How Do I Use Airpods Pro Noise Cancelling On Android?

You do not always have to use your iPhone to enjoy the noise cancellation mode while listening to your favorite music. You can use that feature on your Android device as well once you connect the AirPods Pro to your Android device.

But as a first-timer, you will definitely get puzzled over how do i use airpods pro noise cancelling on android. And to bring you out of the worries, we will review the whole process of using the feature on your Android.

Not every AirPods Pro owner will prefer one specific method to connect the device and turn on the noise-cancellation mode on Android. Ask why? This is because everyone has their own understanding of mobile phones. So, we will list down alternative methods to choose from for your better comfort!

How to Connect the Airpods Pro to Android Device?

Before you can use the noise-canceling mode of the Airpods pro on your Android, you need to make sure you have the Airpods pro connected to Android. And here are the steps to follow in terms of connecting the device:

  • Bring down the quick access panel by swiping down from the top of your screen to turn on the Bluetooth settings on your Android.
  • Or you can ask Google Assistant to turn on the Bluetooth for you.
  • Also, from your Android Settings, you can click on the Connection or connected devices to get the Bluetooth features.
how do i use airpods pro noise cancelling on android
  • Once you open the Connected Devices, you need to select the Pair a New Device to activate the Android Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Then put your Airpods pro in the charging case and keep the case beside your Android device. You need to make sure that the case is open during pairing.
  • On the back of your case, there is a white button or physical button, you need to long-press it for a few seconds.
  • A light will start flashing on the case to signal you that the Airpods pro is completely ready to connect a new device. Based on the model of your Airpods, the flashlight might shine or flash inside the case or at the front of the case.
  • On the Connected devices menu on Android, you will get to see the Airpods pro entry, you need to tap on that.

Right now, the Airpods pro will be connected to your Android, and you can activate or deactivate the noise-cancelling feature while connected to the Android as well.

How Do I Use Airpods Pro Noise Cancelling On Android?

Once you have connected your Android and the Airpods pro, you need to enable the Noise-canceling feature. Only then, you can use the feature while the Airpods are connected to the Android.

But to enable it first, you need to connect the Airpods and the iOS device you are using. Then from the iOS device or within the Airpods pro, you can activate the Noise-canceling feature. And to do all that, you need to follow the methods given below:

  • First, you need to connect the Airpods pro to your iPhone if you have not set them up. For that, go to your iPhone home screen and keep the charging case with Airpods in them near the iPhone.  Remember that the process will not work if the charging case is not open
  • Once a setup prompt window or animation will be there on the home screen, you need to click on the Connect option.
how do i use airpods pro noise cancelling on android
  • Carefully follow the prompts or read through the next screens, and you might need to enable or activate the Hey Siri feature if you have not activated it before.
  • But if you have activated the Hey Siri feature on your iPhone, then the Airpods Pro and Hey Siri will be connected as well.
  • Then press the “Done” option from the prompt or screen.

Now that you have connected the iPhone and Airpods Pro, you can choose different ways to turn on the Noise-cancelling feature and use it with your Android. And for that, follow any of these methods given below:

1. Use Hey Siri

Using the Hey Siri feature is one of the easiest ways to turn on the noise-cancelling feature to use on any connected device or your Android phone. But to follow this method, you need to have your iPhone with you. If you have it, follow the steps below

  • If you have activated the Hey Siri feature with your voice, say Hey Siri, and Siri will appear.
  • Or, if you have activated it with the home button, long-press the home button to bring Siri.
  • Then ask Siri to turn on the noise-cancelling feature and it will instantly put the Airpods pro in that mode.

However, if you do not have your iPhone with you, you cannot use the Hey Siri feature. Because even though you have connected the Airpods pro and Android, Apple does not give Android the freedom to use the Hey Siri feature with the connected Airpods.

In that case, head to our next methods. 

2. Using the Airpods Pro Themselves

After you have connected the Airpods pro to the Android and iOS devices or iPhone, you can easily use the connected Airpods pro to turn on the noise-cancelling feature. Here are the steps to follow to do that:

  • Put the Airpods pro in your ears, then swipe down or hold down the groove or narrow cut gently you can feel beside the stem of the Airpods pro.
  • You should not tap the narrow cut as it will pause the audio you are listening to.
how do i use airpods pro noise cancelling on android
  • It is a default feature of the Airpods pro to turn on either the noise cancellation or the transparency mode. After following the first step, if you hear a high-pitched sound, it means that the Airpods are in the transparency mode. So, you need to repeat the first step in this method to activate the other feature.
  • If you can hear a low-pitched chime while listening to music or anything with the Airpods on, it means that the noise-cancellation has been activated.

Now you can play any music from your Android, and the Airpods will block the heavy noises around you.

