receive mentions, tap the Mentions and Keywords instead.

Step 6: Pause Notifications 

It is possible to mute Slack notifications once you pause them manually or automatically. For that, you need to enable the DND or Do not Disturb mode. 

How to Mute One App on iPhone

From your desktop version of Slack, go to your profile icon and hover the mouse icon over the Pause Notifications option. To manually mute, click on the custom option and set the time frame.

If you select Until Tomorrow, you will receive no notifications until your working hour tomorrow. 

How to Mute One App on iPhone

And if you click on the Automatically Disable option, it will block the notifications after you finish your working hours. You will only receive texts during office hours. Here are the basics of the DND mode:

Why Should You Mute Slack OSX on iPhone?

According to a study, more than 50% of app users feel annoyed by notification alters. So, it is better to mute these notifications. And not all apps provide you with several customization options for push notifications.

But Slack OSX app for macOS and iPhone has numerous options to mute different in-app alerts. 

As Slack OSX is a work tool for small and large businesses, it has different sections that send multi types of work notifications. Also, it features a to-do list so that you and your team can manage the project conversation and alters. 

So, each day it is usual for you to receive more than a hundred notifications, including the ones, from the Head Quarter channel. So, it gets annoying, especially if you are on break.

But guess what? Its specific muting or DND mode allows you to never miss out on crucial alerts without push notifications popping all the time. 

Moreover, this type of customization is not possible in all apps as they block all important alerts once you mute them. Such mute options increase productivity too because you will not pick up the phone unless there is an important mention.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Can You Unmute Any App on Your iPhone At Any Time?

You can unmute the muted apps at any given time. If you have muted from the notification center, access it to unmute the app. Also, from the app, you can turn off the silence mode. From the desktop site, it is possible to turn on the notifications.

Can iPhone DND Mode Mute Any App?

Yes, it is possible to mute app notifications once you turn on iPhone Do Not Disturb mode. It has the option to add specific apps or contacts in the DND mode to turn off their push notifications.

Can You Temporarily Mute One App on Your iPhone?

If you turn on the “Do Not Disturb” from the “Focus Mode” on your iPhone, it will let you temporarily block any contact or app. You just need to customize the DND mode as per your preferences from “Settings.”

How to Temporarily Mute an App on iPhone?

To temporarily mute an app, you can long–press its notification from the notification center. Then, once you swipe left, it will show you options to silence the app. If you choose one hour, the app will not send any alert for that time.


I tried my level best to teach you how to mute one app on iPhone so that you do not snooze all the important apps. Also, silencing the apps that do not offer several notification preferences is of no use. Because you can miss essential updates.

Therefore, I’d recommend muting the Slack app from a desktop or iPhone. And the best part is you can set notification alerts for the desktop while turning them off on the phone. To mute Slack, avoid the “Nothing” option. Because it will not show you work–related urgent mentions.