Why Does My Android Phone Storage Keep Filling Up Fast?

Unlike iOS smartphones, yet Androids are not correctly optimized. The reason is quite apparent. The same OS is built for several phones. And indeed, it is not possible to improve the performance because of its diversity. As a result, many people come to our forum with a common query “why does my Android phone storage keep filling up?”

Just after a few months of using an Android, your smartphone begins to consume internal space drastically. And in some cases, you might not be able to update your existing apps due to less storage capacity. It is because of unnecessary storage consumption by the 3rd party apps.

Well, when there is a wall, there is a way. In this post, we are going to share the remedy to your problem. Make sure to read till the last line.

why does my android phone storage keep filling up

Why My Phone Memory Decreasing – All Reasons Behind the Disaster?

There can be multiple reasons behind the storage consumption of your Android phones. But the most common reason can be any of these three causes.

Cache Files

When we download and install an application, it will start storing additional final to your system over time. It happens in both apps and games. And It especially becomes a key factor when the app is cloud-based.

These additional files are called “cache” Likewise, when you use a social media app such as Facebook, the app will save files like images, videos, etc., into your internal storage.

The app developer does this trick for a reason. Firstly, to improve the app’s performance and show the data faster if you ask for it again. Secondly, to save their bandwidth cost. So, over the time of usage, this storage size becomes massive, and you lost a lot of phone space.

Apps Data

This one is partially related to the first reason. If dragging Facebook again, just after the installation, whatever activities you do with this app, the app will save that data in your phone storage.

Thus, when we install the Facebook app, it shows only 40 MB. But if you go to the internal storage file inside the Android folder, the size is supposed to be more than 300 MB to 1GB or above.

If you are using the app for a few months, this would be the app’s minimum size. Shocking, right?

App Updates

All developers are working hard to improve your app user experience. Thus, often you will see your installed apps get update notifications.

And a new version of the app means some new files have been added. As a result, your phone storage gets eaten up soon. Not only that, even the system or software updates also consume a big part of your internal storage.

How Do I Free Up Space on My Android Phone?

Well, we found the reasons. Now it’s time to share the solutions. Not one, we will share all the available solutions with you today.

System Cleaning Tool

In all Android phones, there is a system cleaning tool to free up spaces. What you need to do is jumping to the Settings and then go to storage. There is a detailed insight on how much space is left and used. There, hit the Free up space button.

why does my android phone storage keep filling up

You will find all the detail about stored file options in different folders and formats on the next screen. Check the type you want to delete and click on Free.

why does my android phone storage keep filling up

You can also clean the specific app data using the system setting of Androids. Go to the Storage section again and then select any app category. Here, we are selecting Music & Videos.

Now select any app that you want to clean or check how much space your app is consuming. On that app window, you will find two options, firstly, Clean storage and, secondly, Clean cache.

why does my android phone storage keep filling up

Choose the Clean cache option if you don’t want to delete all the essential files in that particular app folder. Or if you are in a real bad situation to free up space choose the other option.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

In many smartphones, there are pre-installed apps that come with the phone. You might not need all of them. Even if you find some apps that you have installed but don’t use often, then uninstall these to get some extra space.

why does my android phone storage keep filling up


Android phones are built in a way that requires manual care and optimization. People having small storage capacity often faces issues regarding space. And this ends up with less speed, performance compromises, in-game and app lag, overheating issues.

The solution is nothing but freeing up your phone space. Hopefully, after reading the whole post, you have got the solution to your query, “why does my Android phone storage keep filling up.” Let us know if there is anything more.

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How To Expand Your Android Phone Storage?

There are ways to get some extra space by expanding your phone storage. You can use an external SD card on your phone and choose to store your files and data there.

If you don’t want to afford extra for a memory card, you can upload your photos, videos on cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Google Drive allows you to store 15 GB of storage for free.

Why Is My Storage Full After Deleting Everything?

Even after deleting photos and videos still, your Android phone system might lack storage space. There could make a reason regarding the existing app. Some apps store the update and related files afterward. And this happens mostly in the case of common apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

In that case, uninstall those apps and then reinstall them. Do a light reboot of your phone. If that problem still occurs, you might need to make a factory reset.

Does Deleting Text Messages Free Up Space?

Yes, you can free up some spaces by deleting them. But the achieved space later would not make a significant difference since text messages are tiny in size. Unless you have texted numerous multi-media messages, it won’t deliver you enough.

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