3. Quick Access Menu or the Control Center

iPhone comes with a control center or a quick access menu like the one you get with Android. And you can use this center to turn on the noise cancellation mode on the Airpods pro you have connected to your Android. Bringing the control center is different on the face ID and the Touch ID phone.

So follow these steps that work best for you:

  • If you are using an iPhone with the physical home button on it, you need to swipe up about 10% of the screen from the bottom of your screen. This step is only for iPhone SE, 8, or the earlier version. If you are using the latest version, follow the next step.
  • Whether you are on the home screen or using any other app, you need to swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen to bring the control center.
  • Then hold down or long-press the Volume control or the slider and you will notice that the Airpods icon will appear on the slider.
how do i use airpods pro noise cancelling on android
  • From the bottom of the screen, click on the Noise Cancellation option that you can see on a slider. And it will activate the feature to enjoy with your Android device.

4. Settings Screen

If for any reason, you cannot turn on the noise cancellation mode on the Airpods pro, head to the Settings screen of your iPhone. It will let you enable the mode on your Android as well. To follow the method, all you need to do is –

  • From your home screen, you need to swipe left or right to open the Settings menu from the All apps list.
  • Then click on the Bluetooth option, you might need to scroll down a bit to find the app.
  • Under the Bluetooth section, some options will appear, and you will get to see the model name or the entry for your Airpods pro there, it will show its status as connected.
  • Besides the entry of your connected Airpods pro, there is an “I” icon which is an information button, you need to click on that.
how do i use airpods pro noise cancelling on android
  • It will open a Noise Control window, from there, you need to click on the Noise Cancellation mode. Then the mode will activate so that you can use it on all the connected devices, including your Android phone.
  • However, sometimes due to some glitch or other technical issue, you might not be able to use the noise-cancellation mode on Android. And to fix it, head over to our next section.

How to Fix the Airpods Noise Cancellation Not Working on Android Issue?

Apple’s Airpods are no exception from glitches or any other technical issues. Especially when you connect them to other devices, including Android. And due to that reason, you might struggle to use the noise cancellation mode on Android.

But troubleshooting the Airpods issue is not a difficult task. All you have to do is –

  • If you feel that one Airpod is using the Noise cancellation mode or the other does not, it might be because of interference. So, we suggest you move any electrical device or other phones far from your AirPods. Because sometimes, they trigger the Bluetooth connection to drop or the Airpods to act up.
  • But if there is no interference, remove the Airpods Pro from your ears, and place them in the charging case. Let them rest for about ten seconds or so right there.
  • And again, put them into your ears, now turn off the noise cancellation mode by holding down the long narrow cut or groove on the Airpods pro stem.
  • Again swipe down the narrow cut and wait for a low-pitched chime to confirm you are in the noise cancellation mode.
  • Apart from that, you can open the Settings screen on your Android. Ensure to turn off the Bluetooth connection, then turn it on again. It will load the Bluetooth capabilities without any existing minor glitch.
  • Once you turn on the Bluetooth, reconnect the Airpods Pro with your Android phone by following the pairing method we have reviewed in the first section.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Does the Airpods Pro Cancellation Feature Work on All Android Devices?

Yes, the AirPods Pro noise cancellation feature is not an Apple-specific feature. It will work almost on all the latest Android OS with the Bluetooth feature. But sometimes, due to network issues or glitches, it might take a few tries to turn it on on your Android.

2. Which AirPods Pro Feature will Work on the Android?

Almost all the features of the AirPods Pro will work on your Android once you connect the AirPods to your Android.

You can tap on the stem to pause or play music from your Android. You can also skip forward and skip backward the audio by double-pressing or triple-pressing the AirPods respectively. 

3. Why Does the AirPods Pro Continuously Disconnect from Android?

If you have connected your AirPods to multiple devices, then you will face the disconnection issue. Because of the heavy network traffic, the AirPods can get confused and disconnected from the Android device.

4. Which Features of the AirPods Pro Does Not Work on the Android Device?

You do not get the feature to transfer your call to your Android if you remove the Airpods from your ears. Also, on the Android device, you will not see the battery indicator for the AirPods charge.

5. How to Troubleshoot AirPods Noise Cancellation Mode Cuts Off in Between on Android?

If the noise cancellation mode does not stay constant while the AirPods Pro is connected to Android, you need to remove them from your ears and put them back in your ears. Also, after restarting your Android, reconnect the devices. It shall fix the issue.

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Apple gives you the freedom to use noise cancellation mode on your Android device too once you connect them. But as a new AirPods user, you might not know how to turn on noise cancelling on airpods to use the feature on your Android device.

But hopefully, our methods can provide you with some detailed information in order to turn on and use the feature.

We suggest you keep a note of how many hours you have been using the AirPods on your Android. This will help you understand when to charge the AirPods Pro, even without seeing the battery indicator!

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