Why Is My Phone Using Data When Connected To Wifi Android

No wonder you become parsimonious when it comes to using your mobile data. Mobile data costs a lot of money. So who wants an unnecessary usage of mobile data even after being on WiFi? We can say, “nobody”! But hereby a popular problem that we often face is, why is my phone using data when connected to WiFi Android? Well, we figured out the solutions to this issue for you. 

Reasons from a weak WiFi signal while your mobile data is on, to your device’s setting mismatch, can cause this problem. However, we have figured out every possibility and tried to give away the easiest solutions ever. 

why is my phone using data when connected to wifi android

Later on, you will be enlightened about further possible problems and solutions as well. So stop complaining and let’s have a look at our discovery! 

Why am I being charged for data when using WiFi?

When your data package is finished or expired, you will be charged by your Mobile operator. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t notify you while billing. This makes it clear that your phone can still use mobile data when your WiFi is turned off. Depending on which application you are using, the data consumption may vary.

Another reason that you can be charged for data when using WiFi is that cellular data is active to support your WiFi connection. That means when your WiFi connection is poor or out of range, your phone will consume cellular data to provide you with internet service.

So, if you don’t want to be charged for data, it’s most important to ensure your mobile data is turned off.

How do I stop my Android from using data when connected to WiFi?

Unexpectedly, you have turned on WiFi on your Android, but still, your phone is using data. Above, we have discussed why android use mobile data while connected to wifi. This portion of the article will guide you to stop your Android from using mobile data when connected to WiFi.

So, follow the instructions below to fix Android’s using data while on WiFi:

1.    Switch off Mobile data on Android

If you want to stop your Android from using data while connected to WiFi, you have to toggle the Mobile data option to turn off the data connection. No matter whether you have purchased a huge data plan or not, if data is on your Android, this arises a scenario where the internet speed will be throttled.

Thus, turning off the data connection is important to ensure that your phone is using only WiFi, not cellular data.

2.    Notice the strength of your WiFi connection.

The strength of your WiFi connection is important when your device uses mobile data while on WiFi. In this situation, look at the strength of your WiFi connection; if the strength is not that strong, then this is probably the reason that your phone is using cellular data.

Thus, if you don’t get a strong WiFi connection to your most frequent location, it’s recommended to change your router’s place and relocate to get stronger WiFi strength.

3.     Stay closer to the router.

This is the most effective ans easiest way to stop your device from using data while on WiFi. As we have mentioned above that, when you are out of the range, or the WiFi strength is low, it automatically uses cellular data to give you smooth internet service without interruption.

When you are far from the router, it’s normal for your WiFin connection to drop. In this situation, the best strategy is to go closer to your WiFi router. It will fix your issue temporarily. You must place your router closer to your frequency location for a permanent solution.

How do You know if your Smartphone is using Data or WiFi?

It is simple to identify if your Smartphone is using data or WiFi. Just you have to notice the icon on the status bar. If your phone is using WiFi, there will be a WiFi symbol on the status bar. Another way is to scroll down to the quick settings and notice whether there is a connected WiFi name or not. If it shows a connected WiFi name, your phone is using WiFi.

On the other hand, if WiFi is connected but a 4G or EDGE icon is visible on the status bar, your phone is using mobile data instead of WiFi.

Follow the instructions below to stay safer while mobile data is turned on and WiFi is connected.

  • Open “Settings” on your Android
  • Navigate to the “WiFi” option.
  • Now, tap on “More” in the upper-right corner.
  • Select “Advanced.”
  • Now turn on the following options below-
  1. WiFi notifications
  2. Keep WiFi on during sleep
  3. Show WiFi Pop up

Then, turn off the Smart Network switch if Enabled.

Reasons And Solutions for “why is my phone using data when connected to WiFi Android

It’s a pretty serious issue and you can’t help knowing the reasons behind this and the proper solutions to them. But let us tell you that you have to follow the reasoning and solutions one by one to solve the issue on your own. So let’s get straight to the point! 

Reason-1: Better Speed Is A Cause

Many Androids nowadays offer a feature that helps the phone using both WiFi and mobile data at the same time to give you the best network speed. Whenever your WiFi is down and that’s not being able to meet your requirements, that feature starts working. The feature is called “WiFi Assist”. 

The feature gathers a network for both your running app and the background apps. So as you can imagine, when this feature is activated, whenever your WiFi signal seems to be down, a lot of mobile data gets used at that period. 

