How To Get Black Emoji On Android Easily

Emoji helps you to express emotions. They are with whimsical forms and in different colors also. Black and white text presentation can make your text more attractive. Now, there are skin tone based emojis also. Suppose you want to use your skin-colored based emojis in your conversation to feel more you, then you can also do that on your Android device.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to get black emoji on android and ways to use colored emojis. All you need is to read the article and follow the instructions. Let’s start then. 

What is Black Emoji on Android?

Black emojis are a unique type of emoji available for Android. These emojis look completely different from the regular colour emojis. Someone who doesn’t like the default emojis on Android can potentially express their emotion using these Black emojis. But the colour emojis are comparatively mostly used to express love, affection, and good feelings, whereas black emojis are used to express sadness, sorrow or a form of dark humour.

Mostly on Android, emojis are categorized in different colours and shapes to make them easy to use. Black emojis are not enabled on Android by default. But if you want to change the default emojis, you can manually switch the default colour emojis to black emojis on Android.

Are there Black Emojis on Android?

When sending a message to someone black or African, it’s better to use black emojis. You might be wondering how to get black emojis on Android. You can easily switch your regular colourful emojis to black ones on Android.

You might have noticed that there are several emojis in different colours. If you don’t prefer colour emojis, you can simply change the skin colour of the emojis. You can do that by tipping and holding the particular emoji. If you don’t like the default emoji skin colour, you can choose any colour from the option.

Moreover, many Android apps add black emojis on Android. If you want complete black emoji on your Android, you can easily install these apps from the Google Play Store.

Change the skin color of the Emojis on Android:

Changing emoji colors are very easy on Android devices. You have to pick the  “People” emoji category by pressing on the smiley face option below your keyboard. Again, press and hold the emoji you wish to use as black or any skin color and slide your finger to that particular tone. Now remove your finger. You’ll get your colored emoji very easily. Keep in mind, the colored emoji you are using will be your default emoji. To change the color again repeat the same process.

How can I get black emoji on Android?

There are several ways to get black emoji on Andriod. Depending on the device model and manufacturer, the method of changing emojis may vary. If you are not confident enough to do it, you can simply follow the instructions below-

For non-rooted users:

Sadly, there is no such method using non-reboot you can change emojis on your OS. On an app-by-app basis, you can just modify how they appear. This means you can change the specifications of how they look when you are using a particular application. But the emojis will remain the same, it won’t change. For that, you can use third-party apps, in this manner you can use colored emojis. 

There are many third-party apps through which you can use black emojis. One of the popular apps is Afromoji black emojis for Android. Now, let’s see how you can get black emoji using Afromoji down below.

how to get black emoji on android

Step 1: First, you have to download and install the app Afromoji from the Google Play store.

Step 2: Soon, the app will appear on your mobile screen, tap to open the app.

Step 3: Now, you’ll get all the black emojis on your screen. You can scroll them, and at the bottom bar there are the categories, you can choose any of them scrolling horizontally.

Step 4: When you find an emoji you like and want to use on your chat, press on the emoji. A pop up new screen will appear.

Step 5: You’ll see the sharing button in the lower right corner and press it.

Step 6: To share this emoji, a screen will show up for all your applications. Pick the app you like to use.

Step 7: Lastly, you have to select the recipient’s contact whom you want to send the emoji. 

And you are done using the black emojis easily within seven steps. 

However, you don’t want to use any third-party applications, rather want to use your phone to change your emoji. Then, there are few changes you might consider making. 

For Rooted users:

You can change the emojis on your Android OS by performing a root. This is one of the familiar methods to change your device emoji. But not everyone feels safe rooting their device as it may not be helpful. But if you are determined to root your device then you should be well aware of the directory of root guides.

Here we’ll give you the guidelines of Emoji Switcher. This application would let you choose different types of emojis from any manufacturer you like.

Follow the steps:

Step 1: First download and install the app from the Google Play store.

Step 2: Then launch the app and get the root access

Step 3: Now from the drop-down menu choose your emoji style

Step 4: It’ll take some time to download the emoji and then will ask permission to reboot.

Step 5: Give the permission and wait until the reboot completes

Step 6: Once your reboot completes you’ll find new emojis

Step 7: If you want to go back to the old style, you have to click on the menu icon lined with three-dot on the top right corner. Then press “Restore default.” 