This feature is available on every iPhone. But now Androids come with this feature as well. This is quite helpful when you are downloading something, but becomes painful as well when unknowingly it starts to use the mobile data when you barely need to be connected to the internet. 

why is my phone using data when connected to wifi android

Solution-1: Turning the “WiFi Assist” off

If you want to save your data while using the WiFi even though the wifi speed is down, you have to compromise about the speed and start looking for the feature “Wifi Assist” in the settings. 

Once you find that feature you will see that in active mode. All you have to do is turn the mode off and your Android phone will no longer be using mobile data and WiFi at the same period. 

Reason-2: Mobile Data Is Set In The Default

When you buy new Android phones, a lot of phones tend to have a default setting that enables the mobile data even when the phone is connected to WiFi. Although the phone is connected to the WiFi as well, because of the default settings, it won’t be using WiFi. It will use mobile data beyond your knowledge. 

Solution-2: Looking for the default settings

For stopping the mobile data from being used you have to look for the default network settings or Connections option of your phone in the settings. 

why is my phone using data when connected to wifi android

Now disable default network settings. After doing so only that network will work which you choose to be working. 

Reason-3: Lost Server Can Be The Reason

Probably your phone is using mobile data while being on the WiFi because the server of your WiFi is down. Whenever the server is down the phone will have no WiFi connection even though the sign is up there! At that time your phone will start using the mobile data. 

why is my phone using data when connected to wifi android

Solution-3: Turning the mobile data off

The solution to this issue is to keep the mobile data off always. But many Android phones have mobile as the default network. That’s why your mobile data starts being used automatically whenever the WiFi is down. At that phase, you have to disable the default network settings like we previously explained.

Reason-4: Unverified Apps Can Also Cost The Data

If you have checked all the possibilities of the data being used and none of the reasons mentioned above is working behind the miscalculation of yours then you have to believe that the misfortune has been invited by an app that is not verified by Play Protect or it can even be a virus.

Solution-4: Taking measures immediately!

An unverified app or virus will charge you not only for mobile data but also for all the money sources your phone is having. At that phase, you must take measures immediately. 

  • First Go to the Settings.
why is my phone using data when connected to wifi android
  • Now go to the Apps and find the app which doesn’t own the verified Play Protect sign.
why is my phone using data when connected to wifi android
  • If you don’t find any then download some virus detectors and anti-virus software. If none of these works then consider taking help from a professional as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up 

The problem of your Android phone using mobile data though connected to WiFi can lead you to try many different solutions as we have shared upwards. You can try out all our given solutions and hopefully, by now you can reach a conclusion. 

If our given solutions still seem not to be working out for you, we would suggest you not try to solve it on your own anymore. Then you can find the solution by taking the help of experts. But if you ask for an initial step then that should always turn the mobile data off when your phone is connected to WiFi.

However, be cautious enough to download any unnecessary apps from unverified sources, this is a tip that can keep you safe from the possible recurrence of the issue if your problem is not caused by general reasons. Good luck!


Is it Ok to keep WiFi on all the time?

Yes, you can keep WiFi turned on if you want. But if you are concerned about battery consumption, it’s not a good idea to keep WiFi turned on.

Does your phone use data when connected to WiFi?

Obviously no. That’s a matter which should be handled with great concern. Many reasons can be working behind your phone using the mobile data even when the WiFi is turned on. Some of those reasons are really inappropriate and can do serious damage to you. That’s why you need to find the main reason and the solution as soon as possible.

How do I stop my Android from using data?

For doing so go to the default settings app and look for the Data Usage section. Open the Data Usage section and scroll down. Now you will find the option called “Restrict background data”. Turn that option on and you will be all done.

What is the main reason behind my phone using mobile data even when the WiFi is turned on? 

That mostly happens because of the “WiFi Assist” feature of your android. But there are many other reasons which have the capability of inviting this misfortune. Give plenty of time to find the proper reason. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find the solution and stop yourself from being charged for mobile data even when you’re using WiFi.

What happens when you leave mobile data turned on?

If you leave your mobile data turned on, your phone will consume more power which can cause excessive battery drain. Moreover, several apps sync your phone once it gets an internet connection. When you leave mobile data turned on, those apps will go active and drain more battery.

How do I stop my Android phone from switching from WiFi to data?

For doing so you need to go to settings and look for the connections section. Now find the WiFi networks option and click on the three dots at the side of that option. Now you will see an option called “Switch to mobile data” which is turned on. All you have to do is turn the mode off.

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