Very simple right? Do give it a try if you don’t have an issue with rebooting your device. 

How do you change the Emoji colour on Google Chat?

This is really surprising that changing emoji colour on Google Chat is possible now. The latest update of Google Chat added some new features, including emoji colour change permission. You can easily insert preferred emojis by typing the about the emoji into the message box. This will automatically generate emojis, and you can choose a particular coloured emoji you want.

The most interesting thing is that you can contact Google Chat’s help centre if you want more realistic emojis. Google has created this chatting app to let users express themselves more potentially. Emojis are used not only to express feelings and emotions but also for severe reactions.

How do I change my default skin tone emoji on Android?

You may find many ways to change the default skin tone emoji on Android, but most of them are fake. Thus, we have two effective methods to help you change your Android’s default emoji skin tone. Follow the instructions properly to change the default emoji skin colour on Android-

Method 1: Change Emoji skin colour using the Gboard app on Android

On most Android devices, Gboard comes preinstalled. If you haven’t installed Google Gboard on your Android, you can install it from the Google Play Store. After installing the app, follow the steps below–

  • Launch the “Settings” app.
  • Navigate to the “General Management”
  • Scroll down and tap on the “Language and Input” option
how to get black emoji on android
  • Find the “On-screen keyboard” and tap on it.
  • Now, tap on the “Manage keyaboard” button and enable Gboard.
  • Then, Select “Ok” on the pop-up attention message.
how to get black emoji on android

Now, simply make the Google Gboard the default keyboard on your device after you have done the following instructions above; follow the steps below–

  • Launch Gboard on your Android.
  • Tap on the icon on the left side of the spacebar on Gboard.
  • Tap and hold an emoji that has an arrow sign on the left bottom corner.
  • Select a coloured emoji that you prefer.
how to get black emoji on android

Method 2: Install a third-party Emoji keyboard on Android

There are many third-party emoji keyboard apps available on the Google Play Store. These apps allow the user to change the emoji colour. Moreover, some online chatting app, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram etc., has their own emoticon engine. You can easily change emoji colour while using these apps. Follow the instructions below to know how to do it–

  • Launch an emoji keyboard app. For example, Facebook Messenger.
  • Tap on the smiley icon on the messenger interface.
  • Select an emoji from the emoji list and long press on it.
  • Now, choose the colour from the colour option.

Final thoughts: 

Multiple applications provide different coloured emojis like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, slack, and many more. But if you want to use your built-in keyboard to use this feature then you have to make some changes, maybe download an external application. Here, we tried to help you with the topic of how to get black emoji on android and using colored emoji. Do let us know in the comment section how many fans you are having to play with emojis.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to clear my recently used Emojis I have used?

Answer: You can erase all your recent emojis from the Text app by following the given steps:

Step 1: First, go to your app’s Settings

Step 2: If you are using the tab view then instead of using the Menu tab switch to List view.

Step 3: Now, scroll down to the category of Device and press on Apps

Step 4: Then left swipe for the All Screen

Step 5: Next, choose LG keyboard and press on Clear data.

Step 6: Finally, press OK to finish erasing the emoji history.

2. What is the best free Emoji app for Android?

Answer: Well, to be honest, there are numerous Emoji apps for Android in 2021. But we can recommend some of the apps that we think are on the top list. Here they are: 

  • Bitmoji.
  • AfroMoji
  • Flash Keyboard.
  • Mirror Emoji Maker.
  • Elite Emoji.
  • GO Keyboard.
  • Flash Keyboard.

3.How to change the color of the Emojis on Facebook?

Answer: Follow the given process to change the color of the Emojis on Facebook.

  1. First, you have to open the Messenger conversation on which you would like to change the colors.
  1. For all of your Messenger chats, you can adjust the chat colour.
  1. Next, open up your conversation details.
  1. Then tap on the color and choose the color you wish to change.
  1. Lastly, tap on “Emoji” of the conversation settings and change your ‘go-to’ emoji.

4. Can An Android Receive Animojis?

Answer: Yes, Android can freely send and receives Animojis. Animojis are nothing but short animated videos. So, You can use Animojis on Android without any interruption.

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